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I don't pretend to understand it all. God places people where they are needed. Young or old.

It seems that there are more people attempting to destroy us than to save us.

There is only one that can save us.

We know what we have to do. When we do, we have promises.

We should follow no man. Particularly not an evil democrat.

Increasing the size of government, by even one, is evil. We should be engaged in decreasing our local governments by 50% as soon as possible. When I worked for the county, I suggested that every employee could stand out on the sidewalk and be numbered either zero or one and toss a coin to see which was fired, zeros or ones, and do so, and there would be no drop in performance within the county. I knew for 100% certain that this was true. I knew what was on their computers. This did not make me popular. However, it is true in every local, state, and federal government organization.

Complacency is not a virtue.

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