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BoM teaches Torah after the resurrection

Posted: November 3rd, 2022, 11:28 am
by SJR3t2
Talk some about priestcraft. A little about church government. Alma 13 tells us those with the High Priesthood are to call repentance. How converts learn about the Torah. We are to continue to study the word of YHWH. Paul is hard to understand and kept Torah. Read and expounded many scriptures in the Book of Mormon after Yeshua's visit after His death and resurrection showing Torah is still valid. Show a quote from Joseph Smith and from Lectures on Faith that states we can keep the law. Talked about the different stages of tithing and types. Talk about all things common. The way things are stated in the scriptures is to point us back to Yeshua and His plan. Dead relatives do not come visit use. Talk about LDS / Brighamite temple / Masonic curses. Enforcing Torah would solve many problems in society today. Galatians 5 is listing Torah commandments. What Moroni 7 lists as Charity are commandments found in Torah. ... n&index=35