Small Gods

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Small Gods

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"small gods" by terry pratchett, another book i felt 'nudged' to read and enjoyed ;) abijah recommends

"They are the small gods - the spirits of places where two ant trails cross, the gods of microclimates down between the grass roots."
'Someone up there likes me', he thought. 'And it's Me..'
abijah` wrote: May 25th, 2021, 7:07 pmWhats more is I wasn't even on the lookout for a fiction book to add to my current read-load, but felt something sort of.. nudge me to check it out when I saw it at the library. Looking back I can see what happened clearer, and I'm grateful for these little things the Lord does in helping me out sometimes, maybe even in odd.. but ultimately useful & interesting ways.

Though Ive also found one of the healthiest things for one's spirituality and ability to interface w/ the Spirit and receive revelation = keeping your imagination healthy and vivid. So important. Its like a spiritual/mental muscle, that needs to be exercised in order to give the Spirit better tools to use when trying to communicate w/ us.

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