❝Against all evidence: EU reveals plan for total vaccination coverage in new strategy paper❞

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❝Against all evidence: EU reveals plan for total vaccination coverage in new strategy paper❞

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"October 26, 2022
The fact that some EU citizens continue to refuse experimental gene therapies against Covid-19 is a massive thorn in the side of the EU Commission. In a recently published strategy paper, nothing less than the full vaccination coverage and regular booster of the entire population is declared to be the goal. The EU regime's unbridled hatred of the unvaccinated is openly displayed: the refusal of Covid vaccination is concretely associated with anti-Western and anti-EU positions, thus stylizing every vaccine critic as an enemy of the state.
A commentary by Vanessa Renner

The document "EU response to COVID-19: preparing for autumn and winter 2023", published on 2 September, displays a level of aggressive denial of reality that can make the reader feel sick. Of 2,300 deaths per week due to (!) There is talk of Covid-19, of terrible consequential damage caused by Long Covid, yes, even the psychological damage caused by restrictions and scaremongering of many people is attributed solely to the "pandemic". The EU Commission is setting itself up as the new doomsday sect that can easily hold a candle to climate panicks stuck on roads. The salvation in the Corona apocalypse, however, is not new or increased taxes and levies, but in the sanctuary of gene vaccination.

It's just stupid that nobody wants them anymore. "Since the end of April this year, the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines in the EU has hardly changed. Among those aged 60 and over, 7.5% are still unvaccinated and 16.3% have not yet received their first booster shot. Looking at adult vaccination rates, 14.1% of people aged 18 and over are unvaccinated and 35.5% have not received their first booster shot," they complain. It is also considered a problem that the last shot was several months ago in vaccinated people. One does not expose oneself to fabulate about a decreasing natural immunity after infection, which according to studies is simply untrue. The thrust is clear: "Safe" is only those who are injected regularly.

Vaccination pressure also for children
Accordingly, the postulated vaccination goals read. Instead of finally giving people full freedom of choice, the signs are still on vaccine pressure. Closing vaccination gaps is a top priority:

Improving immunization uptake in primary vaccination and initial booster vaccination in eligible individuals, including eligible children and adolescents in accordance with national immunization schedules, remains a priority. This is of particular importance for populations at higher risk of severe consequences and for countries with lower vaccination rates. ..

Prioritized: Pregnant women of all people
With a booster vaccination, however, the end of the flagpole is far from being reached: "Certain population groups" should be prioritized with additional boosters (and preferably also vaccinated against influenza). We are not just talking about the second booster and thus the fourth vaccination, but also boosters beyond that, especially for those whose last shot was six months ago. The "lucky" groups include people over 60 years of age, people with pre-existing conditions, health workers – and pregnant women, of all people. And this despite the fact that the safety of the preparations during pregnancy has never been seriously researched. Spicy: It has just been admitted that the vaccine mRNA is passed on to the child via breast milk in nursing mothers. Something that was previously vehemently denied and called fake news – as well as the thesis that the vaccination could harm the child in the womb. What if it turns out to be true in the end? ..

Unvaccinated as enemies of the EU regime?
The icing on the cake is the association of Covid vaccine skepticism with "anti-Western" and "anti-European" narratives: Anyone who is unvaccinated or refuses the umpteenth booster is a danger to "the West" and the EU, it seems. And not only that: Those who report critically about the vaccinations obviously also often share so-called "disinformation" about the Ukraine war. What is defined as disinformation here? Any unpleasant fact about the history of the Ukraine conflict that could raise doubts about the postulated sanctity of Ukraine?

Address the political dimension of vaccine hesitancy and disinformation campaigns in the context of anti-Western and anti-EU narratives. Particular challenges include channels where disinformation is spread in relation to other crises, in particular Russian military aggression against Ukraine.
" https://report24.news/gegen-jede-eviden ... chimpfung/

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