Plasma (ELECTRIFYING) Universe thread..

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Plasma (ELECTRIFYING) Universe thread..

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Evidence for our Plasma (ELECTRIC) Universe....Heaven on Earth; As Above, So Below

Our Universe is electric. it’s animated by charge particles in motion. The electrically steril cosmos which has been so long imagined does not exist.

"An understanding of the electrical nature of the universe is the key to understanding all the celestial manifestations of the past, the future, as well as understanding the world we live." - Anthony Larson

Most people do not associate things such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, planet & Star formations with electricity because mainstream science has been slow to acknowledge the role electricity plays. In fact, Every new discovery of our Sun has no place in a gravity based Universe. None whatsoever. But fit's like a glove in a electrical universe.

The Electric Universe model [EU] is a coherent “Big Picture” of our situation in the universe, spanning many diverse disciplines. It highlights repeated electrical patterns at all scales that enable laboratory experiments to explain energetic events observed..., for example, in deep space, on the Sun, and on Jupiter’s moon, Io. Electricity is scaleable. The Electric Universe works backward in time using observations rather than forward from some idealised theoretical beginning. It provides simple answers to problems that are now clothed in fashionable metaphysics and mysticism. It is more interdisciplinary and inclusive of information than any prior cosmology. It points to practical possibilities far beyond the limits set by current science. There is no limits on light and truth.

The Electric Universe concludes that the crucial requirement for understanding the universe is to take fully into account the basic electrical nature of atoms and their interactions. Strangely, this is not the case in conventional cosmology where weaker magnetism and the infinitely weaker force of gravity rule the cosmos. Such a simplification may suit a theoretical physics based on electrical neutrality of matter in Earthly laboratories but it does not apply in space where plasma dominates.

We typically describe matter as solids, liquids, and gases. But across the cosmos it is plasma that is the most pervasive and fundamental state of matter. Solids, liquids, and gases are plasmas in the fundamental state of matter. And it’s the electrical behavior of plasma that assures us that there is NO EMPTY space in space. No domain anywhere is entirely free of electric and magnetic fields.


A continuous electrical conversation continually occurs everywhere. If we're better at detecting this energetic conversation today that's because it bans instruments that give us a much closer view, and not just across the the sliver of visible light spectrum.

Electrified plasma create surprisingly life like responses and it creates similar behavior at all scales, from microscopic domain up to the galactic domain. The responses to an electrified environment are fractal like plasma in the lab, and plasma in computer simulations of charged and plasma structures in remote space show virtually identical geometry.
“The Electric Universe (EU) recognizes that charged particles permeate all of space as electrically conductive plasma. Unlike the protons and electrons that make up neutral atoms, the charged particles in plasma are not bound by atomic structure. These freely moving charged particles are much more strongly affected by electric fields than by gravity. The aggregate movement of charged particles is an electric current.”
That is the electric force influences matter at all levels, from subatomic particles to galactic clusters, leaving no room for the disconnected fragments of modern Big Bang and uniformilism theories. In other words, the electric Universe can explain almost everything we see in space and there is zero room for black holes, dark matter, dark energy, expanding universe. It can explain it and doesn't have to come up with invisible substances that nobody will never see. Plasma and electricity are scalable. Everything we see in space we see in scaled down laboratory experiments. It highlights repeated electrical patterns at all scales that enable laboratory experiments to explain the strange, energetic events seen.

The main purpose/goal of this post is to help one see and gain a better understanding of the true nature of the universe and will attempt to outline as many natural electric/plasma processes (and a few related theories & topics) from the small scale to the large scale as possible so we can see the varying interwoven web and interconnected processes from the Heavens to Mother Earth and to gain a better understanding of the universe we live in. Electricity and Plasma, from Micro to Macro and Beyond...I will do my best to keep it as organized as possible.

For the most part I will use relatively well-sourced materials from mainstream press releases, peer reviewed papers, news sites, etc. Non-controversial enough or well-researched enough to make it into the mainstream press or journal articles/papers... A good Majority of what I've listed falls into that category. I have broken it down into 5 sections. As time permits I will update these posts as new info becomes available and if there is interest.(Links, resources, videos and pictures)

Section 1: The Microscopic Domain; (This section will deal with things from the subatomic level to the beginning of the macroscopic world (physical objects we can interact with in day-to-day life.)

Section 2:The Electric Earth; The Macroscopic Domain; ( This section will deal with things from just above the microscopic domain up to the level of the Earth-space boundary. )

Section 3:The Plasma Solar Domain; ( This section will deal with things from the Earth-space boundary to the edge of the heliosphere (approximately).

Section 4: The Plasma Galactic Domain;(This section will deal with things from the edge of the heliosphere to the edges of the galaxy.)

Section 5:The Plasma Universal Domain; (This section will deal with things from the edges of galaxies to the edges of the universe (on the truly macroscopic scale of overall structure in the universe)

Section 6: The Biological Domain; ( This section will deal with things within the biological domain, from pre-biological stuff resembling life to actually living things displaying electrical properties. (like our brains)

*Before I get into Part one, I would first just like to share a few provoking thoughts to get your mind thinking and to point out a few correct eternal laws vs incompatible laws (modern science) of God’s Universe. It may be necessary to unlearn many falsehood before really understanding the EU. If you are only interested in the science just scroll down to part 1.
(*Eventually, I would like connect many more dots and on the importance of plasma and electricity and it's relation to the restored gospel. One incredible thing about plasma cosmology is it helps bring much needed clarity and understanding of Earth's catastrophic/violent past and the mind blowing picture of the ancient heavens that our forebears struggled to communicate to us, which is reflected in the symbolism and metaphor of the scriptures, and the temple. (small scale of the universe) But we must understand the true nature of our universe. Hopefully this thread will help those who desire to know the truth and or spark an interest in these things.)
“There never can be conflict between revealed religion and scientific fact.” -Ezra Taft Benson

Self Evident Truths and Eternal Laws of Nature;

From “The Key to the Science of Theology” by Parley P Pratt...

It is a self evident truth, which will not admit of argument, that nothing remains nothing. Nonentity is the negative of all existence. This negative possesses no property or element upon which the energies of creative power can operate.

In contemplating the works of creation, then, the student must not conceive the idea that space or time, or element or intelligence was originated, but rather that these are eternal, and they constitute the energies which act and the things that react...All elements of the material universe are eternal. There is a divine substance, fluid or essence, called spirit, wideley diffused among these eternal elements.
We will here remind the student of two principles or laws of existence which will account for all the miraculous powers of the universe, all the mighty works ever manifested by God or His servants.

First. All the elements of the material universe are eternal.

Second. There is a divine substance or essence called spirit, widely diffused among these eternal elements. This spiritual substance is the most refined, subtle and powerful element in the uni- verse. It is the light, life, power and principle of all things. . This divine element, or spirit, is the immediate, active or controlling agent in all holy miraculous powers.

The elements of all these properties or things are eternal, uncreated, self-existing. Not one particle can be added to them by creative power. Neither can one particle be diminished or annihilated.

The foundation of modern cosmology not only ignores this self evident truth but it also goes against the very laws of nature.. The second law, Pratt is explaining the role and characteristics of the Holy Spirit/Light of Christ. Now compare Parley statement with todays lifeless god of modern science, Stephen Hawkings, from his recent book, "The Grand Design." Hawkins openly admits that God is not necessary and that General Relativity equates to "something can act on nothing” which is in direct conflict with the first law listed by Pratt and the scriptures.."

"The laws of gravity and quantum theory allow universes to appear spontaneously from Nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.The universe can create itself out of nothing, and God is no longer necessary.”

So, according to Hawkins, everything appears spontaneously from nothing. And if you believe in the mathematical assumptions over common sense than he is absolutely right. For that is what GR and BB are... “The universe can create itself out of nothing.” (EFFECTS WITHOUT CAUSE) But ask yourself how can there be a law of gravity and quantum theory if nothing exists? How can nothing do something? It cant!

“It is a self evident truth, which will not admit of argument, that nothing remains nothing. Nonentity is the negative of all existence. This negative possesses no property or element upon which the energies of creative power can operate.”-Parley P Pratt

Anyone who mingles modern cosmology with the scriptures deny's these self evident truths, that is nothing remains nothing. It’s all a lie, all in direct conflict with the eternal laws of nature. Yet it is taught as fact at every level of education.

Here is a quote from a giant among men. Nikola Tesla, who sums it up well. Its along the same lines as Parley P Pratt. Tesla indirectly explains the glaring contradiction between gospel truths and General Relativity...

"General Relativity is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king..., its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists...

"It might be inferred that I am alluding to the curvature of space supposed to exist according to the teachings of relativity, but nothing could be further from my mind. I hold that space cannot be curved, for the simple reason that it can have no properties. It might as well be said that God has properties. He has not, but only attributes and these are of our own making. Of properties we can only speak when dealing with matter filling the space. To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view."

"The theory of relativity is a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense."

Telsa and Hawkings agree on what General Relativity is, that is the whole foundation rest on the principle that "something can act on nothing" which results in creation out of nothing, bending time and space, ext…Think about it, GR says Space is literally nothing. It is the emptiness, the void, wherein physical stuff exists, but space in and of itself is not part of anything physical. And the way we describe it is nothing more and nothing less than an abstract definition, a mere thought construct to track what is where at any given time. And because space is not physical at all, it can have no physical properties. Therefore space cannot be curved, because it cannot have physical properties. This is common sense or self evident. Every person who believes in God should refuse to subscribe to such a view because it goes against all the basic laws of the Universe.

Gods Laws= "things to act, and things to act upon", or "cause and effect." Modern science = Nothing can act on something, effects without cause, "everything comes from nothing."

God declares that he will “give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived." (D&C 52:14)

And now, my sons, I speak unto you these things for your profit and learning; for there is a God, and he hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are, both things to act and things to be acted upon. 2 Nephi 2:13-14

And if ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye shall say there is no sin, ye shall also say there is no righteousness. And if there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act nor to be acted upon; wherefore, all things must have vanished away. (2 Ne. 2:13-14 (13–26)

All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence.-D&C 93:30.

The foundations of the big bang story were being laid down early in the 20th century. At the same time, electric lights were just being introduced and the study of electric discharges in gases was in its infancy. The result was that Einstein’s new, esoteric geometric theory of gravity that treats empty space as an ‘object’ capable of being warped, was combined with a curious interpretation of the redshift from faint extragalactic objects (that was not favored by Hubble himself as being physically likely) to produce the notion of an expanding universe. The fact that this defied a principle of physics in creating matter from nothing at the beginning, or big bang, seems not to have concerned many folks in the church.

Science does not begin with mathematics, but with direct observation, experiment, and special insights into cause-and-effect relationships. Science is the study of patterns in nature to uncover dependable relationships between causes and effects. As they are confirmed, these relationships lead to formulations of useful “laws” governing the natural world.

“We have to learn again that science without contact with experiments is an enterprise which is likely to go completely astray into imaginary conjectures.”~Hannes Alfvén, Nobel Laureate 1970 for his contribution to plasma physics

“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong." ~Albert Einstein.

Yea, Einstein hated experiments mind you. When Einstein introduced the concept of time as a physical dimension (the fourth dimension the end result was a mathematical abstraction--space-time curvature. Few however, now dare to question this scientific scripture. Matter cannot curve which gives the effect of gravity which equates to something acting on nothing. Science has it all wrong. What generates magnetic fields? Only electric currents create magnetic fields. So the more appropriate question is just where does this power/energy come from? Everything that we observe on the Sun can not be explained nor fits in the Nuclear fusion model. Yet, if we don't even know how the sun operates and where and how it receives it's power than how can we even begin to understand the formation of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe?

Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ~Nikola Tesla

All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence D&C 93:30

"Among the popular errors of modern times, an opinion prevails that miracles are events which transpire contrary to the laws of nature, that they are effects without a cause. If such is the fact, then, there never has been a miracle, and there never will be one. The laws of nature are the laws of truth. Truth is unchangeable, and independent in its own sphere. A law of nature never has been broken. And it is an absolute impossibility that such law ever should be broken." [Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, 1891, pg. 102]

"The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice." --- German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer --

From Joseph Smith the Scientist… Pay attention

All forms of energy may be converted into each other. Energy can not be destroyed.

It is only when matter is in motion, or in the possession of energy, that it is able to impress our senses. The law of the indestructibility and convertibility of energy, is of equal fundamental value with that of the indestructibility of matter. A great variety of forces exist in nature, as, for instance, gravitation, electricity, chemical affinity, heat and light. These forces may all be made to do work. Energy, in fact, may be defined as the power of doing work…

... by countless experiments, it was finally determined that energy is indestructible; that, when any form of energy disappears it reappears immediately in another form. This is the law of the persistence of force or energy. In more recent days, it has been suggested that all known forces are variations of a great universal force, which may or may not be known. The very nature of force or energy is not understood. In the language of Spencer, "By the persistence of force, we really mean the persistence of some cause which transcends our knowledge and conception." (Electricity)

It need hardly be explained that energy cannot exist independently of matter; and that the law of the persistence of matter is necessary for the existence of the law of persistence of force.

Universal intelligence, comparable to universal energy is indestructible, according to Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith was not a scientist; and he made no pretense of solving the scientific questions of this day. The discussion relative to the convertibility of various forms of energy was in all probability not known to him. Still, in his writings is found a doctrine which in all respects resembles that of the conservation of energy.

Joseph Smith taught, and the Church now teaches, that all space is filled with a subtle, though material substance of wonderful properties, by which all natural phenomena are controlled. This substance is known as the Holy Spirit. Its most important characteristic is intelligence. "Its inherent properties embrace all the attributes of intelligence."† The property of intelligence is to the Holy Spirit what energy is to the gross material of our senses.

In one of the generally accepted works of the Church, the energy of nature is actually said to be the workings of the Holy Spirit. The passage reads as follows: "Man observes a universal energy in nature organization and disorganization succeed each other the thunders roll through the heavens; the earth trembles and becomes broken by earthquakes; fires consume cities and forests; the waters accumulate, flow over their usual bounds, and cause destruction of life and property; the worlds perform their revolutions in space with a velocity and power incomprehensible to man, and he, covered with a veil of darkness, calls this universal energy, God, when it is the workings of his Spirit, the obedient agent of his power, the wonder-working and life-giving principle in all nature."*

In short, the writings of the Church clearly indicate that the various forces of nature, the energy of nature, are only manifestations of the great, pervading force of intelligence. We do not understand the real nature of intelligence any better than we understand the true nature of energy. We only know that by energy or intelligence gross matter is brought within reach of our senses.

Intelligence or energy was declared by Joseph Smith in May, 1833, to be eternal: "Intelligence, or the light of truth, created or made, neither indeed can be." In the sermon already referred to the Prophet said, "The intelligence of spirits had no beginning, neither will it have an end."

These quotations, and many others to which attention might be called, show clearly that Joseph Smith taught the doctrine that the energy of the universe can in nowise be increased or diminished, though, it may manifest itself in various forms. (PLASMA, ELECTRICITY to the tee! First law of thermodynamics... "Energy cannot be created or destroyed."? Modern Science has yet to reconcile this and they never will. )

Energy cannot be destroyed… "Intelligence, or the light of truth, created or made, neither indeed can be.

Universal intelligence, comparable to universal energy is indestructible

“the energy of nature is actually said to be the workings of the Holy Spirit...

What fills space?

“all space is filled with spirit and spirit is intelligence (ENERGY), by which all natural phenomena are controlled. This substance is known as the Holy Spirit. Its most important characteristic is intelligence... "Its inherent properties embrace all the attributes of intelligence." The property of intelligence is to the Holy Spirit what energy is to the gross material of our senses.”

If this ^^is correct than Big Bang and General Relativity and everything that derives from these theoretical mathematical assumptions are nothing more than assumptions and have no relation to reality.

D&C 93:36 The glory of God is intelligence,(Energy ^^^) or, in other words, light and truth.

So the glory of God ( which defies all description ) is intelligence, or, spirit/Holy Spirit which can be described as "ENERGY". It is a actual living substance the fills the immensity of space. There is no beginning or end to this substance thus it cannot be created or destroyed. It is in all things, through all things, and gives life in all things.

"This spiritual substance is the most refined, subtle and powerful element in the universe. It is endowed with all wisdom, all knowledge, all intelligence and power. In short, it is the light, life, power and principle of all things, by which they move; and of all intelligences, by which they think.-Parley P Pratt

“This spirit that pervades all things, which is the light and life of all things, by which our Heavenly Father operates, by which He is omnipotent, never had a beginning and never will have an end. It is the light of truth; it is the spirit of intelligence.” (JD, Vol. 26, p. 23)

So Modern Cosmology and the science establishment in truth deny every principal and law of God’s Universes and they deny the most power element in the universe. Yet, one of the most surprising news for me was that not only does the Electric Universe model follow all the laws of Nature but it embraces them. These absolute and eternal laws are their foundation which equates to foundation in truth, I believe electricity is one of the holiest powers of the Holy Priesthood and is the means whereby all of the holy miraculous miracles of the past have been accomplished. For it is a key characteristic of the Holy Spirit. It is in all things, through all things, the power of all things and the origins of this power emanates from God the Father. The human family and all living things are connected through a cosmic web of electricity. All dependant on the same light and power, all connected and dependant of the original source. (God the Father) It can be said that “the Light of Christ is a sea of plasma that fills the immensity of space.”

A New Foundation built...

So many new and incredible discoveries have been made in my lifetime. All of which cannot be explained or predicted by modern science. Every time NASA sends a probe into space and the results come in you can be certain of one thing, NASA and the establishment will be completely surprised, shocked, and confused, never having any explanation for these phenomenons because it doesn't fit into their model in any way. Observation doest fit with the theoretical assumption. Simply put these theories cannot account for these anomalies. What's ironic is all these phenomenons that NASA finds so mysterious can be explained through one agency: Electricity.

While on the other hand the EU can successfully predict what NASA/Scientist and Astronomers will find before the results and data is even in. "A history of unexpected discoveries is the hallmark of a failed hypothesis." Mathematicians describe a universe that, to a dismaying degree cannot be seen (invisible), measured, or tested in any practical way. The Electric Universe is based more on observations and experiment than abstract theory. The Electric universe is infinite, no beginning, no end..

Through the years we have used obstacle telescopes, but today we have radio telescopes that have broaden our view of the sky. And those radio telescopes can measure electrical currents and magnetic fields, and we can also determine from those measurements the strengths of the electrical currents, the strength involved in those forces storaged out there in space. With this new technology, we now know there does in fact exist, a FAR superior energy than gravity. Gravity is a very weak force. So weak is the force of gravity that even a small magnet overwhelms it. When one uses a small magnet to pick up an iron object, say, a ball bearing. Even though the whole of Earth’s gravitation attraction is acting upon the ball bearing, the magnet overcomes this easily when close enough to the ball bearing.

We also now know there is no such thing as empty space, dark matter, dark energy, or black holes. In fact, At least 99.99% percent of the known universe is, in fact, matter in its plasma state! The fourth state of Matter! Plasma balls demonstrate this. Most know about the first three states ( solids, liquids, gases ) but don't know a thing about the most important one. Plasma behaves as though they are alive, thus the name plasma. All moving plasma produce their own magnetic field and electric currents. That’s important because plasma physicists insist that plasmas in space carry electrical current, making this an electric universe. Plasmas are so efficient at transmitting electrical current they are considered superconductors.

It was Sir Isaac Newton he who was the first to state the law of gravity more than 3 centuries ago in 1666. What exactly was known about electricity during the time of Sir Isaac Newton?? He wrote, "I frame no hypotheses.” Newton never even framed a hypotheses on the cause of gravity, he only described the effects, not the cause and he knew nothing of electricity. Einstein surely didn't understand electricity and never took it into account thus he didn't understand gravity. Today, physicists labour under misconceptions about the nature of matter and space; the relationship between matter, mass and gravity; the electrical nature of stars and galaxies; and the size, history and age of the universe.

We have now discovered a force a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 duodecillion times stronger than gravity. Another way of putting it would be a thousand billion, billion, billion, billion times stronger than gravity. =10^39. That’s 1 with 39 zeros after it. ( The Electric Coulomb's law )

handra image of the Crab Nebula. Credit: NASA/CXC/SAO

Space between stars and planets is not empty, a vacuum. We now know it is teaming from charged particles. Or as Joseph Smith said a subtle, though material substance of wonderful properties. We see glowing electric filaments spanning millions of light years. (as you see in the photo above) We see stellar galactic formations shaped after magnetic fields.ONLY ELECTRIC CURRENTS CREATE MAGNETIC FIELDS! There are no isolated islands in an electric universe and it is not an empty vacuum.

Mainstream science, looks at the universe as electrically neutral and purely mechanical; a place where the weak force of gravity holds fort. Plasma Cosmology, by contrast, acknowledges the electrodynamic nature of the universe. Gravity and inertia are NOT the only forces at work. Plasma universe shows us that interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic space is filled with tenuous plasma, a medium that continually defies expectations. Plasma is distinguished by the presence of charged particles, and the freely moving electrons in plasma are the primary carriers of electric currents. For today’s innovators, electricity is the key to understanding the never-ending surprises of the space age. Working with advanced computer simulations and the most powerful electrical discharges that can be produced on Earth, these discoveries are now pointing the way to a new and revolutionary vision of the universe and the history of the earth.

"The cosmic theatre has outgrown the Newtonian stage, and we need a larger setting to understand the broader cosmic drama. Instead of a vision of isolated bodies turning gear-like in a vacuum, we need a vision of electrical circuits embedded in a conducting medium whose components drive each other and may be in resonance. We have left the familiar world of solids, liquids and gasses. We have entered a world of plasma, where the rules are different and more complex. We now live in an Electric Universe."

However, there remains one factor that unites and connects them all God's creations. What? Rivers of Electric Currents that flow in the intergalactic plasma universe. These electric currents are called “Birkeland currents,” after the Norwegian physicist, Kristian Birkeland, who discovered them. Electric currents are required to sustain magnetic fields. And now, everywhere we look we see magnetic fields at work; At both the stellar and galactic scales, these currents interact with the magnetic fields they induce to create complex structure—strings of galaxies, galactic and stellar jets, and beautiful bipolar stellar nebulaes. In plasma experiments with electric discharge, they are predictable. That what we see in deep space are duplicated in laboratories with electrical discharges. These currents also connect the Sun with Mother Earth. We live in the Suns solar environment and the Sun is part of a bigger solar environment.

The Cygnus Loop: A close up of a Birkeland current

Like galactic power lines, these massive, paired and braided plasma conduits carry electricity throughout the galaxies. When they are strong enough, these currents “pinch” matter together to form rotating stars and galaxies, and the plasma begins to glow brightly in an arc discharge much like an electric arc welder or arc lights. So, stars are strung along these plasma power lines like lights on a Christmas tree. So, these electrical currents in space not only light the sun and spin the planets, they generate prodigious magnetic fields. This is the ‘glue’ that holds star systems and galaxies together. At the same time, these electromotive forces can repel, something gravity alone cannot do. In this way, electricity maintains the ordered, well-lit universe we see through our telescopes. All this tells us that we live in an electric universe;

(Pencil Nebula. Credit: ESO) *This recent image of the Pencil Nebula from La Silla Observatory showcases a cosmic counterpart to “hair” discharges from Tesla coils. Electric forces separate the plasma into parallel filaments. Magnetic forces further constrict them (the “z pinch”) and induce them to twist around each other, producing a braided effect (plasma “cables”). Each filament is a Birkeland current and therefore part of a larger circuit. The currents continue beyond the visible edge of the nebula in “dark mode”: The current density is not high enough to make the plasma glow. In the visible region, either the plasma density has increased or the electric field has become stronger, producing enough charge carriers to push the plasma into “glow mode.”

The Sun is electric that it is in a plasma glow discharge fed by galactic currents which than through electric currents gives power and light to the earth. The Earth *is* traveling through the sun's plasma environment and is charged body that continually transfers charge to maintain electrical equilibrium with the solar environment. While the Suns plasma environment is traveling through The galactic solar environment.


Where does the Sun receive its light and power? The scientific establishment tell us that the Sun is a giant nuclear fusion reactor that generates its own energy from within, with no outside influence, while the scriptures says it’s energy comes not from within but from without, an outside source. The source being God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. In a electrical universe, the sun receives its light and power from an outside source, (star) and believe it's power comes/originates from somewhere in the middle of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Joseph Smith says the light and power of the "sun" comes through a medium. Fascinating. The Milky Way Galaxy receives it's power and light from an Outside source and on and on and on.

Electrical Model Universe is quite simple, the power that is expressed in your own home(heaters electricity,lighting ect.) is actually generated at a vast distances away from your home, in deep space the same thing is true. The energy, which we see concentrated in these events which are attributed to black holes and so can more easily explained as confluence of electric energy from different parts of the same galaxy or even other parts of the universe. And it is the explosive release of energy which forms the vast jets that we see exploding from the center of galactic centers.


Within the bounds of the Universe is plasma. Plasma has three discharge modes: glow, arc and dark. (3 degrees of glory?) The unique thing about plasmas is that their ionized state makes them react dramatically to electrical influences, behaving at times as though they were alive, as novelty plasma balls demonstrate. The term Plasma Universe is a term coined by Nobel Prize winner Hannes Alfvén who borrowed it from blood plasma in order to describe its almost life-like and self-organizing properties and sometimes emits light when under the excitation of electrical and magnetic fields. Polar auroras bear witness to this fact.
"So astounding are the fact in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator himself had electrically designed this planet..." Nikola Tesla
Plasma in space consists entirely of ions and electrons, and is thus very energetic or 'hot'. Only when cooled does it form the matter to which we are familiar here on Earth: solids, liquids, and gases.

Because plasma remains electrically charged in space, it is influenced more by electromagnetic forces than gravity. In fact space, once considered mostly empty, has been found to be alive with plasma. Vast flows of charged particles have been discovered spanning hundreds-of-thousands of light years across interstellar space. As the pictures above indicate.

Due to its interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity in structure far exceeding that of matter in gaseous, liquid, or solid states. It has a tendency to form into cellular and filamentary structures.

Plasma dictionary
"Electric Universe proponents claim that solar radiation energy production is external not internal. This is one way of clarifying the difference in approach and merit, between the prevailing gravity-only cosmology versus plasma cosmology." (David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, Thunderbolts of the Gods)
“MODERN Cosmology give us a rather disconnect view of the universe, in other words we are separated, star by star by vast distances, light takes allot of time to travel star to star galaxy to galaxy, therefore, we look upon ourselves as isolated and disconnected, The Electric Universe takes a different view, It says we are apart of the suns electrical environment, that the Sun is apart of the galactic environment, this galaxy itself is strung like all galaxies on huge electric currents flowing through the universe.” (David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, Thunderbolts of the Gods)
“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe”. (David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, Thunderbolts of the Gods)
The ramifications are truly awe inspiring and endless.....

Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear…. REDSHIFT!!

The rationale for the Big Bang rests substantially on an interpretation of a well-known phenomenon called “redshift”. The term refers to the shift of light from distant galaxies toward red on the light spectrum. The majority of astronomers and cosmologists subscribe to the big bang theory, and interpret the redshift to mean that all galaxies are flying apart at high speed and that the universe is expanding. A growing minority of scientists, however, maintains that the redshift is produced by other causes, and that the universe is not expanding.

"It seems likely that redshift may not be due to an expanding Universe, and much of the speculations on the structure of the universe may require re-examination." (Edwin Hubble, PASP, 1947)

"The evidence that many objects previously believed to be at great distances are actually much closer confronts us with the most drastic possible revision of current concepts." --Halton Arp.

Halton Arp and the Electric Universe
Arp discovered that high and low redshift objects are sometimes connected by a bridge or jet of matter. So redshift cannot be a measure of distance. Most of the redshift is intrinsic to the object. But there is more: Arp found that the intrinsic redshift of a quasar or galaxy took discrete values, which decreased with distance from a central active galaxy. In Arp’s new view of the cosmos, active galaxies “give birth” to high redshift quasars and companion galaxies. Redshift becomes a measure of the relative ages of nearby quasars and galaxies, not their distance. As a quasar or galaxy ages, the redshift decreases in discrete steps, or quanta.

What are the ramifications of this discovery? Here is a hint.... Objects my be closer than they appear. Sound familiar? They say we can look so far back we can see the initial explosion of the big bang when actuality, the universe is infinite and we are no closer to one end of the galaxy from the other, that the "edge" of the universe all around us is no closer in any particular direction.. Than you add background microwave radiation is equally powerful in any direction. hmm...

This means the universe did not exist at all as a point source in the past, and the "Big Bang" is wrong. It also obviates the need for any "dark energy" dark matter, black hold, curved space and time assumption in the physics. The entire big-bang theory hangs on this ONE huge assumption: that cosmological redshift indicates the expansion of "space" And that assumption is WRONG!

The works of God continue, And worlds and lives abound; Improvement and progression Have one eternal round. There is no end to matter; There is no end to space; There is no end to spirit; There is no end to race; There is no end to wisdom; There is no end to light; There is no end to glory; There is no end to love; There is no end to being; There is no end to glory; There is no end to love; There is no end to being; There is no death above. What it is really about is the endlessness of creations.

Introductory Videos to the Electric Universe...

Thunderbolts of the Gods...
The Electric Comet...
Symbols of the Alien Sky...
The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars
Without further adieu....
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Section 1; The Microscopic Domain..

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~Section 1~ The Microscopic Domain; (This section will deal with things from the subatomic level to the beginning of the macroscopic world (physical objects we can interact with in day-to-day life.)

"The study of science is the study of something eternal. If we study astronomy, we study the works of God. If we study chemistry, geology, optics, or any other branch of science, every new truth we come to the understanding of is eternal; it is a part of the great system of universal truth. It is truth that exists throughout universal nature; and God is the dispenser of all truth." [Orson Pratt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, pg. 157, February 12, 1860].
Subatomic Particles

Are Neutrons Simply Electrically-Compressed Hydrogen Atoms? ... ogen-atoms

It seems so simple as to be absurd, however a recently submitted paper by Santilli claims that new research offers the promise of replicating Don Carlo Borghi's experiment (itself an experimental test of Rutherford's 1920 hypothesis), wherein Borghi claimed to have found that a neutron can be created by merging a proton and an electron through the use of an electric arc. If validated, this may serve as a stepping stone to further discoveries about the fundamental nature and structure of matter.

Confirmation of Don Borghi's experiment on the synthesis of neutrons from protons and electrons

Scientists discover that protons partner with neutrons more often than with other protons ... 061808.php

Neutrons not so neutral after all, study says ... utral.html

Physicists: After 30 years of study, rare particle confirms prediction
Confirming a decades-old prediction, the physicists with the CLEO collaboration say they observed a rare and extremely short-lived subatomic particle with the unusual name of “charmed-strange meson” decay into a proton and anti-neutron.

Molecules of Positronium Observed in the Laboratory for the First Time ... ge&id=1662
Physicists at UC Riverside have created molecular positronium, an entirely new object in the laboratory. Briefly stable, each molecule is made up of a pair of electrons and a pair of their antiparticles, called positrons.
Science: Nuclear trinity revealed in halo ... halo-.html
Nuclear physicists have been presented with an intriguing new type of nuclear structure to study. The structure appears in some unstable atomic nuclei which have more than their usual number of neutrons or protons. Instead of containing the normal tight 'core' of neutrons and protons, these nuclei sport a core plus an extensive 'halo' surrounding the core containing one or two of the excess neutrons.
MIT physicist to describe strange world of quarks, gluons
One of the great theoretical challenges facing physicists is understanding how the tiniest elementary particles give rise to most of the mass in the visible universe.
Tiny particles called quarks and gluons are the building blocks for larger particles such as protons and neutrons, which in turn form atoms. However, quarks and gluons behave very differently than those larger particles, making them more difficult to study.
The nucleus of the isotope 11Li exhibits a halo structure-a diluted two-neutron component surrounding a 9Li-like core. ... OPY-03.pdf

Helium-8 study gives insight into nuclear theory, neutron stars
Unlike stable helium, which usually has two and occasionally one neutron that pack closely and symmetrically with two protons, the element's unstable isotopes—helium-6 and helium-8—have additional neutrons that form "halos" around the compact central core. In 2004, the Argonne team had determined that the two extra neutrons in helium-6 arrange themselves asymmetrically on one side of the nucleus, a few trillionths of a millimeter away from the core.
In their recent study, however, the researchers discovered that helium-8's four extra neutrons group themselves differently from helium-6's. The four helium-8 neutrons in the halo arrange themselves in a less lopsided way around the core, altering the dynamics of the nucleus.
EXOTIC NUCLEI (EXON2004) Proceedings of the International Symposium: ... /toc.shtml

The continuing challenge of quantum chromodynamics
Quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the theory of the strong force, is a marvellous example of how the physical laws that describe a large variety of complex phenomena can be condensed into a very simple and elegant mathematical structure, known as non-abelian gauge theory. The fundamental equations can be written down in a single line, yet they describe how the nucleons acquire their masses from "nothing", or how two nucleons smashed together at high energies disintegrate into dozens of new particles bundled into "jets" - the visible manifestations of the quarks and gluons.
The proton in transformation; A study demonstrates how an accelerated particle can originate others ... pg=1&lg=en
If it were to remain stationary, free from any electric or magnetic force and at zero degrees Absolute (-273º Celsius), the proton, one of the particles of the atomic nucleus, would remain stable. And so it could remain forever, according to the current theoretical models. The scenario is more exciting awhen the proton is submitted, for example, to an electric field: it begins to accelerate and can self-destruct.

The Behaviors and Characteristics of Dusty Plasma

Dust to dust: New lab studies death of stars, origin of planets ... 06apr98_1/

PKE Nefedov - The Plasma Crystal Experiment ... dex_e.html
Plasma Crystals form under certain conditions in a complex ('dusty') plasma. There, the electrically charged dust particles arrange in a regular macroscopic crystal lattice. This allows the investigation of the properties of condensed matter on the most fundamental level, the kinetic one. This means that basic processes, such as melting, can be followed by observing the motion of individual particles. Since plasma crystals were discovered in 1994 the interest in this research area - in theory and experimentally - has grown exponentially.
Dark Satellites ... atellites/

Curious Electric Water Effects

When water in two beakers is exposed to a high voltage, a floating water bridge forms between the beakers.

Wikipedia: Water thread experiment


Wikipedia: Floating water bridge

Water forms floating 'bridge' when exposed to high voltage

While it's one of the most important and abundant chemical compounds on Earth, water is still a puzzle to scientists. Much research has been done to uncover the structure of water beyond the H2O scale, which is thought to be responsible for many of water’s unique properties. However, the nature of this structure, governed by hydrogen bonds, is currently unknown.
Electric Fields [Unexpectedly] Move Water Droplets

Making Ice at Room Temperature [With Electric Fields]

Electric fields create hot ice

Bouncing charged droplet in a strong electrical field
Science off the Sphere: Knitting Needle / Water Experiment
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The Electric Earth..

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~SECTION 2~ The Electric Earth; The Macroscopic Domain; ( This section will deal with things from just above the microscopic domain up to the level of the Earth-space boundary. )


Earth as a spherical, self-repairing, leaky capacitor


Meteorologists acknowledge that the Earth's atmosphere acts like a leaky, self-repairing capacitor,with the upper atmosphere acting as one plate and the earth acting as the other. I'd even go so far as to say there might be "layers" to that capacitor, or layers of charge in the atmosphere. but they assume that this spherical capacitor is charged from within by thunderstorm activity. This is because they have been told that our little planet is an uncharged body flying through an empty vacum and is electrically neutral solar system, galaxy, & universe. But it has never been shown precisely how the thunderstorm charging process works, and this model fails to explain the new upper-atmospheric phenomena which I will list below, which stretches into space. Yes, above thunderstorms there are in fact massive lightning bolts that go towards space. (Sprites)

The Electric Universe, of course, argues that the solar system is not electrically sterile. Earth is a charged body that continually transfers charge to maintain electrical equilibrium with the solar environment.

But in any event, sprites and upper atmospheric discharges appear to be the clouds interacting with charges closer to out in space! IE, it's lightning TOWARD space. The Earth is traveling through the sun's plasma environment. So, it's not entirely unexpected that electrical things might go on thereabouts (the Earth space boundary). The Earth is a charged body floating through a conductive medium through which currents flow (such as the 650,000 Amp "flux ropes" hooking us up to the sun in a circuit)...

Earth interacts with clouds, clouds interact with upper atmosphere, upper atmosphere interacts with outer space, circuit traces back to the sun, the suns circut traces back the galatic center of the milkey way galaxy. There are approximately 2,000 thunderstorms at any given moment worldwide.

Earth: A Self-repairing Capacitor ... acitor.htm

The Electric Earth ... -earth.htm



The Earth's Electrical Structure

The Earth's Electrical Environment
Description - This latest addition to the Studies in Geophysics series explores in scientific detail the phenomenon of lightning, cloud, and thunderstorm electricity, and global and regional electrical processes. Consisting of 16 papers by outstanding experts in a number of fields, this volume compiles and reviews many recent advances in such research areas as meteorology, chemistry, electrical engineering, and physics and projects how new knowledge could be applied to benefit mankind
On the National Academies Press site on the Table of Contents page you can find a brief of each page (click on "skim")

The Global Circuit - What is the Global Circuit?

Seeing Circuits ...

Figure from Nature Vol. 414 13 Dec 2001 p. 724. Background: an aurora seen from the Space Shuttle

Sunspots and Earthquakes ...
Very interesting!

Electric Space Weather Baffles Scientists ... eather.htm

Excess electron density over North America in 2003. Credit: Anthea Coster & John Foster MIT.

Telluric Currents - Subterranean Electric Currents

Wikipedia: Telluric Current
"A telluric current (from Latin tellūs, "earth"), or Earth current, is an electric current which moves underground or through the sea. Telluric currents result from both natural causes and human activity, and the discrete currents interact in a complex pattern. The currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas at or near the surface of Earth."
"Telluric currents are phenomena observed in the Earth's crust and mantle. In September 1862, an experiment to specifically address Earth currents was carried out in the Munich Alps (Lamont, 1862). The currents are primarily induced by changes in the outer part of the Earth's magnetic field, which are usually caused by interactions between the solar wind and the magnetosphere or solar radiation effects on theionosphere. Telluric currents flow in the surface layers of the earth. The electric potential on the Earth's surface can be measured at different points, enabling us to calculate the magnitudes and directions of the telluric currents and hence the Earth's conductance"
Wikipedia: Magnetotellurics

Magnetotellurics (MT) is an electromagnetic geophysical method of imaging the earth's subsurface by measuring natural variations of electrical and magnetic fields at the Earth's surface.
Oilfield Glossary; Telluric Currents are Handy in Industry ... %20current ... t%20method

Underground current electrifies Australia
The world's longest natural electric current has been discovered under Australia. The current passes through sedimentary rocks for more than 6000 kilometres across the Australian outback. Its nearest rival, some 2000 kilometres shorter, is a current running from Wyoming into Canada in North America.
Powerful Earth Current Enters North America From The Pacific
An immense current of terrestrial electricity originating somewhere in the Pacific enters the North American continent along the Strait of Georgia (between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland) and shoots past Tacoma toward Oregon. The discoverers of the current, John R. Booker and Gerard Hensel, at the University of Washington, traced the flow of electricity through a narrow wedge of porous, water-bearing rock that parallels a fault line. Another branch of this terrestrial circuit enters along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. No estimates are given of the magnitude of the current; and there are no speculations as to the origin of the electromagnetic force driving the current.
Huge Underground Electrical Circuit
"Geophysicists from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Bureau of Mineral Resources have discovered part of a huge underground circuit near Broken Hill (Australia), which contains electric currents of more than a million amps."
Subterranean Electric Currents
We have little appreciation of the immense electrical currents that flow through the rock formations beneath our feet. These "telluric" currents are primarily those induced by the earth's changing magnetic field, as it is affected by the solar wind. Telluric cur-rents do not flow uniformly through the earth's crust. Rather, they seek out low resistance rocks, in accordance with Ohm's Law. Such current concentrations can be detected at the surface with magnetometers.
Circular anomalies?
Mysterious Electrified Rings of Stunted Tree Growth in Northern Ontario! ... rio_Forest ... rn-ontario
"....the electrical field found inside the forest rings is a puzzle that needs to be solved. "It shouldn't be there ... something is creating a huge electrical field ..."
Image ... rn-ontario ... rn-ontario ... rn_Ontario ... rings.html
Hamilton first became interested in the rings in 1997 when Sudbury prospector and geologist Bob Komarechka asked him about the potential kimberlite link. Now he has some new theories about how the giant rings were created, and his paper discussing some of the strange electrical phenomena that occur over the rings has been accepted for publication in the journal Geophysics.

According to Hamilton, the forest rings are caused by giant, naturally occurring electrochemical cells — big centres of negative charges (called reduced chimneys) that are frequently situated over metal or mineral deposits or methane (a natural gas source).

Think of them as huge natural electrical batteries with a negative charge in carbonate soil and surrounded by oxygen that carries a positive charge. The current from the batteries — the negative charge — travels outward and where it meets the positive charge, acidic conditions are created that eat away at the carbonate soil, causing it to drop in a circular depression around the natural battery.......
So why the perfectly formed circles?

"Because force goes out in a circle," Hamilton says. "For example, throw a stick in the water. At first it makes a stick shape when it hits the water, then perfect circles go out from that. Electricity is just the same."
You can also find forest rings in the Yukon, Quebec, Russia and Australia....

Boreal Forest Rings ... rings.html

Boreal Forest Map

Forest Rings


Carolina Bays; IMO are electrified forest rings.

Volcanic Lightning/Plasma Volcanoes

When volcanoes erupt, they unleash with epic proportions lightning storms of staggering ferocity. Talking of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD (and the destruction of Pompeii), Pliny the Younger wrote: “behind us were frightening dark clouds, rent by lightning twisted and hurled, opening to reveal huge figures of flame.”

Lightning strikes over the Puyehue volcano, over 500 miles south of Santiago, Chile






Chaitén Eruption Lightning Storm ... no-images/ ... index.html

Volcanic Lightning ... htning.htm
"The cause of volcanic lightning is not completely understood. Geologists assume that the cause is similar to the cause of lightning in thunderstorms. From an electric universe point of view, the Earth is a small charged body moving in a large cell of plasma, and there is charge waiting for a connection to it."

"Because of this, explanations of all physical phenomena in, on, and near the Earth must take the electrical behavior of plasma into account. The Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt describes magma as a plasma, a medium containing moving charges. So we should expect volcanoes not only to exhibit electrical behavior but to have that behavior connected with the larger plasma environment, that is, to be elements in a larger electrical circuit."
Alaskan Volcano Spits Lightning ... htning.htm
Recent observations of volcanic lightning add new support to the claims of electrical theorists, that volcanoes are dynamically related to an electric Earth.
New discoveries have deepened the mysteries of volcanic lightning. A recent news story reports on a study into volcanic electrical phenomena occurring in the eruption of Mt. Augustine in Alaska. The website writes: "The lightning in a volcanic eruption occurs because the ash and other debris blasting out of the volcano are highly charged.... Though lightning was known to occur in the debris clouds above the volcano, the researchers found an earlier phase of volcanic lightning that had never before been observed and occurred right at the volcano's mouth just as it began erupting."

In other words, the lightning preceded the supposed “charge separation” process from friction that has traditionally been claimed to occur in billowing volcanic clouds. One of the researchers described this phase of the volcanic lightning as "big sparks maybe going just from the mouth of the volcano up into the column that's shooting out of the volcano, and then some lightning that went upward from the top of the volcano up into the cloud that was forming."
The report is ambiguous in speaking of “highly charged” debris rather than of moving ash and dust “separating charge.” “Charged debris” is much closer to the language that would be used by the electrical theorists. They consider the electrical activity to be a consequence of a pre-existing electric field that is short-circuited by a conductive medium.

The observations in this study add direct support to the claims of the electrical theorists, who emphasize that the electric field of the Earth is an indispensable environment for both volcanoes and volcanic lightning. As pointed out by plasma scientist Anthony Peratt, magma is a conductive plasma. A jet of magma will short-circuit the electric field through which it is moving. So of course, it should not surprise us to discover electrical arcing along the column of erupting material. If measurements could be made, we would expect to find the arcs connecting subterranean currents with ionospheric currents.
Lightning Mapping Observations of the Mt. Redoubt, Alaska Volcanic Eruptions

Awesome video! Hawaii volcanic eruption with lightning & Vortices
**NOTICE around the 20 second mark the water spouts ( vortices ) in the background, near the volcano... Actually it is occurring under the clouds. Very cool!

A vortex (plural: vortices) is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. Any spiral motion with closed streamlines is vortex flow. The motion of the fluid swirling rapidly around a center is called a vortex. The speed and rate of rotation of the fluid in a free (irrotational) vortex are greatest at the center, and decrease progressively with distance from the center, whereas the speed of a forced (rotational) vortex is zero at the center and increases proportional to the distance from the center. Both types of vortices exhibit a pressure minimum at the center, though the pressure minimum in a free vortex is much lower.

Electric Volcanoes ... volcanoes/

How does volcanic lightning form?

Volcanic Cradle of Life ... htning.htm

Volcano plumes spin up a storm ... storm.html
VOLCANOES have more in common with monster thunderstorms than we thought. Their plumes swirl like cyclones, which could explain why they have been seen spawning tornadoes and sheet lightning.

It is conventionally thought that a volcanic plume rises straight up and spreads out in a rough circle. But when Pinaki Chakraborty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and colleagues studied hourly satellite photos of the 1991 eruption of mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, they noticed that the margins gradually separated into five lobes. They saw similar shapes in photos of five other volcanoes.

The team's calculations show that this is caused by anticlockwise rotation in the plume, which creates a centrifugal force that throws the lobes outwards. The rotation occurs due to interactions between the updraught of the plume and horizontal wind patterns (Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature07866).

Such rotation may be the driving force behind small tornadoes and waterspouts seen near plumes, which would form in the same way as dust devils around a thunderstorm. It may also explain the "sheaths" of lightning spotted in the 2008 eruption of mount Chaitén in Chile, because the cyclonic motion throws charged particles to the plume margins.
Storms brewing over volcanoes
Two hundred years ago, a sea captain was sailing in the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, when he observed “an immense body of smoke rising from the sea.” As he watched, the smoke, from a volcanic vent offshore of the island of St. Michael’s, began to rotate on the water “like a horizontal wheel,” the captain wrote in his 1811 account of the event. The rotating smoke and ash grew into a dark column and ascended high into the sky, spawning waterspouts and flashes of lightning. “To give you an adequate idea of the scene by description is far beyond my powers,” he wrote.....
During a powerful eruption, a volcano can produce an umbrella-shaped plume of ash, with a vertical column at the base and a spreading cloud at the top. Over the years, observers of volcanic eruptions have noted these distinctive clouds; in some cases, they have also observed waterspouts or dust devils, or powerful flashes of lightning in the column, Chakraborty says. But how these disparate phenomena were connected has been unclear. Now, in a new study published in Nature, he and his colleagues suggest a kind of “unified explanation” for the atmospheric phenomena observed over erupting volcanoes: More than just plumes of ash, volcanic columns strongly resemble mesocyclones, the spinning columns of air at the heart of tornadic thunderstorms.....
The sea captain’s story is what made things click, Chakraborty says. The unusual account contained a trinity of volcanic phenomena rarely reported together: a rotating column, spawned tornadoes and lightning. “When we saw these three things together,” Chakraborty says, “that’s when it struck us that maybe we should be looking to thunderstorms.”
One must wonder why there is so much electric activity, or 'charge seperation' to be produced by convection or fricition alone. Based on the tone of the researchers, they are yet again mystified as to the cause of all this electric phenomena.

There certainly is a series of atmospheric phenomenon which treated seperatedly have been considered evidence of interaction between the ionophere and the Earth's surface of an electromagnetic nature. Put all these phenomenon together and an even stronger case can be made for Volcanoes being a conduit no just for magma to reach the surface, but for electromagnetic energy to reach up to the ionsphere from the surface.

Lightning Storm Around & Above Iceland Eyjafjallajokull Volcano 2010

















Mt. Redoubt Gives Alaskans a Taste of the Moon ... lifestyle/

"The Moon: By coating the countryside with gritty, abrasive, electrostatically-charged volcanic ash, Mt. Redoubt is giving Alaskans an unexpected taste of what it's like to live on the Moon."
The story goes on to say the ash is "susceptible to electric charging" and added Tom Miller, former director and now scientist emeritus of the Alaska Volcano Observatory, "We lost three seismic stations. The one nearest the volcano was fried – probably due to lightning. When you have a tremendous and powerful explosion of ash, the violent movement of all the ash particles generates static electricity and therefore lightning."

Is it possible that all this electric charging is more than ash rubbing together?

Another idea that comes to mind after reviewing the evidence: Neutral matter is subject to ionization (charge seperation) much more easily than is generally acknowledged.

In the Earth's atmosphere it seems that weather has many electrical characteristics. There are many discontinuities such as temperature, pressure, velosity, and elements (the different molecules and elements in the atmosphere) that would generate the potential for some form of double layers. Throw in the overall electrical potential between the ionosphere and the Earth's surface and you have a regular "witches brew" of electrical medium for electric currents to flow from the ionosphere to the surface or from the surface to the ionosphere in the right circumstances. Electric currents tend to set up fractal patterns of increasingly smaller electrical circuits or in reverse increasingly larger electrical circuits, depending on how you want to look at it.
All the discontinuities I have listed can be charged by the larger ionosphere/surface circuit.
Anak Krakatau, Indonesia November, 2010


Rotation is key to understanding volcanic plumes, scientists say

Plasma Volcanoes ... canoes.htm
"The recent eruption of Mt. Redoubt in Alaska calls to mind the skeptical imperative to doubt again the accepted explanations of vulcanology.
"If I hadn't believed it, I never would have seen it with my own two eyes."--- Dr. James C. Kroll

What we see is influenced by what we presume, so the skeptical scientist will make an effort to see things that aren't readily explainable.
Modern instruments are capable of testing explanations with greater rigor than is being done. The complacency of geologists is not due to a lack of technology but to a lack of scientific skepticism. Geologists’ unquestioned assumptions may well be hiding plasma volcanoes."

Lightning Blazes in the Plume of Alaska's Redoubt's Eruption in 2009



Japan's Kirishima volcano eruption back in January, 2011









Io's Plumes ... oon-io.htm
These discrepancies from Earth volcanoes prompted Thomas Gold (in 1979) and Anthony Peratt and A. J. Dessler (in 1988) to note the similarities of the unexpected features to electrical discharges in plasma. An electrical arc is about as hot as the surface of the Sun. It would easily "blind" a spacecraft’s sensors. And an arc often wanders over the surface of a cathode.
Arcs accelerate material to fairly high and uniform velocities. This produces uniform trajectories that deposit material a uniform distance from the source, explaining the rings around the "volcanoes." And the forces in the discharge channels pinch the arcs into filaments. Repulsive forces between filaments tend to space them equally, often in pairs, around the plumes. Peratt and Dessler remarked on the similarity of the filamentary umbrella shape to the shape discharged from a laboratory "plasma gun".

The cloud of charged particles flowing past Io constitutes an electrical current. Peratt and Dessler calculate that the power it should induce across Io is about equal to the energy of the "volcanoes"
Lower Atmospheric Discharges


Diagrams of Various Types of "Normal Lightning" ... iagram.jpg ... types.html ... a-2011.pdf ... ysics.html

I might also point to the NASA lightning primer, page 3, where they speak of the global electric circuit:

Hand sketched "diagram" of lightning:

In a report in geophysical review, november 2003, Joseph Dwyer of the Florida Institute of Technology stated that, according to conventional theory, electrical fields in the atmosphere of earth simply cannot grow large enough to produce lightning. "The conventional view of how lightning is produced is wrong, and so the true orgin of lightning remains a mystery"

Well, not in the plasma/electric universe. From an Electrical universe perspective, the clouds merely act as a medium by which charge can be exchanged between the ground and upper-atmosphere.

Physics of Electromagnetism

Lightning is based off the physics of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is the science of the interactions between charges, electric fields, and electric currents. In order to gain a better understanding of lightning, the basic principles of electromagnetism must be understood.


- How Lightning Occurs

Lightning occurs due to the extreme difference of charge between two regions. When the difference of the charge reaches a certain point, the air between the two regions becomes ionized (i.e. breaks down) and lightning occurs. When this happens, an extreme amount of energy is used up and is converted into light, heat and sound. That is what is seen as lightning and heard as thunder.

Different Types of Lightning

-Cloud-to-Cloud (InterCloud)

Forms of Lightning

-Forked lightning
-Sheet lightning
-Heat lightning
-Ball lightning
-St. Elmo's Fire
-High-altitude lightning, (red sprites, green elves, and blue jets.)[/color]

Colours of Lightning

-Blue lightning within a cloud indicates the presence of hail.

-Red lightning within a cloud indicates the presence of rain.

-Yellow or orange lightning occurs when there is a large concentration of dust in the air.

-White lightning is a sign of low humidity. White is the colour of lightning that most often ignites forest fires.

and/or the Canadian Forestry Service where they speak of much the same things and the "electrosphere"...

Andes Lightning, Andes Lights, Andes Glow
An electrical discharge of the corona type, occurring overmountains when the atmosphere is electrically disturbed.

Electrical coronal discharges observable often as far as several hundred miles away, generally over any of the mountainous areas of the world when under disturbed electrical conditions. Also known as Andes glow.
St. Elmo's Fire "is an electrical weather phenomenon in which luminous plasma is created by a coronal discharge originating from a grounded object in an atmospheric electric field (such as those generated by thunderstorms or thunderstorms created by a volcanic explosion).” ... -the-stran

Over the equator south-bound when going through some dying thunderstorm tops at 37,000'. Temperature was -45°C. This static discharge makes a very impressive display on the nose of the airplane from passing through the dry ice crystals. This lasted off and on for a few minutes at a time for about an hour. We had very poor - virtually no - radio communications with ATC in moderate precipitation static for over an hour.

Physically, St. Elmo's fire is a bright blue or violet glow, appearing like fire in some circumstances, from tall, sharply pointed structures such as lightning rods, masts, spires and chimneys, and on aircraft wings. St. Elmo's fire can also appear on leaves, grass, and even at the tips of cattle horns. Often accompanying the glow is a distinct hissing or buzzing sound. It is sometimes confused with ball lightning.

In 1750, Ben Franklin hypothesized that a pointed iron rod would light up at the tip during a lightning storm, similar in appearance to St. Elmo's fire.

Ball Lightning is a phenomenon where a luminous sphere, only several centimeters in diameter, floats through the air near the ground. It lasts a few seconds, and then dissipates or explodes.
Image ... ysics.html ... 9EC588F2D7 ... uest_x.htm ... hamson.htm

Bolt From the Blue

One of the most dangerous types of cloud-to-ground lightning are bolts from the blue. A "Bolt from the Blue" is a cloud-to-ground lighting flash that typically: Comes out of the back side of the thunderstorm cloud Travels a relatively large distance in clear air away from the storm cloud. Then angles down and strikes the ground. ... uction.php



Amazing Upward Lightning!

Lightning in super DUPER slow motion
Incredible upward lightning
Slow Motion Video of a Multiple Tower Upward Lightning Flash
2000 FPS Lightning & Rain in UltraSlo motion
Upper Atmospheric Discharges
What are we to think about giant lightning bolts to space?


Upper Atmosphere lightning has come as a huge surprise to the mainstream even though piolets have been witnessing them since they beginning of aviation. NASA and university turned a blind eye and ignored many eyewitness accounts simply because they said it was impossible. Because of fear of being ridicule or worse many went silent. It's still amazing how so many still doubt these upper atosphere lightning. Finally in the early 1990s investigators started taking the eyewitness accounts seriously enough to look into the matter.

Instantly they found images in the archived satellite pictures, and they recorded hundreds of flashes above distant storms. Giant neon-light-like haloes would appear 85 kilometers above storms. The glows would propagate downward to form red balloons of interlaced filaments. The currents would squeeze into 30-meter-wide channels scattered over areas of a hundred square kilometers and disappear into the clouds. The glows were so diffuse that they seemed hardly a danger to airplanes. The investigators named them “sprites”.

The investigators soon discovered another form of lightning above the clouds. “Blue jets” would spout upwards from storms as much as 15 kilometers toward space. Several giant jets shot up to 80 kilometers. The jets were more compact than the sprites.

And under the clouds the investigators documented extraordinary strikes of “positive” lightning. These bolts were six times as powerful as ordinary “negative” lightning, and they lasted ten times as long. Where ordinary lightning could punch a tiny hole in a wing, positive lightning could burn through struts and wires and rip pieces apart. These bolts carry forces many times greater than what airplanes are designed to withstand. In one crash, rivets had been melted. In another, a pipe had been crushed and twisted. Crash specialists suspected these planes had been brought down by strikes of positive lightning.

Investigators finally were able to correlate their observations. They realized that every time there was a sprite above the clouds there was a bolt of positive lightning below the clouds. The sprite and the positive bolt were parts of a single discharge that stretched from space to the Earth’s surface.

If they can't even explain Lightning how are they going to be able to explain mega lightning bolts above thunderstoms headed off into space.. And were is the end point of these lightning bolts?

So now that we know they exists it came as a big shock, and the science community are no closer to explaining this anomolly. What was even a bigger surprise for the mainstream science was to learn about lightning on planets in the solar syste,. As Heraclitus, ca. 500 B.C., put it: "it is the thunderbolt that steers the universe"

Diagrams of Various Types of Upper Atmospheric Discharges





Articles Addressing Multiple Processes ... es97sciam/ ... rites.html ... 21403a.htm ... uejets.htm ... nd-pixies/ ... s-jets.pdf

Blue Jets ... t-320.html ... o-320.html ... 20314.html ... uest_x.htm



On Sept. 14, 2001, scientists saw -- and caught on video -- a gigantic flash of electricity that discharged from the top of a thundercloud and reached all the way up to the lower ionosphere. This image is enhanced with false color, as the event was recorded using a monochrome low-light video system that does not display the blue color that the researchers saw. Image courtesy of Pasko et al. 2002, reprinted courtesy of Nature.

They are essentially reverse lightning bolts—beginning as powerful upward strokes that rapidly diminish into small filaments


blue jet from a thunderstorm lighting discharge into space
Giant Jets ... under.html



The Hundred Year Hunt for the Sprite ... /100YR.htm

Sprites, Blue Jets, Elves and "Superbolts" ... elves.html

The Hundred-Year Hunt for the Red Sprite


related to work on thunderstorm coupling to the mesosphere and ionosphere (red sprites, etc):

New red sprites model: Like setting off '10,000 sky rockets at the same time' ... ordReport/

Astronomy Picture of the Day


Very Low Frequency group confirms filamentary structure of atmospheric sprites ... ent16.html

Satellite sees 'sprites' in the upper atmosphere

New Thinking Needed On Atmospheric Physics, Study Suggests; Balloon Experiments Reveal New Information About Sprites ... 075852.htm

Video Reveals 'Sprite' Lightning Secrets ... crets.html

Mysterious "Sprites" Light Shows Captured on Film ... rites.html

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Lightning's Puzzling Friend ... rites.html

Atmospheric 'sprites' captured in explosive detail

Video reveals sprites are brighter than Venus

What are sprites? ... einfo.html

The Balloon goes up over lightning!

Sprites, elves, and glow discharge tubes

Sprites, elves & intense lightning discharges, (NATO Science series II : Mathematics, physics & chemistry ... 3OAKX3LOWA

On Sprites and Their Exotic Kin

Red Sprites, Blue Jets and Elves


Sprites and Atmospheric Electricity ... ricity.htm


A sprite observation in a distant thunderstorm, 250-350 km from the camera, taken by the ILAN Science Team in 2006


Awesome live Sprites recorded at 10,000 frames per seconds (but played rather slower, fortunately) Almost looks like a firework show.



Sprite Halos ... ode30.html ... -011_e.pdf

ELVES ... ordReport/
TIGERs ... tle/dn6897

Notice the simialrities in these image is of an atomic bomb and shows the same type of reaction but this one visible. Does it show that they are both created by the release and discharge of electrical energy / plasma in an Electric Universe.


This image is a recent eruption of Mt. Redoubt volcano in Alaska and shows the same type of reaction...

lightning and Sprites on the Sun?? No way! Yes Way! Will cover this in the next section


This incredible image of the Sun captured by Efrain Morales Rivera from the Jaicoa Observatory in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on December 31, 2011. It shows multiple steam-like prominences on the eastern limb of the Sun. Rivera compared them to a group of trees. Trees? More like Linchenberg figure. I think he described them very appropriated.

lightning on the sun - electrical discharge between and around sunspots.

A Study of The Possibility of Sprites in The Atmospheres of Other Planets

Lightning Sprites Are Out-of-This-World ... e&id=15573

The Electric Universe model suggests that the Earth plays a cathode role in the Sun's discharge and therefore is in the business of supplying negative electrons to space and receiving positive ions from the solar wind. It is interesting therefore that the presence of solar wind ions inside the earth's magnetosphere has puzzled scientists. Thunderstorms are not electricity generators, they are passive elements in an interplanetary circuit, like a self-repairing leaky condenser. The energy stored in the cloud "condenser" is released as lightning when it short-circuits. The short-circuits can occur either within the cloud or across the external resistive paths to Earth or the ionosphere. The charge across the cloud "condenser" gives rise to violent vertical electrical winds within the cloud, not vice versa. By creating a short-circuit to high altitudes in the storm the lightning effectively "throws the switch" connected to the glow discharge "tube" in the upper atmosphere. It then makes perfect sense that the much taller positive cloud-to-ground discharge will be more effective at providing power to the glow discharge than will low-level negative cloud-to-ground lightning because the circuit resistance is lower. Ultimately, lightning on Earth is driven by electric power focused on the Sun but minutely intercepted by the Earth. So lightning on Earth is a pale imitation of what is happening on the Sun.

It is not surprising, therefore, that it took a man who was an electrical researcher, astronomer, and expert on the effects of lightning, Dr. Charles E. R. Bruce of the Electrical Research Association in England, to recognize the fact. That was in 1941! Such is the inertia of science.

Lightning and Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes (TGFs)

Thunder Storm Radiation Amazes Physicists

Thunderstorms Hurl Antimatter Into Space ... atter.html

Thundercloud "accelerator" fires gamma-ray beam

NASA's Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter into Space ... torms.html

NASA | Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes Create Antimatter VERY COOL!
Gamma Ray Thunderstorms
in 1080p... A big surprise from the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope. It detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon never seen before.
"These signals are the first direct evidence that thunderstorms make antimatter particle beams," said Michael Briggs, a member of Fermi's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) team at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

This pdf illustrates how thunderstorms launch particle beams into space. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/J. Dwyer ... 300dpi.pdf


Are TGFs Hazardous to Air Travelers? ... ndlyskies/

Runaway Electrons and Terrestrial Gamma Rays

Above: A cartoon sketch of electric and magnetic fields in a thunderstorm and some of the phenomena they produce. TGFs may be just one aspect of thunderstorm activity in addition to elves, sprites, blue jets and ordinary lightning. Credit: Stanford University.

Giant Natural Particle Accelerator Above Thunderclouds ... 202850.htm

Firefly Mission to Study Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes ... n_firefly/

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Gamma ray flashes due to plasma processes in the atmosphere: Role of whistler waves ... 0681.shtml

Gamma ray flashes by plasma effects in the middle atmosphere ... 001-20.pdf
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Wow, great compilation Semp... I can't wait to really go through this when I have more time. This is a subject I love. I really love the pics of the lightening! Nature is so amazing and beautiful! And powerful! Or I suppose you could say nature is God's power showing forth.

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Section 2

Electric Clouds


Great article that illustrates the electrical nature of clouds and storms.


These are mammatus clouds. Named for their resemblance to a cow's underbelly, they sometimes appear at the end of severe thunderstorms when the thundercloud is breaking up. Researchers have called them an "intriguing enigma," because no one knows exactly how and why they form. The clouds are fairly common but often go unnoticed because potential observers have been chased indoors by the rain. If you are one of them, dash outside when the downpour stops; you could witness a beautiful mystery in the sky.


Morning Glory Clouds videotaped from the window of a japanese airliner over the sea of Okhotsk last summer, they strateched over 100 km's.
Electric Clouds ... clouds.htm

Cloud formations often exhibit structure that could be the result of something other than blowing winds. Does ionized plasma actually shape the clouds? YES IT DOES!

Electric Weather

Anvil Cloud;Anvil clouds, which are mostly composed of ice particles, form in the upper parts of thunderstorms. They get their anvil shape from the fact that the rising air in thunderstorms expands and spreads out as the air bumps up against the bottom of the stratosphere. This is because the air in the stratosphere is warmer than the rising air in the anvil, and so prevents the relatively cooler anvil air from rising any farther.

Photo taken from space station over Africa




The Morning Glory Cloud phenomenon
Scary Shaped Cloud Creates Panic Over Montreal 2011
Surfing the Morning glory clouds
Weird clouds
Awsome rotating vortex clouds
Dancing clouds
Cazy looking clouds
Awesome dancing Clouds' it shows what seems to be ice crystals changing to electric fields just above a thundercloud.
More dancing clouds..
Stang lights in the clouds
Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASA`s explanation for this: Jumping Sundogs Over Thunderclouds
Explanation: What's happening above those clouds? In the past few years, videos have appeared on the web detailing an unusual but little known phenomenon: rapid light changes over clouds. Upon inspection and contemplation, a leading hypothesis for its cause has now emerged. In sum, this hypothesis holds that a lightning discharge in a thundercloud can temporarily change the electric field above the cloud where charged ice crystals were reflecting sunlight. The new electric field quickly re-orients the geometric crystals to a new orientation that reflects sunlight differently. In other words, a lightning discharge can cause a sundog to jump. Soon, the old electric field may be restored, causing the ice crystals to return to their original orientation. To help this curious phenomenon become better studied, sky enthusiasts with similar jumping or dancing sundog videos are encouraged to share them.
Infrared Sounder on Suomi NPP Starts its Mission


NASA Satellite Captures First View of 'Night-Shining Clouds' ... _view.html
These mystifying clouds are called Polar Mesospheric Clouds, or PMCs, when they are viewed from space and referred to as "night-shining" clouds or Noctilucent Clouds, when viewed by observers on Earth. The clouds form in an upper layer of the Earth’s atmosphere called the mesosphere during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer season which began in mid-May and extends through the end of August and are being seen by AIM’s instruments more frequently as the season progresses. They are also seen in the high latitudes during the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere.
This article explains how charge separation can be created, structured, propagated and maintained in ice. This may be an important factor in explaining how some clouds can gather the energy necessary to generate the electron showers required to cause gamma rays and antimatter formation. It may also account for how clouds are able to generate the energy required to manifest ball lightning phenomena.
Electric ice a shock to the solar system ... ystem.html
For a century, scientists have known that charged particles from space constantly bombard Earth. Known as cosmic rays, the particles are mostly protons blasted out of supernovae. As the protons crash through the planet's atmosphere, they can ionize volatile compounds, causing them to condense into airborne droplets, or aerosols. Clouds might then build up around the droplets.
Here's a brief introduction to cosmoclimatology: ... tology.pdf

NASA's Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter into Space Cool Video! ... torms.html

Cosmic Ray Cloud Formation Theory;Cloud formation may be linked to cosmic rays ... 1.504.html

CERN ‘gags’ physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment ... t-results/

And for the more quantitatively oriented ... -estimate/

Cosmic rays, solar flux linked to cloud changes. ... 1-2010.pdf

Long range forces extending from polymer gel surfaces (Liquid Crystalline Water, EZ water) ... _Zheng.pdf

Wave frequency of lightning (Earth Songs ) ... st19jan_1/
January 19, 2001 -- If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet. Scientists call them "tweeks," "whistlers" and "sferics." They sound like background music from a flamboyant science fiction film, but this is not science fiction. Earth's natural radio emissions are real and, although we're mostly unaware of them, they are around us all the time.
"Everyone's terrestrial environment almost literally sings with radio waves at audio frequencies," says Dennis Gallagher, a space physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). "Our ears can't detect radio waves directly, but we can convert them to sound waves with the aid of a very low frequency (VLF) radio receiver
Electric Weather

Equatorial Plasmas, More Or Less

Plasma Instabilities in the Equatorial F-Region

Equatorial Electrojet [EEJ]

First Global Connection Between Earth And Space Weather Found ... _link.html

Strange Space Weather over Africa ... list883541

Electric Space Weather Baffles Scientists ... eather.htm

Van Allen Belts and the Ring Current

Historical and Current Atmospheric Electricity Research

A Lightning Primer

The Global Circuit

Solar Linkages to Atmospheric Processes

Stanford VLF Group ... eHalos.pdf

Naming / Defining Some Electric Weather

AWESOME Lightning Storm Timelapse Video Jupiter Beach Florida ... orida.html

Glossary of Meteorological Terms ... y-a-b.html

Lightning Dictionary

Types of Atmospheric Discharges ... _lightning ... types.html ... _lightning

Potential Physical Explanations of Some Electric Weather

Peter Thompson's "Charge Sheath Vortex" ... rnado.html ... thing.html ... rnado.html ... rnado.html ... heath.html ... asics.html ... e_Sun.html
When you consider two charged particles with the same charge, when stationary they will repel each other, but when moving in parallel each moving charge creates a circular magnetic field round itself that results in mutual attraction. This is normally demonstrated in the attraction between two wires where negative charge is moving in parallel, but applies equally to charge moving in a paper or plastic film on a production line or in a moving charged dust cloud, or a thunder storm.

The forces created by an electrical current in a wire are produced in proportion to the speed of electrons through a wire. Because of collisions and random movements of electrons in the wire, the overall speed of the electrons, or drift speed is quite slow. ... hmmic.html (but the density is high). A 1 volt potential in a pure copper wire will produce a drift speed of 0.0043m/s This is less than half a centimeter in a second. One definition of the amp and force is based on this. 1 amp produces a force of 2*10^-7 Newtons per metre of wire when the parallel wires are 1 meter apart. By contrast production line speeds for paper and plastic film can be over 100 times faster and air flow in a tornado can exceed 1000 m/s.

The effect of moving charge are often forgotten about because electrostatics and electric current are often taught separately in schools

The effects of moving single charge become most dramatic when a charged vortex is created. Charged particles in front of or behind another particle will experience strong forces of repulsion, but the charged particles moving in parallel are very strongly attracted together! The net result is to form a charged sheath vortex, where a sheath of particles rotates about an open core. The sheath cannot contract into the core because of repulsion round the core, and the opposite sides flowing in opposite directions repel, Neither can it expand outwards from the sheath because of the attraction between particles moving in parallel. The result is a very tightly bound sheath of particles and air molecules. If new charged particles are being delivered to this rotating sheath vortex they will be bound into the sheath with the build up of huge electrical potential that doesn’t discharge because of the forces of attraction generated by the movement of charged particles.

The 3M polypropylene plant, he states is “the ideal situation for setting up a charged sheath vortex. The high speed web is delivering a constant supply of the same charge to the tent created by the web flowing up and over the tensioning rollers. Within this tent, friction with the moving film causes the air to start rotating and initially this air will be given the same charge as the film. The rotating charged air will now start to create the attractive forces between particles moving in parallel and will draw in more charge from the moving plastic web. This process will continue and will produce a charged vortex sheath spinning in the middle of the tent. This would normally be invisible and could also feel like a solid wall with a well-defined edge (and a soft centre). You certainly wouldn’t push it out of the way!
I feel that currently this is by far the best explanation for tonadoes that i have seen anywhere. He gives an explanation for the origin of tornadoes, their basic observed properties and how they disspipate. So far theories that address all of those properties in simple concepts have been hard to find, but theres a couple of good ones out there now. Many theories explain certain specific aspects of tornadoes, but they do not explain them in their entirety like he seems to have done.

Electrical Theory of Tornadoes; Jan 1960

An Electromagnetic Basis for the Initiation of a Tornado; Jun 1960

Stabilization of a High-Voltage Discharge by a Vortex; Aug 1960

Electric Currents Accompanying Tornado Activity; Sep 1967

On the geo-electromagnetic aspects of tornado initiation; Dec 1972

Electrical Discharges and Intense Vortices; Apr 1984

On Possibility of Electromagnetic Nature of Atmospheric Intensive Vortices Generation; Dec 2005

An Electric Force Facilitator in Descending [TVS/Vortex] Tornadogenesis; 2006 / 2008

Electric field and Lorentz force contribution to atmospheric vortex phenomena; May 2007

Artificial and natural lightning: Practical comparisons

Cloud-to-Ground Lightning

Sprites, Elves, and Glow Discharge Tubes ... 41_1.shtml

Red Sprite Model


The near space environment and electrostatic discharge ... 6Apr07.ppt

Weather: Fair, Foul or Electric? ... htning.htm


The Charge Sheath Vortex - A self organised structure for the Tornado

A Cell Dynamical System Model for Thundercloud Electrification
10. CONCLUSION The cell dynamical system model enables formulation of simple scale invariant governing equations for cloud dynamical and electrical processes.
Electrical storm signatures could make tornado [& Hurricane] test ... -test.html
Tornado hunters may have a new, unlikely ally – electricity. Armed with only an antenna mounted on top of a vehicle and a simple receiver, researchers have been able to pick up low-frequency electromagnetic waves – a possible sign that a tornado is brewing. The frequency of the signal should even be able to tell them the ferocity of the storm.
I think as they dig deeper, it will become apparent that there is a connection between space and the Earth. At least they are finally pointed in the right direction finally.

A Electromagnetic Basis for the Initiation of a Tornado

Stabilization of a High-Voltage Discharge by a Vortex

Electric Currents Accompanying Tornado Activity

On the geo-electromagnetic aspects of tornado initiation

Electrical Discharges and Intense Vortices

On Possibility of Electromagnetic Nature of Atmospheric Intensive Vortices Generation

An Electric Force Facilitator in Descending TVS Tornadogenesis

Electric field and Lorentz force contribution to atmospheric vortex phenomena

Electrical Theory of Tornadoes

Charge Sheath Tornado Basics ... rnado.html

Plasma Weather Inputs Feb 23 thruough Mar 23
Enhanced Fujita Scale

Gravity Waves Make Tornados ... mar_grits/
GrITs stands for Gravity wave Interactions with Tornadoes. "It's a computer model I developed to study how atmospheric gravity waves interact with severe storms," says research meteorologist Tim Coleman of the National Space Science and Technology Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

According to Coleman, wave-storm interactions are very important. If a gravity wave hits a rotating thunderstorm, it can sometimes spin that storm up into a tornado.

What is an atmospheric gravity wave? Coleman explains: "They are similar to waves on the surface of the ocean, but they roll through the air instead of the water. Gravity is what keeps them going. If you push water up and then it plops back down, it creates waves. It's the same with air."

"You can see gravity waves everywhere," he continues. "When I drove in to work this morning, I saw some waves in the clouds. I even think about wave dynamics on the water when I go fishing now."

Gravity waves get started when an impulse disturbs the atmosphere. An impulse could be, for instance, a wind shear, a thunderstorm updraft, or a sudden change in the jet stream. Gravity waves go billowing out from these disturbances like ripples around a rock thrown in a pond.

When a gravity wave bears down on a rotating thunderstorm, it compresses the storm. This, in turn, causes the storm to spin faster. To understand why, Coleman describes an ice skater spinning with her arms held straight out. "Her spin increases when she pulls her arms inward." Ditto for spinning storms: When they are compressed by gravity waves, they spin faster to conserve angular momentum.

"There is also wind shear in a gravity wave, and the storm can take that wind shear and tilt it and make even more spin. All of these factors may increase storm rotation, making it more powerful and more likely to produce a tornado."

"We've also seen at least one case of a tornado already on the ground (in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 8, 1998) which may have become more intense as it interacted with a gravity wave."

Editor's note: The gravity waves of this story should not be confused with the gravitational waves of astrophysics. One is an ordinary wave of water or air; the other is a ripple in the fabric of spacetime itself.
How Do Thunderstorms Create Lightning? High-Energy Particles From Space Used To Probe Thunderstorms ... 140934.htm

Fire tornado in Brazil:
Tornado Season On The Sun. I am being serious!
Electric Currents Accompanying Tornado Activity
Measurements of the magnetic field and earth current in the vicinity of a tornado show large steplike deflections coincident with the touching down of the funnel. Calculations with a simple current model indicate that a minimum current of several hundred amperes must be postulated to account for the observed deflection in magnetic field. The existence of a steady current of 225 amperes for a period of about 10 minutes provides joule heat at the rate of approximately 10(10) joules per second, and involves a total charge transfer of 135,000 coulombs. The calculations imply that a tornado is electrically equivalent to several hundred isolated thunderstorm cells active simultaneously.

Space tornadoes span a volume approximately the size of Earth or larger. Credit: Keiling, Glassmeier and Amm ... rnadoes-1/

THEMIS mission tracks electrical tornadoes in space ... ling.shtml

The plasma injection point is here; ... merge3.jpg

By overlaying a magnetic field intensity map to a gravity anomaly map you can see how the plasma injection affects gravity in the area; ... ravity.jpg

I have read some theories that gravity waves are associated with tornadoes too. If you overlay Sea Surface Tempurature anomalies you get this; ... ywater.jpg

This leads to el nino and la nina climate cycles based on solar cycle intensity and rate of solar plasma injection to the third equatorial magnetic neural point.

I suspect this third neural point shifts latitude based on polar magnetic intensity (squeezed in between poles) forming plasmoids at various latitudes. The plasmoids then move eastwards looking for a grounding point.

The UCLA plasma lab has mapped the magnetic field of such a z-pinch and it matches earth's equatorial plasma magnetics; ... zpinch.jpg ... gmatch.jpg

What happens at a planetary scale with solar plasma and the north/south/equatorial neural point is then simply scaled down and repeats as a tornado or earthquake (electromotive force, right hand rule) event as the trapped plasmoid seeks charge equalization.

All plasma events are 100% scalable.

Hurricanes, Typhoons....


Hurricanes may be associated with sunspots ... d-sunspots

Lightning Helps Predict Hurricane Fury ... ane_Fury_2
MSNBC wrote:
Initially packing winds of 90 miles per hour, Nargis caught forecasters by surprise when it suddenly intensified until winds reached 130 miles per hour just hours before landfall on May 2. New research is suggesting forecasters could have seen the danger coming, if only they had been watching the storm's lightning patterns carefully.

...Natalia Solorzano of Bard High School Early College in New York and a team of researchers found that with Nargis, large spikes in lightning activity occurred near the eye wall 36 hours before its deadly intensification.
As hurricanes intensity, large spikes in lightning activity occur near the storms' eye walls, researchers have found.
Lightning Good Predictor of Hurricane Intensity ... _Intensity

Lightning Warns of Hurricanes' Most Intense Moments? ... canes.html
Lightning may help improve hurricane forecasts by signaling when the storms are about to reach peak intensity, according to a new study.

"The lightning and wind speeds are fairly well correlated, with the lightning peaking [about 30 hours] before the maximum wind," said Colin Price, a lightning researcher at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

"The lightning gives you a precursor to the development of the hurricane."

Price's team [found] a connection between increased lightning and higher wind speed in more than 95 percent of the storms. In more than 70 percent, lightning activity peaked about 30 hours before maximum winds.
NASA's own stories from 2005-2006:

Electric Hurricanes ... urricanes/ ... icane.html

Science@NASA Feature Stories - Podcasts - Electric Hurricanes Episode

Yet more corroboration of EU theory and the electric force driving hurricanes.

Maximum hurricane intensity preceded by increase in lightning frequency
http://wattsupwiththat.files.wordpress. ... icanes.pdf
http://wattsupwiththat.files.wordpress. ... =421&h=313
All 56 hurricanes show significant correlations (>90%) between lightning activity and maximum sustained winds, with a mean of r D0:82. This implies that daily lightning frequencies can explain more than 67% of the daily variability in maximum sustained winds, with an average lead time of 30 h.

Wikipedia: Fulgurite

(from the Latin fulgur meaning thunderbolt) are natural hollow glass tubes formed in quartzose sand, silica, or soil by lightning strikes. They are formed when lightning with a temperature of at least 1,800 °C (3,270 °F) instantaneously melts silica on a conductive surface and fuses grains together; the fulgurite tube is the cooled product. This process occurs over a period of around one second, and leaves evidence of the lightning path and its dispersion over the surface. Fulgurites can also be produced when a high voltage electrical distribution network breaks and the lines fall onto a conductive surface with sand beneath. They are sometimes referred to as petrified lightning. The glass formed is called lechatelierite which may also be formed by meteorite impact and volcanic explosions. Because it is amorphous, fulgurite is classified as a mineraloid. Fulgurites can have deep penetrations, sometimes occurring as far as 15 metres (49 ft) below the surface that was struck.
Lightning Fossils ... 03/27.html

Electrical Fulgurites... Approximate Fossils?

What Happens when a LIVE High Voltage Power Line Hits the Ground? You get a fulgurite!!!
"The following pictures are of a man-made fulgurite that was created when a high voltage power line fell during a windstorm, and then continued to arc to the ground for a couple of hours. When a high voltage power line initially contacts the ground, it begins arcing. The intense heat of the arc and the high current flowing into the ground cause sand, rocks, and minerals in the soil near the line to fuse into a glassy, lava-like substance."


What Happens when a LIVE High Voltage Power Line Hits the Ground? ... ite195.jpg ... ite198.jpg ... nd159a.gif
Evidences for and the models of self-similar skeletal structures in fusion devices, severe weather phenomena and space
The paper briefly reviews (i) the evidences for self-similar structures of a skeletal form (namely, tubules and cartwheels, and their simplest combinations), called the Universal Skeletal Structures (USS), observed in the range 10-5 cm - 1023 cm. in the high-current electric discharges in various fusion devices, severe weather phenomena, and space, (ii) the models for interpreting the phenomenon of skeletal structures, including the hypothesis for a fractal condensed matter (FCM), assembled from nanotubular dust, and (iii) probable role of FCM, which might be responsible for the USS phenomenon, in tornado, ball lightning, and waterspout.
Scarring and Lichtenberg figures/captured lightning

This is a little off topic, but is nonetheless fascinating and relevent!

Lichtenberg figures (Lichtenberg-Figuren, or "Lichtenberg Dust Figures") are branching electric discharges tree-like or fern-like patterns that are created by high voltage discharges along the surface, or inside, electrical insulators.

The Tree of Life My favorite!


Captured Lightning: 2.2 million volt Lichtenberg Figure Sculpture








Here is a great website for captured lightning.

Dendritic flux avalanches in superconductors ... vity/dend/
Magneto-optical images of flux dendrites
Magneto-opitcal studies of a c-oriented MgB2 film show that below 10 K the global penetration of vortices is dominated by complex dendritic structures abruptly entering the film. This behavior contrasts the gradual uniform penetration usually found in superconducting films. ... /grass.jpg
Figure shows magneto-optical images of flux penetration (image brightness represents flux density) into the virgin state at 5 K. The respective images were taken at applied fields (perpendicular to the film) of 3.4, 8.5, 17, 60, 21, and 0 mT.

Earth's Electrical Scaring, Lichtenberg Scaring/Figures

Here's a very cool link on geographical fractals found via Google Earth. ... ogleearth/

Do they look like lichtenberg figures?? Electric discharges??

Take a look at some of those fractal Lichtenberg figurines, then look at the Grand Canyon again in Google maps! ... yon-gtiff/

I'm not suggesting that all these are from one event,or even from any in modernity, only that their appearance suggests being electrically formed from a planetary discharge. ( You can scroll in and out to get different views.)

Here are some really nice examples of lichtenberg figures. the sahara desert is full of these: ... 22607&z=10 ... 61304&z=11 ... 40326&z=13 ... 40326&z=13 ... 40326&z=13 ... 22607&z=10 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 6&t=h&z=13 ... 2&t=h&z=12 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 845215&z=9 ... 61304&z=11

The Earth screams of directional, electrical excavation/erosion. A wonderful example is Zion National Park, UT. ... 7&t=p&z=12

If you go back and forth with terrain and satellite, you'll see the south facing surfaces are hard rock. ... 7&t=h&z=12

Laboratory study of the way electric arcs affect surface materials will soon challenge traditional geologic models. The evidence will show that the cosmic “thunderbolt” dominated planetary evolution.

In the electric model, the actual history of our solar system does not resemble the currently accepted theories of the sciences. Therefore, the reader must be asked to suspend all prior beliefs on the subject, including matters thought to have been settled decades, or even centuries ago.

Advocates of the electric universe contend that as recently as several thousand years ago, planets moved under the influence of electrified plasma, a medium that can easily overwhelm gravity. Orbits changed, and catastrophic electrical encounters altered the terrain, the climates, and the atmospheres of planets, including our Earth.

] ... arring.jpg

The channel produced by an electric spark, such as the one shown above, is a sinuous rille in miniature. Electrical phenomena are scalable: they exhibit the same forms and characteristics whether the discharge occurs over a fraction of a millimeter or over thousands of kilometers. In fact, computerized simulations of high-energy electrical discharges indicate that the same patterns can be scaled up yet another 100 million times to galactic size.

Scalability carries sweeping implications for planetary science. With a microscope, industrial engineers observe the characteristic features of rilles in the tiny scars that electric arcs leave on damaged insulators and semiconductors or on the surfaces of spark-machined tools. If interplanetary lightning caused the rilles on space objects, then inexpensive and controlled experiments on Earth may answer puzzles that have vexed planetary scientists for decades. Present knowledge of electrical phenomena will also enable scientists to calculate the energies involved in the formation of rilles. How powerful is an interplanetary lightning bolt? Plasma cosmologist Anthony Peratt estimates that a single such bolt would be as powerful as 3000 100-megaton nuclear explosions.

It seems that Juergens' article from the mid 70s, Of the Moon and Mars, is probably the best introductory evidence, as shown here: At least it seems to be the best visual evidence. Also the table on that page has excellent evidence from comparison of theories to explain rilles. Here is a better photo of the Earth rille: ... arring.htm

Mars Strange Volcano and Impact Features
Keep in mind, also, what a lightning strike to something solid can look like:

(Example of a sparse, filamentary discharge in acrylic [a dielectric insulator])

Valles Marineris ... p=infrared

Lightning scars in:
Material = wood?
* The above image is interesting, as it suggests a rille in wood, if that's what it is.
* Here's the best image from that last site: ... trench.jpg

This image doesn't show the details that the baseball diamond rille shows, but it's a rille in grass-covered soil, instead of bare soil.
I like the "Earth rille" evidence and Juergens' table, because it seems pretty obvious that the rilles on the planets and moons are caused by lightning, like the ones here on Earth. And that helps lead to the suspicion that craters are also formed electrically, since many rilles have long stretches that are essentially chains of craters. Then there's Valles Marineris, which looks like a huge rille and on and on.

Some Results Deduced from Simulation of Lunar Craters ... ..14..419S

Just cruising the web, came by these images of underwater rivers:

Monterey Canyon. ... 4&t=h&z=11

Most Interesting Science Findings

Analysis of the Main Principles of Stratigraphy on the Basis of Experimental Data

Electrical/lichtenberg figure/ fractals patterns found while exploring the planet with Google Earth.

Saudi Arabia

Tree of Life

Thunderbolts Project Presents, The Lightning Scared Planet Mars; Part One
The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars -- Part Two
The Electric Universe: Part II; Discharges and Scars ... 04eu-1.htm

Olympus Mons ... s-mons.htm

Olympus Mons on the planet Mars defies categorization as a "volcano," but bears a striking similarity to a lightning blister. ... s-mons.jpg ... 91&t=p&z=9 ... 7&t=h&z=13

Factory Butte, Utah ... pg_595.jpg ... p?f=4&t=42



"Dalmatian Spots" of Mars' South Pole ... nspots.htm

Mysterious dark spotting on Mars’ south polar ice cap provides numerous clues to the nature of electrical events in the region. But NASA scientists show no interest in the charged particle streams that, evidence suggests, continually alter the surface.

Suddenly; Sep 14, 2009 ... ddenly.htm

Geologists say mountains were formed gradually over millions of years. Native peoples say their ancestors saw mountains form in their lifetimes. It’s a choice between speculation and hearsay.

Megaripples; Mar 06, 2009 ... ipples.htm

From Antarctica to Namibia, giant, immobile "dunes" appear to be similar to those seen on Mars, Venus and Titan.

The Channeled Scablands ... blands.htm

Some researchers have theorized that hundreds of megafloods in a cycle ranging over thousands of years formed the scars in Washington State. Electricity could have carved the region in minutes.

Martian Ripples ... ipples.htm
An analysis of Mars Orbiter Camera images suggests an explanation for the ripples that cover large areas of Mars.

Walk where lightning has struck. ... 5&t=h&z=16 ... 23724&z=10

In the very center of this map you should see two LONG scratches (north to south) close to and parallel to each other: ... 23724&z=10

Here is a "closer" look (again, the very center of the map is where the features are): ... 61862&z=11

An even closer look: the scratches are immediately to the right of the words "sugarloaf mountain": ... 80931&z=12

This just really jumps out at me: looks like someone took a stick and made two parallel scratches in the dirt.

I think the better view is "higher up."

some satellite pictures comparing the Grand Canyon river system to that remarkable areal view of the Yemen system:

* Catastrophic valley erosion

*Grand Canyon ... Canyon.jpg ... aerial.jpg

Weird parallel and/or intersecting scars to the bedrock? ... 5&t=h&z=11 ... 2&t=h&z=12 ... 5&t=h&z=11

Electrified Dust?

Blowing Desert Sand Highly Electrically Charged,2933,322585,00.html

Desert Mystery Has Electrifying Answer

Electric Sand Findings Could Lead to Better Climate Models
field/press/Electric_Sand_Findings_Could_Lead_To_Better_Climate_Models.pdf ... 010708.php

Electrostatics in wind-blown sand

Vortical Electric Weather

Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices
Burned by a Dust Devil ... tdevil.htm


Dust Devils on Mars are very electrical. They have a white lightning flash at their base and they also leave a dark scar along the surface. These Martian Devils are huge (up to 10km high) which is weird for a planet with very little atmosphere. The dust storms that can cover the entire surface and atmosphere of Mars start in a crater and slowly build up.

It is not the actual physical conditions that create dust devils, tornadoes, waterspouts, it is the larger electrical circuit.

Electric Dust Devils on Mars ... devils.htm

NASA on Martian Dust Devils— “They’re Electrified!” ... devils.htm

Dust Devils - or Tornadoes? ... devils.htm

Mars or Earth the Devils are Electrified ... devils.htm

Electric Waterspouts ... spouts.htm
There are two types of waterspout; one type is simply a tornado over water. The other (true waterspout) is less powerful than a tornado. It forms in a different way and often in a different season. It dissipates quickly if it happens to move over land.

Russian plasma physicist V. A. Rantsev-Kartinov studied waterspouts from a plasma point of view. He came to understand the waterspout as a long-lasting discharge current between the plasma networks of the ocean surface (or lake surface) and the electrical charge of the clouds above.

Every world in the solar system is a charged body orbiting in a plasma. On Earth, there are many ways that the plasma interactions between Earth and space show up -- auroras, lightning, sprites and elves, tornados, hurricanes, waterspouts and dust devils, geomagnetic storms. On other worlds, different modes of electrical interaction are seen -- giant dust devils on Mars, ion "rains" on Europa, the plasma discharges of Io, the coma and tails of comets, the spokes of Saturn's rings, the complex magnetospheres of Earth and the giant planets. The solar system we see today is much more electrically active than what we imagined it would be 50 years ago, before the first satellite was launched. It would be easier to understand if we paid closer attention to what we've learned of plasma behavior in the lab, and to the interactions of electricity between Earth and space.
Tornadoes as Electric Discharge ... charge.htm

The Electric Hurricanes of 2005 ... icanes.htm

Weather: Fair, Foul or Electric? ... eather.htm

Giant ocean whirlpools puzzle scientists ... rlpools-0/ ... cientists/

Phantoms From the Sand: Tracking Dust Devils Across Earth and Mars ... h_and_Mars

Anecdotal Evidence For Vortical Electrical Weather ... 5-0205.pdf

Water sprouts
Huge Whirlpool Hits Japan After 8.9 Tsunami
Gigantic Rotating Vortex Cloud!!
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Re:Updated; Heaven on Earth; As Above, So Below

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JulesGP wrote:Thanks for posting this Semp, you and Thebestsun have helped me understand the Electric Universe Model so much more - this added information is great! I'm trying to compile it all in a way I can outline the important points for someone who has never heard of it before, and help them to understand without overwhelming either of us. It's so amazing. The universe works based upon eternal laws and we need to discover those - not try to mold religion to fit our primitive "scientific" beliefs. Thanks again for the updated info - I need to spend some time reading through all of this!
Thanks Jules. Sorry about not getting back at you. I got interrupted right as I was starting section 2. I have to go back and now clean up a few things plus add a few. Hope you enjoy the rest! You still up for some SOA?

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Re: Heaven on Earth; As Above, So Below

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JulesGP wrote:Thank you for the update Matt, this stuff is amazing! Everything really is totally connected isn't it - the Lichtenberg figures, the rivers on the earth, the lightning, the Birkeland currents and charged particles arcing across the universe, the veins and arteries in our bodies, the same in plants and animals, it's all related and organized in such a complex manner.

Those Lichtenberg figures are GORGEOUS! Thank you again for more information on all of this, it's fascinating to me.

BTW, these links below weren't working for me - I think they were shortened when you posted and it just goes to the US on Google Maps.

And RE: SOA.... you still behind?? It ended awhile back, and I had to finish it! LOL
SempiternalHarbinger wrote: Here are some really nice examples of lichtenberg figures. the sahara desert is full of these: ... 40326&z=13 ... 40326&z=13 ... 40326&z=13 ... 22607&z=10 ... 22607&z=10 ... 61304&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 6&t=h&z=13 ... 2&t=h&z=12 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 845215&z=9 ... 61304&z=11 ... 7&t=p&z=13
I have not finished SOA but have the complete season. Just need to find time to watch it.

Sorry about the links above! I fixed it! There is still a few more I have to fix and clean up. Here it is... They are pretty incredible if you ask me!

Here are some really nice examples of lichtenberg figures. the sahara desert is full of these: ... 22607&z=10 ... 61304&z=11 ... 40326&z=13 ... 40326&z=13 ... 40326&z=13 ... 22607&z=10 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 6&t=h&z=13 ... 2&t=h&z=12 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 4&t=h&z=11 ... 845215&z=9 ... 61304&z=11

The Earth screams of directional, electrical excavation/erosion. A wonderful example is Zion National Park, UT. ... 7&t=p&z=12

If you go back and forth with terrain and satellite, you'll see the south facing surfaces are hard rock. ... 7&t=h&z=12

As Heraclitus, ca. 500 B.C., put it: "it is the thunderbolt that steers the universe".

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Part 2; The Electric Earth

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Section 2; continued

Aurora Borealis/Northern/Southern Lights

Earth’s aurorae demonstrate the electrical connection between our planet and the Sun.


In December of 2007, NASA announced that "Scientist think they have discovered the energy source of Aurora Borealis, the spectacular displays seen in the upper latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere."

"New data from NASA'a Themis mission.... found that the energy comes from a stream of charged particls from the sun flowing like a current through twisted bundles(Birkeland current) of magnetic fields connecting Earth's upper atmosphere to the Sun."

"The energy is then abruptly released in the form of a shimmering display of lights, said principal investigator Vassilis Angelopoulos of the University of California at Los Angeles." ... e-spheroid

There is one huge problem with this announcement..... This discovery was made over 100 years ago.

This discovery alone should have the whole world questioning the Scientific Establishment. Because it goes against everything they say. They say space is empty with isolated bodies, that it is a vacume. And if this is the reason

The NASA article fails to mention Birkeland Currents even though they admit electrical currents..AKA "magnetic ropes." Kristian Birkeland, who is one of the founding fathers of Plasma Cosmology, was one of the first to discover that the Northern Lights were charged particles ejected from the Sun, captured by the Earth's magnetic field, and directed towards the polar atmosphere. Electric currents in space are named after himTo prove this theory, Birkeland performed his famous 'Terella' experiment, where he artificially created the aurora in the laboratory. He also created Saturn Rings and other space anonolmies. His theories were initially laughed at, and it is only now in the space age that measurements from satellites are proving Birkeland correct. It's truly amazing how many people in the mainstream are still unaware of his ground breaking work. Birkeland discoveries are some of the most important in our time. Planets are charged bodies seeking electrical equibium with their solar enviroment. Planets are not isolated bodies floating in an empty vacuum.

Kristian Birkeland bibliography ... bliography

The Aurorae Birkeland Currents; Increidible
Birkeland current; Tornado
Here's an authentic clip recently taken in Northern Norway:
Due to longer exposure time the sequence appears fast forward, but the overall colors and formations are pretty much like watching it for real.


The photograph above shows Birkeland's terella experiment (with Birkeland himself operating the apparatus). Below, Beams of electrons are shot at a spherical magnet to produce light emission concentrated in auroral-like arcs.


Thornhill further writes:
"Around 1900, the famous Norwegian scientist, Kristian Birkeland, performed experiments (left) using an electromagnetic terrella [magnetized metal sphere] as one of the electrodes in a gas-discharge apparatus. He created an artificial Aurora around the poles of the terrella, replicating the effects of the solar wind on the magnetic Earth. He also simulated other cosmic phenomena, such as the Sun’s corona, sunspots, and the rings of Saturn, using other small metal spheres. Note that the experiments use external electrical power! The era gives a measure of how far we must backtrack from the current dead end to bring astrophysics in tune with reality.

The electrical model of the Sun and its environment answers the question of how the solar cycle can have more effect on the weather than expected from solar heating alone. Because the planets are minor electrodes in the Sun’s circuit, they are subject to the full variation of the galactic electrical input. It explains the simultaneous warming of other planets and changes in their atmospheres. Even distant Pluto (at the time still a planet) baffled astronomers by continuing to warm up eighteen years after its orbit began to take it further from the Sun. Electrical energy may constitute a major energy source for the outer planets. And, of course, on Mars there are no SUVs or farting cows to explain its warming."
When Birkeland changed the electrical power into his Terrella he observed that the electrical discharges moved from lower to high latitudes, much like the behaviour of hurricanes and cyclones on Earth.

Right: Kristian Birkeland on the 200 Kroner note. Bottom left: Birkeland's terrella simulating Saturn's rings.
Top left: Cassini image of Saturn's rings.

A simulation of Saturn's plasmasphere using equipment similar to Birkeland's terrella.


"It seems to be a natural consequence of our points of view to assume that the whole of space is filled with electrons and flying electric ions of all kinds." - Kristian Birkeland.

Playing with a magnet and a plasma discharge tube, the "Aurora Borealis Tube Display,"
by Resonance Research Corporation.

Advocates of Plasma Cosmology have been shouting the veracity of the electrodynamic paradigm for decades now. But few are listening. The electric currents that flow through space are named after him.. Birkeland Currents. He is recognized for bringing Plasma and Electromagnetism into Cosmology, but while many of his ideas are widely accepted, his cosmological theories are less well known.

On October 22, 2011, The Sun unleashed another coronal mass ejection (CME), causing an outburst of colorful displays in nighttime skies as far south as Arkansas, in the United States.

There is an electrically active structure called a magnetotail (or plasma tail) extending for millions of kilometers from Earth, always pointing away from the Sun. The flow of charged particles ejected from the Sun, called the solar wind, is captured by our planet’s magnetosphere, collected in a plasma sheet within the magnetotail, and held together by our magnetic field.

Energetic ions stream into Earth’s magnetic field down into the poles, exciting atmospheric molecules to the point where they emit various colors of light: red frequencies from oxygen at high altitudes, green from oxygen at lower altitudes, and blue light from nitrogen. Electromagnetic instabilities also occur when a bright aurora is seen.

In 1966, the U.S. Navy satellite, TRIAD, recorded those magnetic disturbances as it passed over Earth’s polar regions and through what were named the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Those vertical electric currents that flow to Earth from the solar wind were named, “Birkeland currents” by Alex Dessler in 1969. During the recent substorm, Norwegian scientists again detected electricity flowing through the ground under the auroral glow.

One of the most interesting aspects to the latest auroral episode is not its display, but its origin. Just before the CME, a comet was seen entering the Sun’s corona and then failing to reappear. In previous Picture of the Day articles, several other examples were discussed of comets “crashing” into the Sun just before large CMEs. One comet in particular, 96P/Machholz, did not strike the Sun it skimmed around it, apparently causing a CME in the process.

According to solar physicists, there is no way for a “loosely held-together blob of ice and rock” to initiate an electromagnetic eruption moving at 2500 kilometers per second. What they fail to consider is that there is a radial electric field from the Sun permeating the Solar System. As charged comets move rapidly through that field, they may experience a sudden breakdown or discharge across the giant plasma sheath surrounding the cometary nucleus.

The Sun’s continuous discharge is a dynamic process requiring only a small external electrical trigger like that provided by a comet for it to discharge violently. By way of contrast, astronomers discount any relationship between comets and CMEs based simply on their enormous physical size difference. However,several other sungrazers have been associated with violent flares. One event can be a coincidence, two can be long odds, but three or more cannot be dismissed as mere oddities.
















WIll Cover Auroras more in next section.. (planets Auroras in our solar system, and how we are conected)

Electrical Processes Related to Earthquakes

Electric Earthquakes

Sunspots and Earthquakes? ... hquake.htm

Evidence Mounts for Electromagnetic Earthquake Precursors ... uake_alarm

Scientists debate new evidence for electromagnetic earthquake predictors

Cracking the Code of Pre-Earthquake Signals ... gnals.html

Maxwell's equations and earthquakes

Earthquake Lights; ...Earthquakes and P-Holes

Expert probes 'earthquake lights ... lights.php

Glowing lights around an earthquake's epicentre ... f70c4006fb
The earthquake on February 27 did more than shake people up in the middle of the night. Reports have come in that mysterious lights also appeared around the quake’s epicentre near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

One witness described how a grapefruit-sized glowing sphere appeared in her bedroom and then went out like a light. “This thing seemed to be coming across the room straight at me. I was very frightened,” she told the Louth Leader. Another person described flashes like car headlights at her window, and others spoke of lightning flashes after the quake. However, there was no lightning activity at the time of the quake.

In fact, there have been many reports of “earthquake lights” throughout history. Residents of Tangshan in China, for example, were awakened one night in July 1976 by bright flashes in the sky. Two days later an earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter scale killed 240,000 people and destroyed the city. And a Japanese scientist took photographs of balls of light and red streaks in the sky during a swarm of earthquakes in Matsushiro between 1965 and 1967.

One explanation for his phenomenon is that the electrical properties of rocks may change under severe stress before or during a quake. This may generate changes in the electrical behaviour of the atmosphere, ionising the air and producing glowing lights.
Electro-Magnetic Earthquake Bursts and Critical Rupture of Peroxy Bond Networks in Rocks ... 3205v2.pdf

Electric currents along earthquake faults and the magnetization of pseudotachylite veins ... al2007.pdf

Taiwan satellite notes ionosphere change before earthquake ... earthquake

Inductive seismo-electromagnetic effect in relation to seismogenic ULF emission
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... -2001.html
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... 1-2001.pdf

*This is quintessential evidence linking the electrical field of the crust with the ionosphere. <---archive Nov 30, 2011
GROUND CURRENTS IN NORWAY: A solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field and this is causing electrical currents to flow in the earth itself at high latitudes. Rob Stammes sends this report from the Polarlightcenter in Lofoten, Norway: "Today, a magnetic disturbance began around 12.00 UTC. The [shaking of Earth's magnetic field] induced a ground current around our observatory: data. This is a good sign that we will see Northern Lights tonight."

... In this paper we draw attention to other parameters possibly related to earthquakes (EQ) that can be monitored from the ground and from space. Specifically, we propose to initiate a similar activity under TERRASCOPE or under some other future mission concept.

Recent field studies and simultaneous satellite observations add confidence to reported observations of electromagnetic (EM) emissions before large earthquakes. There is likewise mounting evidence that, prior to seismic activity, electric fields are transmitted from the ground into the atmosphere, that thermal anomalies may become observable, that ions may be emitted from the ground, that the atmospheric conductivity is affected, that the ground potential may change locally or regionally, etc. Some authors have considered the possibility of an inverse connection - from the atmosphere to the ground, causing seismic activity. Increased lightning activity, due to growing seismic activity, and the large currents thus induced may have an effect on the fracturing or microfracturing of rocks, focusingthe EQ energy release [Pulinets, 2000]. Several ongoing international satellite missions, COMPASS (Russia, Poland,2001), DEMETER (France, Japan, Russia, 2002) and VARIANT (European Space Agency, Ukraine, 2001), are aimed at retrieving ionospheric plasma anomalies that may be related to EQ activity (M>5).

A recent experimental study [Freund, 2000] has indicated a direct connection between stress applied to rocks and the generation of charge carriers, causing electric currents and affecting surface potentials. These new results may intensify the interest in future similar studies.

1. Observable Changes on the Surface of the Solid Earth 1.1. Positive Holes

Electrical phenomena preceding large earthquakes have been mentioned or described in the literature for centuries. What has been lacking, however, was a fundamental understanding of the nature of the electric charges in rocks and how they may be generated in the crust. The keyword is “water” – not liquid water that fills the pores in rocks but small amounts of H2O that dissolve in minerals, even those that are nominally anhydrous, when they crystallize in H2O-laden magmas or recrystallize in H2Oladen metamorphic environments.
-Did atmosphere give warning of Japan quake?

Atmosphere-Ionosphere Response to the M9 Tohoku Earthquake Revealed by Joined Satellite and Ground Observations. Preliminary results
"Our first results show that on March 8th a rapid increase of emitted infrared radiation was observed from the satellite data and an anomaly developed near the epicenter."
Did atmosphere give warning of Japan quake? ... v8AkzVO-h0

Scientist claims the signs were there....

I find it interesting they think the increased electrons and infrared radiation is due to released radon gasprior to the earthquake in this article. How does the earth release gasses before it starts moving? SO basically the Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake. Now if thats not fascinating I dont know what is.

Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake

Infrared emissions above the epicenter increased dramatically in the days before the devastating earthquake in Japan, say scientists. ... 3540208399

Earthquakes linked across distance? How?

Quake In Alaska Changed Yellowstone Geysers ... 235046.htm

Big quakes spark jolts worldwide
"Nasa scientists have said they could be on the verge of a breakthrough in their efforts to forecast earthquakes. Researchers say they have found a close link between electrical disturbances on the edge of our atmosphere and impending quakes on the ground below. Just such a signal was spotted in the days leading up to the recent devastating event in China."
Doesn't specifically list EM implication. But, it's still interesting that there seem to be connections between large and smaller earthquakes over long distances and relatively short time domains. I wonder if telluric currents have any role to play (one discharge puts an extra load one other parts of the circuits)? Just a wild guess for the moment (may be far afield of the mark).


Nasa scientists have said they could be on the verge of a breakthrough in their efforts to forecast earthquakes (5/6/2008)

Cracking the Code of Pre-Earthquake Signals ... gnals.html

Large, impending earthquakes may broadcast warnings ... 10908.html

Large earthquakes may broadcast warnings, but is anyone tuning in to listen? ... 201254.htm

Evidence Mounts for Electromagnetic Earthquake Precursors ... uake_alarm

Unusual Earthquakes Measured Off Oregon; right in our backyard, so to speak
Scientists listening to underwater microphones have detected an unusual swarm of earthquakes off central Oregon, something that often happens before a volcanic eruption - except there are no volcanoes in the area.......

On the hydrophones, the quakes sound like low thunder and are unlike anything scientists have heard in 17 years of listening, Dziak said. Some of the quakes have also been detected by earthquake instruments on land......

The quakes have not followed the typical pattern of a major shock followed by a series of diminishing aftershocks, and few have been strong enough to be felt on shore.

The Earth's crust is made up of plates that rest on molten rock, which are rubbing together. When the molten rock, or magma, erupts through the crust, it creates volcanoes.

That can happen in the middle of a plate. When the plates lurch against each other, they create earthquakes along the edges.

A recent interview with Prof. Pulinets, (below) he makes a compelling case that it is possible to know that an earthquake will occur sufficiently ahead of time to be able to move people out of harms way.
Earthquake swarm stumps scientists ... cient.html
The quakes are puzzling because they are not occurring along the edge of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth's crust, where geologists are used to seeing seismic activity. Instead, they're centered in the Juan de Fuca Plate, a span of crust off the Northwest Coast, about 40 miles from the plate's edge......

The swarm is also odd because it did not come in the form of a main shock, followed by steadily decreasing tremors - known as aftershocks - afterwards. That's typically what geologists see when an earthquake occurs on a fault within one of the plates.

"This thing has been a steady stream of earthquakes through time," Dziak said.

Another explanation might be volcanic activity on the seafloor. But Dziak considers that unlikely because it's most common along the edges of plates or around known volcanic "hot spots" such as Hawaii.
Earthquakes being electrical in nature/precursors in Ionosphere; ... ?f=4&t=714

Plan for quake 'warning system' ... ing_system
"Nasa scientists have said they could be on the verge of a breakthrough in their efforts to forecast earthquakes. Researchers say they have found a close link between electrical disturbances on the edge of our atmosphere and impending quakes on the ground below. Just such a signal was spotted in the days leading up to the recent devastating event in China."
Earthquakes are best predicted from space ... from_space

Electric Space Weather Baffles Scientists ... eather.htm

Earthquake electrical clouds related to China quake? Several minutes before?
Looks a lot like an aurora, on a small scale. Perhaps atmospheric currents induced by Telluric currents? As opposed to Telluric currents which are sometimes thought to be modified by atmospheric currents. Opposite plates in a discharge (spherical self-repairing capacitor?...)

This make sense in light of some recent papers on P-holes in Gabbroic rocks basically equating to Telluric currents, etc. IE, motion of positive holes in rock is equivalent to a form of electric current. So, if you get p-holes happening around the time of an earthquake, or just before, the might it not stand to reason that currents in the rock might induce currents in the atmosphere, the opposite plate of the discharge?

Also, in light of the recent articles on earthquake precursors...

A photographer took this picture just 2 hours before China's May 12th, 2011 earthquake photo. (magnetic field anomalies)


Here's a long list of very interesting papers by Friedmann Freund on the topic of the electronics of the earth's crust and earthquakes. Discussion of p-holes (positive holes) piezoelectric stress, etc.

Stress Activation and Propagation of Electronic Charge Carriers in Igneous Rocks ... anding.pdf

How can Stresses in the Earth's Crust Lead to Bursts of Electromagnetic Signals?

Pre-earthquake signals - Part I: Deviatoric stresses turn rocks into a source of electric currents
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... -2007.html
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... 5-2007.pdf
Earthquakes are feared because they often strike so suddenly. Yet, there are innumerable reports of preearthquake signals. Widespread disagreement exists in the geoscience community how these signals can be generated in the Earth’s crust and whether they are early warning signs, related to the build-up of tectonic stresses before major seismic events. Progress in understanding and eventually using these signals has been slow because the underlying physical process or processes are basically not understood. This has changed with the discovery that, when igneous or highgrade metamorphic rocks are subjected to deviatoric stress, dormant electronic charge carriers are activated: electrons and defect electrons. The activation increases the number density of mobile charge carriers in the rocks and, hence, their electric conductivity. The defect electrons are associated with the oxygen anion sublattice and are known as positive holes or pholes for short. The boundary between stressed and unstressed rock acts a potential barrier that lets pholes pass but blocks electrons. Therefore, like electrons and ions in an electrochemical battery, the stress-activated electrons and pholes in the “rock battery” have to flow out in different directions. When the circuit is closed, the battery currents can flow. The discovery of such stress-activated currents in crustal rocks has far-reaching implications for understanding pre-earthquake signals.
Pre-earthquake signals - Part II: Flow of battery currents in the crust
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... -2007.html
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... 3-2007.pdf
When rocks are subjected to stress, dormant electronic charge carriers are activated. They turn the stressed rock volume into a battery, from where currents can flow out. The charge carriers are electrons and defect electrons, also known as positive holes or pholes for short. The boundary between stressed and unstressed rock acts as a potential barrier that lets pholes pass but blocks electrons. One can distinguish two situations in the Earth’s crust: (i) only pholes spread out of a stressed rock volume into the surrounding unstressed rocks. This is expected to lead to a positive surface charge over a wide area around the future epicenter, to perturbations in the ionosphere, to stimulated infrared emission from the ground, to ionization of the near-ground air, to cloud formation and to other phenomena that have been reported to precede major earthquakes. (ii) both pholes and electrons flow out of the stressed rock volume along different paths, sideward into the relatively cool upper layers of the crust and downward into the hot lower crust. This situation, which is likely to be realized late in the earthquake preparation process, is necessary for the battery circuit to close and for transient electric currents to flow. If burst-like, these currents should lead to the emission of low frequency electromagnetic radiation. Understanding how electronic charge carriers are stress-activated in rocks, how they spread or flow probably holds the key to deciphering a wide range of pre-earthquake signals. It opens the door to a global earthquake early warning system, provided resources are pooled through a concerted and constructive community effort, including seismologists, with international participation.
Gabbro in a Temperature Gradient turns into a Battery Generating Electric Currents

Rocks, when Stressed, turn into a Battery that is Rechargeable

Antipodal Magnetic Anomalies on the Moon, Contributions from Impact Induced Currents Due to Positive Holes and Flexoelectric Phenomina and Dynamo

Stress-Rate-Dependent Seismo-Electrodynamcis of Non-Quartz Bearing Rocks

Positive charge carriers flowing out of partially stressed synthetic quartz: a fundamental experiment for modeling seismo-electromagnetic phenomena

Anomalous Magnetic Field Pulses, Ground Currents, and the Build-up of Stress prior to the Chi-Chi Earthquake

Large-Scale Model of the Electrical Conductivity in the Crust

Stress-Induced Changes in the Electrical Conductivity of Igneous Rocks

Charge generation and propagation in igneous rocks ... 192243.pdf ... 0702000157

O in Olivine: Cause for a Pronounced Electric Anomaly Around 600 deg C

Detecting Earthquakes Before They Strike ... trike.html

Electronic Charge Carriers in Igneous Rocks and their Activation through Tectonic Processes

We challenge the assumption that igneous rocks, when dry, are always good insulators, unable to generate and transport electric charges. We report on a successful demonstration that highly mobile electronic charges are generated by impacts. The charges are positive holes, generated from peroxy links which derive from traces of H2O dissolved in the minerals
Here is also a very informative lecture from Friedmann Freund titled; Earths Many Voices a Unified Theory for Pre-Earthquake Signals
Electric currents streaming out of stressed igneous rocks – A step towards understanding pre-earthquake low frequency EM emissions ... anding.pdf

A little bit of googling about turned up all sorts of fun sites relating to earthquake phenomena, including earthquake lights, will-o-the-wisps, etc.
http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.n ... -2010.html'-the-wisp ... freund.pdf ... ke-lights/

Curious cloud formations linked to quakes

UPNEXT: Section 3: The Solar Domain; This section will deal with things from the Earth-space boundary to the edge of the heliosphere (approximately).

Depending on time, I hope to have it up within a week.
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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Section 3; The Plasma Solar Domain: (This section will deal with things from the Earth-space boundary to the edge of the heliosphere (approximately).

Peer Reviewed Papers

Currents in the Solar Atmosphere and a Theory of Solar Flares

On the Filamentary Structure of the Solar Corona

On the Importance of Electric Fields in the Magnetosphere and Interplanetary Space

Interplanetary Magnetic Field

Kristian Birkeland Experiments and Predictions

Kristian Birkeland ... _Birkeland

Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902-1903; Kristian Birkeland, circa 1908 ... %28Book%29(100+ MB PDF scan of the monograph.) ... 01chririch

Chapter VI. On Possible Electric Phenomena in Solar Systems and Nebulae; Excerpt from Birkeland's monograph, above ... nd_Nebulae


[Hypothetical] Electrical Sun

Electric Sun hypothesis

Tim Thompson / Don Scott Debate (Tim Thompson Responds to the Electric Sun hypothesis) (Don Scott Rejoinder to Tim Thompson)

Don Scott rebuts Bridgman

Hannes Alfvén's Stellar Circuit Diagram ... 1592420642

Unknown Force ["Likely Related to Magnetic Fields"] Triggers Star Formation; Electric Currents are Directly Related to Magnetic Fields! ... _Formation

Magnetic Fields Crucial To Star Formation, Astronomer Says ... nomer_Says

3D stereo view's show Sun's Glow-mode Plasma Cloud layer?
several image pairs have begun to flow in from close-up video segments that are just amazing. While looking at the videos something caught my eye as an optical illusion related to the areas where inbound material is being re-illuminated (Regaining Glow-mode characteristice according to the an certain source) as the material streams toward another optical illusion area. From this, what is developing may be an interesting and revealing group of snap shots and slide shows. You may find these interesting. Be sure to compare what you see to what is being written up of my observation through 3D views and a hunch that optical illusions were present. ... ndary.html

Aether Battery Iron Sun Theory ... ics-stars/

Highlights of Brant's ABIS Theory * This explains everything about the Sun and then some.

1. Iron Stars form in "Supernovae"; Aetherometry and Helioseismology show the Sun has a thick Solid Iron Shell.

2. The Iron Sun is an Aether Antenna, which converts Aether into Electrons.

3. Neutral Gas flows into the Sun and Transmutes into Metal.

4. The abundant Aether Electrons produce Electric Potential Difference (Voltage) and thus Electric Current.

5. Internal Electric Current flows through the Iron Surface and produces the Sun's Cathode Glow Structure.

6. The Electric Current flows into Coronal Loops that produce Ionized Iron (Plasma).

7. Sunspots form over Coronal Loop Footprints.

8. White Light Flares occur at Loop Footprints.

9. CMEs are Flux Tubes.

10. The Heat of the Solar Atmosphere is like Earth's Thermosphere.

11. Solar Radiation is Massless Charge Aether, which become Photons when decelerated.

12. The Solar Blackbody Spectrum is from a Solid Surface, not Plasma.

13. Gravity is mainly a Surface Effect of Cosmic Bodies.

Recent papers: support for the Electric Sun model (or not?)

Does the Sun have an equatorial plasma torus? No ... index.html

Talking Points on the Electric Sun ... f=3&t=4564

*On the Sun’s Electric-Field

IBEX slams the Electric Sun model yet again...
http://dealingwithcreationisminastronom ... again.html

The Electric Sun - Criticism Destroyed

Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance

The Surface Of The Sun

Images of the Sun taken by the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer

A Tsunami In The Photosphere Of The Sun

Changes in the subsurface stratification of the Sun with the 11-year activity cycle

THE SUN: AN ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PLASMA DIFFUSER THAT CONTROLS EARTH'S CLIMATE (With web links to atomic weight measurements that unmasked the Iron Sun) ... Origin.pdf

This site is home to Oliver Manuel's output. It hold a wealth of valuable information relating to the Sun:

On the "Electric Sun" Hypothesis

Image Image
(Right) A solar flare showing the twisting motion characteristic of a Birkeland current.
(Left) An X-ray image of the sun showing the active lower corona.

The Electric Sun Hypothesis

The Basics

In this day and age there is no longer any doubt that electrical effects in plasmas play an important role in the phenomena we observe on the Sun. The major properties of the "Electric Sun (ES) model" are as follows:

Most of the space within our galaxy is occupied by plasma (rarefied ionized gas) containing electrons (negative charges) and ionized atoms (positive charges). Every charged particle in the plasma has an electric potential energy (voltage) just as every pebble on a mountain has a mechanical potential energy with respect to sea level. The Sun is surrounded by a plasma cell that stretches far out - many times the radius of Pluto.

These are facts not hypotheses.

The Sun is at a more positive electrical potential (voltage) than is the space plasma surrounding it - probably in the order of 10 billion volts.

Positive ions leave the Sun and electrons enter the Sun. Both of these flows add to form a net positive current leaving the Sun. This constitutes a plasma discharge analogous in every way (except size) to those that have been observed in electrical plasma laboratories for decades. Because of the Sun's positive charge (voltage), it acts as the anode in a plasma discharge. As such, it exhibits many of the phenomena observed in earthbound plasma experiments, such as anode tufting. The granules observed on the surface of the photosphere are anode tufts (plasma in the arc mode).

The Sun may be powered, not from within itself, but from outside, by the electric (Birkeland) currents that flow in our arm of our galaxy as they do in all galaxies. This possibility that the Sun may be exernally powered by its galactic environment is the most speculative idea in the ES hypothesis and is always attacked by critics while they ignore all the other explanatory properties of the ES model. In the Plasma Universe model, these cosmic sized, low-density currents create the galaxies and the stars within those galaxies by the electromagnetic z-pinch effect. It is only a small extrapolation to ask whether these currents remain to power those stars. Galactic currents are of low current density, but, because the sizes of the stars are large, the total current (Amperage) is high. The Sun's radiated power at any instant is due to the energy imparted by that amperage. As the Sun moves around the galactic center it may come into regions of higher or lower current density and so its output may vary both periodically and randomly.

Sunspots and Coronal Holes

Note: Sunspots are a phenomenon that is not expected in the standard thermonuclear model of stars. “The very existence of sunspots is intriguing. They should be heated quickly from the sides and disappear. They should never have formed — but they do form. Their behavior is so strange that there is still argument between scientists as to why they are there at all.” — Ronald Giovanelli, Secrets of the Sun..

In a plasma, both the dimensions and the voltages of the anode tufts depend on the current density at that location (near the anode). The tufts appear and/or disappear, as needed, to maintain a certain required relationship between +ion and electron numbers in the total current. This property of anode tuft plasmas was discovered, quantified, and reported by Irving Langmuir over fifty years ago.

In the Electric Sun model, as with any plasma discharge, tufting disappears wherever the flux of incoming electrons impinging onto a given area of the Sun's surface is not sufficiently strong to require the shielding produced by the plasma double layer. At any such location, the anode tufting collapses and we can see down to the actual anode surface of the Sun. Since there is no arc discharge occurring in these locations, they appear darker than the surrounding area and are termed "sunspots". Of course, if a tremendous amount of energy were being produced in the Sun's interior, the spot should be brighter and hotter than the surrounding photosphere. The fact that sunspots are dark and cool strongly supports the contention that very little, if anything, is going on in the Sun's interior. The center of the spot is called its umbra.

A sunspot showing the umbra, penumbra, and surrounding anode tufts (DLs).

Because there is no anode tufting where a spot is located, the voltage rise (region a to b in the energy plot above), which normally limits the local flow of positive ions leaving the anode surface, does not exist there. In sunspots, then, a large number of ions will flood outward toward the lower corona. Such a flow constitutes a large electrical current - and, as such, will produce a strong localized magnetic field near the sunspot.

The Sun's corona is difficult to see except in solar eclipses and in X ray images. This is because the corona is a "normal glow" discharge compared to the tufts which are in "arc mode". In some X ray images of the Sun (such as the one shown in the first figure at the very top of this page) we can see "coronal holes" - large dark regions in the brighter image of the solar corona. The bright regions in X-ray images of the corona indicate hotter, more energetic areas; these are mainly above the sunspot regions.

(One cannot look at a welder ach unless he has special glasses, the same goes for the sun)

In the three images of a sunspot group, shown below:

The top one is the photosphere - taken in visible light - where, in the umbrae, we can see down to
the dark (cool) surface of the Sun. Ions are pouring upward out of the Sun at these locations.
The middle image is taken in ultraviolet light and shows the chromosphere / transition region.
The lower panel is an X-ray image showing the violent activity in the lower corona. This activity is
due to the flood of accelerating positive ions escaping the Sun and colliding with atoms higher in the atmosphere (lower corona).

Strong electric currents also flow in and above the Sun's surface at the edge of sunspot umbrae due to the voltage difference between nearby anode tufts and the central umbrae of the spots (where there are no tufts). This region is called a sunspot's penumbra. These currents of course produce magnetic fields. Since, in plasmas, twisting electrical (Birkeland) currents follow the direction of magnetic fields, the glowing plasma in these regions often shows the complicated shapes of these spot related looping magnetic fields. Remember. Brikeland currents TWIST !


The Penumbra - Birkeland currents following the voltage drop from the photosphere down to the umbra.


The twisting Birkeland currents evident in a detailed image of the penumbral streamers.


Solar "plasma tornadoes." These are vortices of plasma under the influence of the magnetic/electrical environment of the sun. See: ... ornado.htm

Sculptured plasma lamps.

A novelty plasma lamp, displaying plasma's tendency to arrange itself into long thin coherent filaments over distance.

A "colorized" or rather "monochromatized" version of the plasma lamp image. Remind you of anything? How about the sun? Hmm... See: ... 5565810754

Prominences, Flares, and CME's

All of the above discussion applies to the steady-state (or almost steady-state) operation of the Electric Sun. But there are several dynamic phenomena such as flares, prominences, and coronal mass ejections (CME's) that we observe. How are they produced? Nobel laureate Hannes Alfven, although not aware of the Juergens Electric Sun model, advanced his own theory (3) of how prominences and solar flares are formed electrically. It is completely consistent with the Juergens model. It too is electrical.

Any electric current, i, creates a magnetic field (the stronger the current - the stronger the magnetic field, and the more energy it contains). Curved magnetic fields cannot exist without either electrical currents or time varying electric fields. Energy, Wm, stored in any magnetic field, is given by the expression Wm = 1/2 Li ^2. If the current, i, is interrupted, the field collapses and its energy must be delivered somewhere. The magnetic field of the Sun sometimes, and in some places on its surface, forms an "omega" shaped loop. This loop extends out through the double sheath layer (DL) of the chromosphere. One of the primary properties of Birkeland currents is that they generally follow magnetic field lines. A strong looping current will produce a secondary toroidal magnetic field that will surround and try to expand the loop. If the current following the loop becomes too strong, the DL will be destroyed1. This interrupts the current (like opening a switch in an inductive circuit) and the energy stored in the primary magnetic field is explosively released into space.

Hannes Alfven's Solar Prominence Circuit

TRACE Image of Plasma Loops

It should be well understood (certainly by anyone who has had a basic physics course) that the magnetic field "lines"2 that are drawn to describe a magnetic field, have no beginning nor end. They are closed paths. In fact one of Maxwell's famous equations is: "div B = 0". Which says precisely that (in the language of vector differential calculus). So when magnetic fields collapse due to the interruption of the currents that produce them, they do not "break" or "merge" and "recombine" as some uninformed astronomers have claimed. The field simply collapses (very quickly!). On the Sun this collapse releases a tremendous amount of energy, and matter is thrown out away from the surface - as with any explosively rapid reaction. This release is consistent with and predicted by the Electric Sun model as described above. Some astronomers have proposed that heat is routinely transported out to the lower corona by magnetic fields and released there by "reconnection of magnetic field lines, whereby oppositely directed lines cancel each other out, converting magnetic energy into heat. The process requires that the field lines be able to diffuse through the plasma." This idea is inventive but, unfortunately, has no scientific basis whatever.

(Note; that although astronomers ought to be aware that magnetic fields require electrical currents or time varying E-fields to produce them, currents and E-fields are never mentioned in standard models. Possibly because they do not seem to be included in astrophysics curricula.)

1.) Double layers can be destroyed by at least two different mechanisms: a) Zener Breakdown - The electric field gradient becomes strong enough to rip all charges away from an area, thus breaking the discharge path; b) Avalanche Breakdown - A literal avalanche occurs wherein all charges are swept away and no conducting charges are left - thus the conducting path is opened.

2.) A magnetic field is a continuum. It is not a set of discrete 'lines'. Lines are drawn in the classroom to describe the magnetic field (its direction and magnitude). But the lines themselves do not actually exist. They are simply a pedagogical device. Proposing that these lines break, merge, and/or recombine is an error (violation of Maxwell's equations) compounded on another error (the lines do not really exist in the first place). Magnetic field lines are analogous to lines of latitude and longitude. They are not discrete entities with nothing in between them - you can draw as many of them as close together as you'd like. And they most certainly do not break, merge, or reconnect any more than lines of latitude do. Oppositely directed magnetic intensity H-fields simply cancel each other - no energy is stored or released in that event.


This has been the briefest of introductions to Juergens' Electric Sun model - the realization that our Sun functions electrically - that it is a huge electrically charged, relatively quiescent, sphere of ionized gas that supports an electric plasma arc discharge on its surface and is powered by subtle currents that move throughout the now well known tenuous plasma that fills our galaxy. A more detailed description of the ES hypothesis as well as the deficiencies of the standard solar fusion model are presented in The Electric Sky.

Today's orthodox thermonuclear models fail to explain many observed solar phenomena. The Electric Sun model is inherently predictive of all these observed phenomena. It is relatively simple. It is self consistent. And it does not require the existence of mysterious entities such as the unseen solar 'dynamo' genie that lurks somewhere beneath the surface of the fusion model. The Electric Sun model does not violate Maxwell's equations as the fusion model does.

Ralph Juergens had the genius to develop the Electric Sun model back in the 1970's. His hypothesis has so far passed the harsh tests of observed reality. His seminal work may eventually get the recognition it deserves. Or, of course, others may try to claim it, or parts of it, and hope the world forgets who came up with these ideas first.

There is now enough inescapable evidence that a majority of the phenomena we observe on the Sun are fundamentally electrical in nature. Ralph Juergens was the person with the vision to see it.

Mind Blowing Vid on Magnetism

The Electric Sun, proves Stars are not nuclear furnaces burning "fuels"
Thunderbolts of the Gods - Plasma Sun 1
Thunderbolts of the Gods - Plasma Sun 2
Thunderbolts of the Gods - Plasma Sun 3
Thunderbolts of the Gods - Plasma Sun 4
Thunderbolts of the Gods - Plasma Sun 5
Thunderbolts of the Gods - Plasma Sun 6
The Electric Glow Of The Sun

Electric Universe theory

Magnetic Tornadoes and Plasma Rainbows on Our Dynamic Sun
Composition of Interplanetary Space

The sun's plasma torus (equatorial view [left] & polar view [right]). Image courtesy of SOHO / NASA. See:

The sun's plasma torus (equatorial view). Image courtesy of SOHO / NASA.

The sun's plasma torus (polar view). Image courtesy of SOHO / NASA

A composite image of the flow diagram of a spherical tokamak juxtaposed inside an image of the double-banded activity of the sun. Juxtaposition courtesy of Michael Gmirkin via GIMP image editing program.

A composite image of a diagram of a spherical tokamak juxtaposed inside the sun's equatorial plasma torus. Juxtaposition courtesy of Michael Gmirkin via GIMP image editing program.

A composite image of the sun's double-banded activity juxtaposed inside the sun's equatorial plasma torus. Source images courtesy of SOHO. Juxtaposition courtesy of Michael Gmirkin via GIMP image editing program.

[Hypothetical] Electric Stars

Does the power that makes the stars shine come from the stars themselves, or does it come from somewhere else? And the answer we choose is that the stars shine because they are connected to the electric circuitry of the galaxy. An electric star's brightness depends on the power of the electric current feeding it, not on the amount of nuclear fuel it has available to burn. Consequently, an electric star doesn't evolve.


In the nuclear view, a "planetary nebula", such as the one which produced the intricate Cat's Eye Nebula (image above) is the "death throes" of a star that has run out of nuclear fuel. In the Electric Universe view, a planetary nebula is an overload, the flare-up of a star under abnormal electrical stress. The filamentary cellular structures seen here are characteristic of plasma behavior. Among those characteristics are concentric spheres, rays, intertwining spirals, bubbles formed of filaments and networks of filaments, and dusty pillars.

The most striking feature of the central part of this nebula is its polar symmetry. This is where the galactic Birkeland currents that feed the star "pinch" down into a galactic thunderbolt. The shape is similar to those of Zeus's thunderbolt drawn by ancient astronomers.

The electrical stress no doubt produces massive nuclear reactions in much the same way that we produce nuclear reactions in a laboratory by bombarding targets with electrically accelerated particles. And in the same way the reactions occur on and near the surface, not in the core.

Because the Cat's Eye Nebula is composed of plasma instead of merely hot gasses, its structure and development are consequences of electrical discharge rather than of an explosion and shock waves. The source of the energy is not the star at the core of the nebula, but the same galactic electric circuit which created and powered the star throughout its life.

On the global electrostatic charge of stars ... 2..913NFUL

Stellar Evolution in an Electric Universe

Electric Stars
Plasma in space is an excellent conductor but it is not a superconductor, as astronomers assume when they talk of ‘frozen in’ magnetic fields. Plasma clouds that move relative to each other generate electric currents in each other. Electric currents in plasma take the form of twisted filament pairs, which follow the ambient magnetic field direction. The filamentary current is electrically insulated from the surroundings in a way similar to a current in an electric cable located in the ocean and carrying current through a low resistance metal wire. The magnetic fields generated by these currents have been detected between and within galaxies. These currents are not visible because the current density is too low to excite the plasma to emit light: The current is in what plasma physicists call “dark current mode.”

For currents to continue to flow, they must eventually form into circuits. These invisible circuits are of crucial importance in understanding the cosmos. If external electrical currents power stars and galaxies, the power source is probably not located in the stars. The situation is similar to viewing from space the twinkling lights of great cities on Earth, which give no indication of where the power is being generated.
Charged bodies embedded in plasma create about themselves a protective cocoon of plasma, rather like a living cell wall. This cell wall is known as a Langmuir plasma sheath, or ‘double layer,’ which contains most of the voltage difference between the charged body and the surrounding plasma. Only an electric current sustains the charge separation across the double layer. If the surrounding plasma is moving relative to the charged body, the plasma sheath is drawn out into a teardrop or cometary shape. And if the charged body is rotating it will generate a magnetic field that is trapped inside the plasma sheath. This has led to the misnomer — “magnetosphere” — when referring to a plasma sheath.

The father of plasma cosmology, Hannes Alfvén, expressed the opinion that double layers should be classed as “a new type of celestial object.” They are responsible for the radio noise from ‘radio’ galaxies. In interstellar space they produce the cosmic microwave radiation, mistakenly interpreted as the afterglow from the mythical big bang. Alfvén tentatively suggested that X-ray and gamma ray bursts may be due to exploding double layers.

An important feature of plasma sheaths, or double layers, is that the electric field on either side of the thin double layer is very weak and the plasma there is ‘quasi neutral.’ That’s why we do not see evidence of a strong electric field from the charged Sun, and why the ‘solar wind’ appears to be electrically neutral. For this reason, the bulk movement and magnetic field of the ‘solar wind’ best signify the Sun’s electrical activity.

“So far as the solar wind is concerned, it is essentially a dynamical phenomenon, which does not resemble, in any way, what one would expect when treating stellar structure.” — J. C. Pecker —Solar Interior and Atmosphere.

The Solar Cycle

Riding the Solar Cycle ... 6cycle.htm

Birkeland's Terella in a Configuration Approximating Solar Double Bands Electrically






Now here is... IO (Jupiter's moon). Fig Spencer_04a. See: ... aphics.htm

The Quiescent and Active Sun

The quiescent sun, seen in UV wavelengths.

(A Collage from Nearly a Full Solar Cycle)

Solar Flares and CMEs

Solar Sigmoids Explained; they're electric! ... explained/

Solar Flare Precursors are Electric! But What About Venus? ... bout-venus

The Sun has Come Alive in Recent Weeks in a Very big way......

FARSIDE EXPLOSIONS: The Earthside of the sun is quiet, but the other side is not. On Feb. 29th, a farside sunspot erupted multiple times, hurling three CMEs over the sun's western limb. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the expanding clouds: link

Monday, Mar. 5, 2012; STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY: Solar activity is now high. Big sunspot AR1429, which emerged on March 2nd, is crackling with strong flares. This morning brought the strongest so far--an X1-class eruption on March 5th at 0413 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:
The explosion also hurled a bright CME into space. ... kqblbgrjh6
According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will probably miss Earth, although it will hit Mercury and Venus. An animated forecast (link below)track shows the likely progression of the cloud. ... im-den.gif

Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2012; MAJOR SOLAR FLARE Big sunspot AR1429 has unleashed another major flare. This one is the strongest yet, an X5-class eruption on March 7th at 00:28 UT. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme UV flash: ... b95imulbc0
This eruption hurled a bright CME into space. The flare also accelerated energetic protons toward Earth, triggering an S3-class solar radiation storm, in progress.

Thursday, Mar. 8, 2012;HUGE SUNSPOT: Active sunspot AR1429 continues to grow. It is now more than seven times wider than Earth, which makes it an easy target for backyard solar telescopes. In fact, yesterday, David Tremblay of Alto, New Mexico, saw it using no telescope at all. All he needed was a dust storm: ... _strip.jpg
"The dust blowing from Tularosa Basin was so dense, we could observe the sun with the naked eye--and there was sunspot AR1429. Wow!" says Tremblay.

Sunday, Mar. 11, 2012; "Recording of one of the most turbulent events in all of Nature!"Sunspot AR1429 is still erupting this weekend. On Saturday, March 10th, it produced a powerful M8-class flare that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory. During the flare, New Mexico amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft recorded a series of radio bursts at 21 and 28 MHz: ... 6o1kiuisq1

The roaring sounds you just heard are caused by shock waves plowing through the sun's atmosphere in the aftermath of the explosion. "There is incredible complexity in the waveforms," notes Ashcraft. "This is a recording of one of the most turbulent events in all of Nature!"

Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2012;BROKEN RECORD? The recent sustained activity of sunspot AR1429 has kept the Arctic Circle alight with auroras for almost two weeks. "I have spent many thousands of hours watching and photographing the Northern Lights," says aurora tour guide Chad Blakely of Abisko Sweden, "and I can honestly say that I have never seen the auroras this strong for so many days in a row." In a movie he made last night, March 12th, a green tornado of light swirls across Venus and Jupiter:
Now how cool is that?? The birkeland currents are truly mind blowing. I need to book me a ticket to Abisko Sweden!!"We were all absolutely stunned by the natural beauty of this display," says Blakeley. "I know I sound like a broken record, but sunspot 1429 just will not stop!" ... &year=2012 ... _strip.jpg

March 11, 2012:Huge Sphere in Sun's Corona!
Then there is a follow up Youtube video with a close up of the phenomena (with dramatic music):

Update - Unidentified Object SUN! March 12, 2012
* I did a little checking and found this website explains the object as a coronal cavity, which have been known at least since 1997, it seems.
Thanks to Mick at the website we got an expert from NASA answer: the mysterious dark sphere is “a transitory cavity in the solar plasma field, known as a coronal prominence cavity, or polar crown cavity”
I believe Plasmoid is the correct term, not coronal cavity. Bostick coined the word plasmoid for "plasma magnetic entity" in 1958.
Possible Hydromagnetic Simulation of Cosmical Phenomena in the Laboratory ... 0.000.html

These are from elsewhere: ... gibson.php ... on1_sm.jpg ... inence.gif

Now there telling us it is now a Triangle on the Sun

From what I am hearing NASA has suppressed many images in the past few days....

This video just shows the image at the various frequencies with no commentary:
This one may be even better, since it compares 3 at a time. Ignore the music
Astronomy Picture of the Day March 15, 2012

It's not clear whether the band of material through the middle is obscuring an underlying triangle (like clouds), or whether the triangle is simply an illusion made by a "C" (or maybe "G", "f", or a glove puppet, depending on whether you squint) shaped bit at the top and a fat "w" bit (or maybe Winnie the Pooh lying on his back, head to the left) at the bottom.

The straight edges and the sharp corner at the bottom-left are definitely intriguing, regardless of whether there is really a triangle there or not.

Found this by accident..are these the coronal holes? :-?
Perhaps the Sun's most remarkable magnetic features are the coronal transients. These objects were discovered by the seventh Orbiting Solar Observatory satellite (OSO-7) and later were studied intensively by Skylab. A typical transient begins as a gigantic bubble that appears near the solar surface and flies out through the corona at a velocity of hundreds of kilometers per second. These transients usually are caused by solar flares or by the eruption of a type of solar prominence known as a cool loop. The bubbles, consisting of high temperature plasma, carry along magnetic fields from the lower corona and disrupt the upper corona as they expand outward.
The majority of the loops are arranged in long rows or arcades, which frequently cover a large fraction of the surface.
Also this is relevant.... Keep in mind Plasma has 3 modes... Dark mode... Glow mode.... Arch mode..

The Dark of the Sun
Dark against light solar spicules in the H-alpha band. Note that the dark regions are "blue-shifted." Credit: Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab
Stephen Smith wrote:
Dark mode plasma phenomena exist on the Sun.In the electric Sun hypothesis, the Sun is a glowing anode, or positively charged “electrode.” The cathode is an invisible “virtual cathode,” called the heliosphere. The heliosphere is at the farthest limit of the Sun’s coronal discharge, billions of kilometers from its surface, where a “double layer” isolates the Sun’s plasma cell from the galactic plasma that surrounds it. Galactic plasma is otherwise called the Interstellar Medium (ISM).

Electric forces occurring within the double charge layer above the Sun’s surface are responsible for the incredibly active plasma phenomena that we see. Since Electric Universe theory assumes that celestial bodies interact through conductive plasma and are connected by circuits, the Sun is also assumed to be electrically connected with the galaxy. The Sun can be thought of as an electrically charged object seeking equilibrium with its environment. However, it is not stable. The charges flowing into and out of the Sun can sometimes increase to the point where it releases plasma discharges called solar flares.[...]
The Classification of X-ray Solar Flares ... kqblbgrjh6

Solar Lightning ... 4solar.htm

Electricity and Magnetism in the Interplanetary Medium

Heliospheric Current Sheet
The heliospheric current sheet (HCS) is the surface within the Solar System where the polarity of the Sun's magnetic field changes from north to south. This field extends throughout the Sun's equatorial plane in the heliosphere.[1][2] The shape of the current sheet results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (Solar Wind).[3] A small electrical current flows within the sheet, about 10−10 A/m². The thickness of the current sheet is about 10,000 km.
***Heliospheric current sheet*** ... rent_sheet

Heliospheric current sheet, the largest structure in the heliosphere.
The Heliospheric current sheet (HCS) is the surface within the Solar System where the polarity of the Sun's magnetic field changes from north to south. This field extends from the Sun's equatorial plane throughout the entire Solar System and is the largest structure in the heliosphere.[1] The shape of the current sheet results from the influence of the Sun's rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium (Solar Wind).[2] (see also Unipolar generator). A small electrical current flows within the sheet, about 10-10 amps/m2. The thickness of the current sheet is about 10,000km.

The underlying magnetic field is called the interplanetary magnetic field, which has an associated interplanetary electric field [3], and the resulting electric current forms part of the heliospheric current circuit. The Heliospheric current sheet is also sometimes called the Interplanetary Current Sheet and Heliospheric neutral sheet. See also "Current sheet".
Interplanetary Magnetic Field [IMF] ... etic_field

Proton Beams in the Solar Wind; a "Conventional Current"

Strahl; Electron Beams in the Solar Wind, an "Electron Current"

Flux Tubes in the Fast and Slow Solar Wind

Recent studies suggest that flux-tube-like structures may exist in the solar wind. In this scenario, the solar wind plasma are confined in many individual flux tubes and plasma in these flux tubes move independently from each other. Within each flux tubes, the (MHD) turbulence is due to the local non-linear dynamics. Across the boundaries between adjacent flux tubes, however, the (MHD) turbulence receives another contribution from the sudden change of magnetic field directions between different flux tubes. Thus the solar wind turbulence will naturally be of multiscale and intermittent. In this paper, using the procedure we developed in, we analyze magnetic field data obtained from Ulysses spacecraft in both fast and slow solar wind, at various radii and latitudes. Our results show flux tubes exist in both the fast and the slow solar wind.
Birkeland Currents ... nd_current

Birkeland's Terella Showing "Field-Aligned Currents" expected under an electrical model; from book published circa 1908 ... 7030221538

Birkeland's terella. Figure 259

Magnetic Flux Ropes; [Field-Aligned] Birkeland Currents ... n_Lights_3 ... ights.html ... ora_Season ... _live.html

Earth's auroras are powered electrically by the sun! [Image] ... by_the_sun

Image ... er_400.jpg

Auroras in Broad Daylight; auroras @ Earth 24/7! ... mar_polar/

THEMIS' "Magnetic Flux Ropes" Are an Electric Current, and It's Okay! ... ic-current

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth; "flux transfer events" ... 0oct_ftes/

THEMIS mission tracks electrical tornadoes in space ... ling.shtml

Magnetic Tornadoes Could Liberate Mercury's Tenuous Atmosphere; "flux transfer events," "twisted" / "bundled" magnetic fields ... adoes.html

Mercury's "Magnetic Tornadoes" and the Big Picture... ... ig-picture

Earth's Plasma Sheath

Earth surrounded by giant fizzy bubbles ... bbles.html ... index.html


Earth sits amid the magnetosphere, rendered in blue and surrounded by the solar wind. The white rectangle on the left identifies the area where ESA’s Cluster and China/ESA Double Star’s satellites discovered density holes. The brown dots represent the solar wind and ions back-streaming against the solar wind flow, along the interplanetary magnetic field lines (in black).

Earth's Moon Involved in Electrical Interactions With Earth's Plasma Tail, as Well as the Solar Wind

Moon Fountains; When astronauts return to the Moon in the years ahead, they might encounter electrified fountains and other strange things. ... fountains/


Moon Storms ... oonstorms/

New Research into Mysterious Moon Storms ... torms.html

New NASA Spacecraft to Probe Moon Dust ... -dust.html

Lunar Explorers Face Moon Dust Dilemma ... lemma.html

Moondust in the Wind ... inthewind/

Above: Lunar surface charging and electric fields caused by sunlight and solar wind. Credit: Jasper Halekas and Greg Delory of U.C. Berkeley, and Bill Farrell and Tim Stubbs of the Goddard Space Flight Center.

The Moon and the Magnetotail ... gnetotail/

Earth's Magnetic Field Does Strange Things to the Moon
Behold the full Moon. Ancient craters and frozen lava seas lie motionless under an airless sky of profound quiet. It's a slow-motion world where even a human footprint may last millions of years. Nothing ever seems to happen there.


Wrong. NASA-supported scientists have realized that something does happen every month when the Moon gets a lashing from Earth's magnetic tail.

"Earth's magnetotail extends well beyond the orbit of the Moon and, once a month, the Moon orbits through it," says Tim Stubbs, a University of Maryland scientist working at the Goddard Space Flight Center. "This can have consequences ranging from lunar 'dust storms' to electrostatic discharges."

Yes, Earth does have a magnetic tail. It is an extension of the same familiar magnetic field we experience when using a Boy Scout compass. Our entire planet is enveloped in a bubble of magnetism, which springs from a molten dynamo in Earth's core. Out in space, the solar wind presses against this bubble and stretches it, creating a long "magnetotail" in the downwind direction:
Anyone can tell when the Moon is inside the magnetotail. Just look: "If the Moon is full, it is inside the magnetotail," says Stubbs. "The Moon enters the magnetotail three days before it is full and takes about six days to cross and exit on the other side."
It is during those six days that strange things can happen.

During the crossing, the Moon comes in contact with a gigantic "plasma sheet" of hot charged particles trapped in the tail. The lightest and most mobile of these particles, electrons, pepper the Moon's surface and give the Moon a negative charge.
The Moon's orbit crosses Earth's magnetotail.

Solar Wind vs. Magnetotail: Earth's magnetotail isn't the only source of plasma to charge the Moon. Solar wind can provide charged particles, too; indeed, most of the time, the solar wind is the primary source. But when the Moon enters the magnetotail, the solar wind is pushed back and the plasma sheet takes over. The plasma sheet is about 10 times hotter than the solar wind and that gives it more "punch" when it comes to altering the charge balance of the Moon's surface. Two million degree electrons in the plasma sheet race around like crazy and many of them hit the Moon's surface. Solar wind electrons are relatively cool at only 140 thousand degrees, and fewer of them zip all the way down to the shadowed surface of the Moon's nightside.

Electrostatic forces acting on moondust may cause the dust to float off the Moon's surface. Credit: Tim Stubbs/U. Maryland/GSFC.

**Strange Things Happen at Full Moon

Astronomers Discover That The Earth's Magnetotail Charges The Surface Of The Moon ... e_moon.htm
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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Nice thread and pictures. I'm currently trying to generate mountainous terrain on a piece of software. I've used a particle erosion simulation to simulate rainfall over time. It produces nice grooves and slopes, but the overall structure of the chains are off. There is just something missing. I too have been browsing satellite photos and Google Earth's height maps, and have seen all these patterns. The fractal lightning part are sloped troughs formed from water washing down to lower ground and bringing soil with it. My problem was (a) the crests weren't sharp enough, and (b) the overall structure needed to have continuous troughs/valleys/canyons. This thread has convinced me to just apply a lightning division layer to a squashed mound of terrain. This would also solve my problem making rivers. Now I just need to find the right lightning generation method. Kind of hard using a cell map for terrain. I have to make sure each fractal bolt branch has proper space around it.

I haven't posted here in a while, but this thread really inspired me.
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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Absolutely awesome pictures. Captured lightening looks like the tree of life! ;)

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Continued..... section 3.....

Mercury's & Venus' Plasma Tails Longer Than Expected

Mercury's tail is many times longer than expected. ... hp?id=1511 ... -tail.html ... l_999.html

Venus' tail is many times longer than expected

Science : Planet's tail of the unexpected ... ected.html

Venus' Tail of the Unexpected ... ustail.htm


The "induced magnetotail" that points away from Venus in the direction of the earth is a teardrop-shaped plasma structure filled with “a lot of little stringy things” that was first detected by NASA’s Pioneer Venus Orbiter in the late 1970s. In 1997, Europe’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) Satellite showed that the tail stretched some 45,000,000 kilometres into space, more than 600 times as far as anyone had realized and almost far enough to “tickle” the earth when the two planets are in line with the sun.

Ancient peoples report that the planet Venus once had visible "ropes" stretching out to the Earth. Could a plasma glow discharge have been the cause? YES! No other explanation. Gravity says it's impossible yet we see it firsthand.

Unexpected Cometary Comparisons

Enceladus, comets and electric moons

“In this sense”, scientists write, “Venus can be likened to a comet, which has an induced magnetotail of similar origin.”

Enceladus' Cometary Plumes

Cassini Tastes Organic Material At Saturn's Geyser Moon; Enceladus' plume(s) taste a lot like a "comet" ... 151729.htm
NASA's Cassini spacecraft tasted and sampled a surprising organic brew erupting in geyser-like fashion from Saturn's moon Enceladus during a close flyby on March 12. Scientists are amazed that this tiny moon is so active, "hot" and brimming with water vapor and organic chemicals.

New heat maps of the surface show higher temperatures than previously known in the south polar region, with hot tracks running the length of giant fissures. Additionally, scientists say the organics "taste and smell" like some of those found in a comet. The jets themselves harmlessly peppered Cassini, exerting measurable torque on the spacecraft, and providing an indirect measure of the plume density.

"A completely unexpected surprise is that the chemistry of Enceladus, what's coming out from inside, resembles that of a comet," said Hunter Waite, principal investigator for the Cassini Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. "To have primordial material coming out from inside a Saturn moon raises many questions on the formation of the Saturn system."
Heat radiating from the entire length of 150 km-long fractures is seen in this best-yet heat map of the active south polar region of Saturn's ice moon Enceladus. The warmest parts of the fractures tend to lie on locations of the plume jets identified in earlier images, shown in the annotated version with yellow stars. The measurements were obtained by the Cassini spacecraft’s Composite Infrared Spectrometer from the spacecraft’s close flyby of the moon on 12 March 2008.

Electrically Charged Particles Found in Enceladus’ Plumes ... us-plumes/

Image This image was specially processed to enhance the individual jets that compose the plume and colored blue. Some artifacts due to the processing are present in the image. Image Credit: NASA/JPL


Comets Appear More Like Asteroids, Less Like Dirty Snowballs; AKA, Comets Behaving Badly

Comet Pioneer Fred Whipple Dies [Obituary]; Includes Description of Dirty Snowball

The Electric Comet model

Electric Comets and the "Domino Effect" ... comets.htm

"Stardust" Shatters Comet Theory ... ardust.htm ... 0comet.htm ... ardust.htm

Comets show evidence of fire & ice ... 60313.html ... -fire.html

Surprise! That Comet is an Asteroid, Sort of... ... hat-c.html

Stardust comet dust resembles [Chondritic] asteroid materials ... 01-05.html

Comets are stony/metallic objects with a very high electrical potential caused by the voltage changes on their orbit towards the sun. It is not a dirty snowball like they would have us believe. As does new findings which NASA itself confirms. (listed above)

It's the extremely high electrical charge that blows them to pieces-and blasts material out into a tail before that happens. Some comet tails are directed at the sun, not away, because of this electrical charge. If a comet is going away from the sun this should not happen. Its a scientific anomaly. Not to those of electrical universe model.

The stony/metallic material is comparable to meteors in the asteroid belt. ... impact.jpg

In 2005 NASA crashed its probe called deep impact into comet Tempel 1. What happened next, NASA was completely stunned and predictions were wrong. Scientists promoting the Electric Universe model predictions were right. The picture above shows an energetic outbreak. as the video above states the out burst was so big the cameras recording it were overwhelmed. (around a minute mark in the video above explains this. Check out youtube video; Thunderbolts of the God's)

Prior to this impact impact, the Electric Universe group published a detailed chain of events they expected to see when Deep Impact struck comet Tempel 1 with an 820-pound copper projectile.

The prediction said there would be two impact flashes: a small flash as the projectile penetrated the comet’s electrified atmosphere, followed by a huge impact flash that would be “unexpectedly energetic.”

And that’s exactly what appeared to happen, in an impact that astonished NASA investigators and other Scientist.

“What you see is something really surprising,” said mission co-investigator Peter Schultz. “First, there is a small flash, then there’s a delay, then there’s a big flash and the whole thing breaks loose.”

"NASA investigators have conceded that Comet Tempel 1 appears to be something of an anomaly that does not conform to the dirty iceball model. The theory now is that the nuclei of different comets may have different compositions, according to Donald Yeomans, a mission scientist on Deep Impact."

Centaurs, The Comet-Asteroid Missing Link?

When Asteroids Become Comets ... teroid.htm
The surprising discovery of asteroids with comet tails supports the longstanding claim of the electrical theorists—that the essential difference between asteroids and comets is the shape of their orbits.

According to a recent story in USA Today, astronomers are “rethinking long-held beliefs about the distant domains of comets and asteroids, abodes they've always considered light-years apart”. The discovery has forced astronomers to speculate that some asteroids are actually “dirty snowballs in disguise”.
For many years the standard view of asteroids asserted that they are composed of dust, rock, and metal and that most occupy a belt between Mars and Jupiter. In contrast, comets were claimed to arrive from a home in deep space, most coming from an imagined “Oort Cloud” at the outermost reaches of the solar system, where they are supposed to have accreted from leftover dust and ices from the formation of the solar system.....

In the electric view, there is no fundamental distinction between a comet and an asteroid, apart from their orbits. Comets are not primordial objects formed by impact accretion – an improbable and unfalsifiable model (“it happened long, long ago and far, far away”). Asteroids, comets and meteorites are all 'born' in interplanetary electrical events. Their distinctive orbital groupings and spectral features simply point to separate catastrophic events and to different planetary bodies involved in different phases of solar system history.

A comet is simply an electrical display and was recognized as such by scientists in the 19th century. So an 'asteroid' on a sufficiently elliptical orbit will do precisely what a comet does—it will discharge electrically. What distinguishes the cometary 'asteroids', observed by the University of Hawaii astronomers, are the paths they follow, moving them through the radial electric field of the Sun to a greater extent than is typical of other bodies in the 'asteroid belt' (See chart above). Cometary effects may also be expected from an asteroid if it passes through the huge electric comet tail [called the magnetosphere] of a giant planet.

The astronomers’ recent investigation only reinforces the argument of the electrical theorists: The electric model is eminently testable, with highly specific and unique predictions; and it has so far met every test provided by the space age.
Info in Centaurs ... ntaur.html ... ntaur.html
Centaurs are an unstable orbital class of minor planets that behave with characteristics of both asteroids and comets. They are named after the mythological race of beings, centaurs, which were a mixture of horse and human. Centaurs have transient orbits that cross or have crossed the orbits of one or more of the giant planets, and have dynamic lifetimes of a few million years.[1] It has been estimated that there are around 44,000 centaurs in the Solar System with diameters larger than 1 km.
Electric Venus & Saturn

The Shiny Mountains of Venus + Lightning

Lightning @ Venus Confirmed ... s_999.html ... 155513.htm

Artist concept of lightning on Venus. Image credit: ESA ... browse.jpg


lightning on the sun - electrical discharge between and around sunspots.

Venus isn't our twin!; Double-Eyed Vortices at Both Poles of Venus, with explanation

Saturn's Strange Hot Spot Explained; Poles likened to Venus' and experimentum crucis prediction registered

Electrodynamics Solves Saturn's Hotspot(s) Mystery?; AKA, experimentum crucis for EU verified @ Saturn!

Has Electrodynamics Solved the Mystery of Saturn's Dual Hotspots? ... l-hotspots

Auroras at the Poles of Other Planets. Do Similar Features Arise from Similar Cause? YES!

Lots of Auroras @ Mars


Mars Express Finds Auroras on Mars ... s-on-mars/ ... U8E_0.html

European and U.S. Scientists Find an Aurora on Mars

Unique aurora dazzles spacecraft over Mars

Auroral Lights Discovered at Mars ... urora.html

Surprise auroras on Mars

European and U.S. Scientists Find an Aurora on Mars

Electric Currents Over Crustal Magnetic Anomalies Implicated in Martian Auroras ... an-auroras

Auroras @ Saturn



Saturn’s aurora shimmers and shines over the course of two full days from Cassini orbiter.

This image of Saturn’s south polar aurora is an artistic rendition, converting ultraviolet data into the nearest
visible color. CREDIT: NASA, ESA and A. Schaller, STScI-PRC05-06b

Saturn's Aurora Defy Scientists' Expectations ... n/2005/06/ ... n/1998/05/ ... n/1995/39/

Saturn’s aurora – not as we thought!

Researchers find Saturn's radio emissions, bright auroras linked ... 021405.php



Auroras @ Jupiter




Big Auroras on Jupiter ... igauroras/

So you thought Northern Lights were big in Alaska? "That's nothing," says Randy Gladstone of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. "Jupiter has auroras bigger than our entire planet." ... cture.html ... r/2000/38/ ... r/1998/04/ ... r/1996/32/ ... r/1992/13/

Hubble Sees Auroral Emission Arcs Following the K Impact ... r/1994/45/

Chandra Probes High-Voltage Auroras on Jupiter ... on_Jupiter
Electric voltages of about 10 million volts, and currents of 10 million amps - a hundred times greater than the most powerful lightning bolts - are required to explain the X-ray data. These voltages would also explain the radio emission from energetic electrons observed near Jupiter by the Ulysses spacecraft. Whew! That's one high-voltage planet!
Jupiter's Auroral Flare

An auroral flare at Jupiter ... 787a0.html

Jupiter's Got Flare ... 412-7.html

Jets on Jupiter: first view of an auroral flare

Jupiter's 'northern lights'

New, Unexpected Spots Found on Jupiter ... n-jupiter/

Auroras of the planet Jupiter

The Charging and Discharging of Jupiter's Rings


The sculpting of Jupiter's gossamer rings by its shadow ... 06886.html

Scientists Find Rings of Jupiter Are Shaped in Shadow ... cleID=1648

Jupiter's Rings Made in the Shade ... the-shade/


Footprints in Jupiter's Aurora from Electrical Flux Tubes Linked to Its Moons

Jupiter's aurora feels Europa's light touch

Satellite Footprints Seen in Jupiter Aurora; Io, Ganymede, and Europa ... es/2000/38

Io's Flux Tubes Touch Down in Both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of Jupiter ... _Jupiter_2 ... s_the_lead

The Io-Jupiter Flux Tube(s)

Early Energetic Particle Results from Jupiter

The Io "Dynamo"; Voyager 1's Magnetometer Detected a Current of About a Million Amperes. Compare That to the 650,000 Amperes the Earth Receives from the Sun along "Magnetic Flux Ropes" [Birkeland currents]

Jupiter's Io Generates Power And Noise, But No Magnetic Field ... 080022.htm

Birkeland's Terella Experiments Vs.Io in Eclipse

IO (Jupiter's moon)

Basic Standard Model Interpretation of Io in Eclipse Based upon "Volcanic" Assumptions ... aphics.htm


Io in Eclipse Montage, Courtesy of New Horizons ... 1145958674


Birkeland's Terella Displaying a Sparse Band of Plasma Around the Equator and a Number of Cathodic Arc Spots Also Around the Equator


Io's purported "lava" may not be

NASA's dirty little secret coloring book... Assumptions literally colored their interpretations!

NASA'S Xmas Coloring Book; Wal Thornhill, December 22, 1999


Io's "Volcanoes" Blur Scientific Vision; Dec 17, 2004 ... ries-4.htm

Io "Volcanoes" May Not Be

Filamentation of Volcanic Plumes on the Jovian Satellite Io; Peratt / Dessler, 1988 ... essler.pdf

Dense Plasma Focus; Image from Peratt / Dessler Paper, Above ... 2027948242


Electric Jets on Io ... ric-io.htm

Io and the "Greatest Surprise" ... ries-1.htm

Pictured above: two views of Jupiter’s closest moon Io, the first a Voyager photograph, the second a higher-resolution image from the more recent Galileo probe, showing the moon's etched surface in sharp relief.

In 1979, the United States’ space probe Voyager I approached Jupiter, passing through its system of moons to take the first close-up pictures of Io, the large moon closest to the gas giant. A few months later Voyager II followed, adding to the new and spectacular profile of the moon. According to mission scientists with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), "probably the greatest surprise" of the Voyager flyby of Jupiter was the discovery of active "volcanoes" on Io, with plumes jetting far into space. "It appears that activity on Io affects the entire Jovian system", states a JPL fact sheet.

But in many ways the newly discovered "volcanoes" did not behave like volcanoes on earth but showed distinctive features reminiscent of electrical discharge phenomena. Seeing these patterns, Cornell University astrophysicist Thomas Gold proposed an extraordinary idea in the journal Science (Nov 1979). He suggested that the plumes were the effect of an electrical exchange between Io and Jupiter. The suggestion was quickly disputed by a team of five scientists, including Gene Shoemaker (of comet Shoemaker-Levy fame), who argued that an electric discharge would be extremely hot—much hotter than lava—and that sensitive earth-based instruments have not detected such temperatures. The debate, however, was never completed. The journal Science decided against publishing Dr. Gold’s rejoinder.

Nevertheless, plasma theorist Anthony Peratt, together with the distinguished Professor A J Dessler, then at Rice University, followed up on Gold’s suggestion. In the journal Astrophysics and Space Science, No. 144 (1988), the authors related the data on Io’s "volcanoes" to the experimental work of Hannes Alfvén, who had detailed the unique patterns of electrical discharge in laboratory experiments.
Electric Io Revisited ... isited.htm
Evidence continues to mount that the "volcanoes" on Jupiter's moon Io are exactly what we have been calling them: "electric discharge plumes."

Tvashtar Plume on Io; Images ... 4099348706 ... 8394316018

Tvashtar plume on IO. Wide shot.

Tvashtar plume on IO. Close-up shot.

Retrospective on Io ... ive-io.htm


Several confirmed predictions about the electrical activity on Io have been discussed, notably, the intense electric arcing between the moon and its parent body, Jupiter. More recently, NASA scientists discovered a secondary electrical connection between Jupiter and its moon, Europa.

A Saturn-Enceladus Electrical Connection?

An Enceladus-Saturn Electrical Connection? ... ection.htm ... 06432.html

The Cassini team is preparing to probe Enceladus’ south pole so they can sample its plumes and take high resolution photos of the “tiger stripe” fractures. Will they pin down the sources of the plumes and the polar hot spots, or will they find evidence supporting the Electric Universe model, or both?


Cassini Sees Saturn Electric Link with Enceladus ... e20110420/

NASA is releasing the first images and sounds of an electrical connection between Saturn and one of its moons. The data collected by the agency's Cassini spacecraft enable scientists to improve their understanding of the complex web of interaction between the planet and its numerous moons. The results of the data analysis are published in the journals Nature and Geophysical Research Letters.


To see a video and hear the sounds of the electrical connection, and to get more information about the Cassini mission, visit: and

The Hot Poles of Enceladus ... eladus.htm
The NASA press release reports that [the first image (above)] “startled” scientists. The hot spot around Enceladus’ south pole is “very difficult to explain if sunlight is the only energy source heating the surface.” The only other likely heat source available to conventional theorists is internal heat, but they are “unsure how the internal heat reaches the surface.”

In the electric view, the warm rilles and hot pole are electrically heated. The water vapor from the rilles is being electrically “machined” from them. A similar process should be occurring at the north pole, where the electric current flowing through Enceladus returns to Saturn’s sheath circuit.
NASA scientists have noticed the “bending” of Saturn’s magnetic field around Enceladus “due to electric currents generated by the interaction of atmospheric particles and the magnetosphere of Saturn.” But their blind spot with regard to plasma behavior leads them to insist that the electric currents “don’t do anything.”

While this may seem on its face to be an extraordinary claim, it is not apparently without merit! But, the reasoning requires a little explanation.
Taking a step back for a more generalist view, there are certain indicators that Enceladus may be embroiled in an electrical interaction with Saturn. Strong indirect evidence comes in the form of Io’s interaction with Jupiter, and vice versa.

In 2001, a NASA news release ... 1_240.html made several remarks relevant to the discussion. It provides several clues necessary to piece the puzzle together. It seems that in the process of investigating Io, they ran across several electrical processes.

It appears they’ve discovered electric currents flowing above several areas they’ve deemed to be “volcanic.”

Galileo detected electrical currents flowing along magnetic field lines above two areas of volcanic activity on Io, Kivelson said. Material shot high from eruptions is apparently affecting conductivity more than 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) above the surface.

"If this is the mechanism that's producing the currents, it may help us in the search for active plumes," she said.

If NASA scientists were to ask proponents of the Electric Universe model how the “volcanoes” were formed and what the electric currents discovered over them have to do with the issue, they would get a considerably different answer rooted in the fields of plasma physics and electrical engineering.
Planetary Rings

Birkeland's Terella Operating in a Way That Appears to Accord Well with Planetary Rings ... nd_Nebulae ... nd_Nebulae


Saturn's Rings Sparkle in X-rays ... rnxray.htm

UPPER: Recent image from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory telescope reveals X-ray emissions from the rings of Saturn. LOWER: More than 90 years ago, the experimental physicist Kristian Birkeland produced the "rings of Saturn" in a glowing plasma, using a slightly magnetized 24 cm diameter conducting globe as a cathode in a vacuum discharge. Published in 1913! Electricity is nature's efficient means of X-ray production.
One of the latest images from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory telescope brings another surprise in a year of surprises. The images show that the rings of Saturn “sparkle in X-rays.”The X-ray emissions are the blue dots in the X-ray/optical composite image above. It appears that the X-rays are brightest on the morning side (left side) of the rings.

According to the Observatory report, “The likely source for this radiation is the fluorescence caused by solar X-rays striking oxygen atoms in the water molecules that comprise most of the icy rings.”

The hypothesized events behind the X-ray production add more complexity to a series of ad hoc rationales for the electrical and “sun-like” behavior of Saturn. It is suggested that the ring X-ray events occur as meteorites pass through the rings, scattering dust and ice out of their narrow plane. The displaced material casts a shadow on the rings (the famous revolving “spokes” of the ring system). The rings catch more solar x-rays, causing more fluorescence.

On this hypothesis, the X-rays are brighter on morning side because from midnight to the early morning hours the relative speed of the rings through a cloud of meteoroids would be greater.Other Chandra observations of Saturn show that the X-ray brightness of the rings varies significantly from one week to the next.

A different viewpoint is offered by the electrical hypothesis. Planets are minor negatively charged “electrodes” within a stellar discharge envelope. As long ago as 1913, Birkeland performed an electrical experiment using a slightly magnetized 24 cm diameter conducting globe as a cathode in a vacuum discharge. He wrote about the rings of Saturn and their inexplicable thinness: “it seems almost incredible that such a ring of cosmic dust should be able to exist for ever, so to speak, without other governing forces than gravitation.” He compared his remarkable electrical experiment result (seen above) with the rings of Saturn. “... if the discharge-current ... be reduced ... the ring becomes exceedingly thin and sometimes assumes an appearance almost exactly like that of Saturn's rings.”

From the electrical perspective, there is not a crowd of separate anomalies to be explained, but one explanation that answers them all: inexplicable hot spots on Saturn; “astonishing” megalightning; the incongruous “spokes” of the ring system; the plasma torus around the orb of Saturn; Saturn’s radiation belt; the super rotation of Saturn’s atmosphere; Saturn’s X-rays; and (most recently) X-rays from the ring system.

The following brief citations from Wallace Thornhill’s website,, are indicative of the general direction of an electrical interpretation of Saturn’s many enigmas. He compares Saturn with a simple Faraday or “homopolar” motor, which has electrons flowing out from Saturn in an equatorial sheet – as Birkeland found experimentally.

“As shown in laboratory experiments, the inflowing [conventionally] electric current forms a plasma donut where the electrical energy is stored. It is that energy that drives the winds and lightning on Saturn.”

“The electromotive power is deposited mostly in the upper atmosphere at mid to low latitudes and gives rise to its ‘super rotation’. That is, the atmosphere races around the planet faster than the planet turns.”

“Score one for the electrical model. It predicted this finding of an inner radiation belt. However, the conventional term ‘radiation belt’ is misleading. The belt is a donut-shaped plasmoid, which stores electromagnetic energy in the form of circulating high-energy charged particles.

“In fact, Saturn has two plasmoids. One is outside the rings, the other inside the rings. Discharges to Saturn must cross the rings.” [Megalightning at Saturn]

“Saturn’s rings form part of the circuit that feeds energy into its plasa donut, where it is stored before discharging into Saturn’s ionosphere and generating X-rays.” [Cassini's Homecoming]

“As NASA's Cassini spacecraft approached Saturn last July it found evidence that lightning on Saturn is roughly one million times stronger than lightning on Earth. ‘That's just astonishing to me!’ said University of Iowa Space Physicist Don Gurnett.”

The spokes in Saturn’s rings are caused by “lightning discharges” radially across the rings. That temporarily moves ice and dust out of the rings plane. The X-ray spots from the region of Saturn’s rings are primarily a result of lightning across the rings. Fluorescence from solar radiation should be more diffuse.

[Concerning the polar “hot spot” on Saturn]: “Its compactness is due to the electromagnetic pinch effect where it [electric current] enters Saturn’s atmosphere. The hot spot's behavior should be variable, like that on Venus, and correlated with the appearance of Saturn's ring spokes, which are a visible manifestation of a heightened equatorial discharge in that part of Saturn's Faraday motor circuit.” [Saturn's Strange Hot Spot Explained]

Saturn's Spokes ... spokes.htm


[Uranus'] Blue Rings Pose New Mystery ... erings.htm


A newly discovered blue ring around the gas giant Uranus compares extremely well with the blue ring of Saturn, but astronomers lack a credible theory that can explain both.
From an electrical vantage point, then, a unified explanation is immediately available. As we have already noted in discussion of comets, an electric process, called “cathode sputtering” in industrial applications, produces the most finely divided particles that can be technically achieved today. The process is active on comet nuclei, producing the “astonishingly” fine dust observed in more than one encounter with a comet. In fact, the blue color in the ion tails of comets should be compared with the blue rings of Saturn and Uranus.

Now that the Cassini probe of Saturn’s realm has revealed the comet-like plumes of Enceladus—most economically explained as electrical jets—it is not unreasonable to suppose that these jets are feeding the same kind of exceptionally fine dust into Saturn’s blue ring. While the small size of the Uranian moon Mab positively excludes internal processes, all of the facts are consistent with electrical activity similar to that observed on Enceladus. Hence, a similar result is to be expected.

It should not be forgotten that we see the same process on Jupiter’s moon Io, which is known to eject material into the Jovian plasma torus. But in this case, the result is different because the discharge is so energetic that the surface material is not merely being 'machined' but is undergoing nuclear transformation. Predominantly, the oxygen nuclei from water ice combine to become sulfur. And it is the fallback of colorful sulfur molecules that creates the unique 'pizza' look of Io.

The jets from these very different moons are not due to some speculative internally driven process. These three moons (together with Neptune's moon, Triton) are simply dissipative elements in the electrical circuit that connects the Sun to the planets. It is electrical energy flowing in the solar wind circuit that drives the 'volcanoes' or jets on these frozen bodies. It is the same electrical energy flowing in the solar wind circuit that results in the spectacular auroras and phenomenal storms and wind speeds of the giant planets. These phenomena will remain a puzzle to planetary specialists so long as they view planets as isolated and electrically neutral bodies.

With these considerations in mind, we can predict with confidence that once the capability to look closely is in hand, astronomers will discover that the little moon Mab has an electrically machined surface and comet-like jets that sustain the Uranian blue ring.
Jupiter's Rings charged / Discharged in the Shadow of the Night Side ... _in_Shadow ... _Its_Rings ... n_Shadow_2 ... ngs_Solved

Jupiter's Rings Made Electrically in the Shade ... _the_Shade

The Heliospheric Boundary

Heliosphere, Heliosheath, Heliopause
The heliosphere is a bubble in space "blown" into the interstellar medium (the hydrogen and helium gas that permeates the galaxy) by the solar wind. Although electrically neutral atoms from interstellar volume can penetrate this bubble, virtually all of the material in the heliosphere emanates from the Sun itself. It was thought for decades that it extends in a long comet-like heliotail, but in 2009 data from the Cassini and IBEX show a different shape. However, depiction of the heliotail is still common. Another change is that the heliosheath area is not smooth but filled with magnetic bubbles
Probes Approach and Possibly Cross the Heliopause / Heliosheath (Repeatedly)? ... 0003.shtml

Voyager 1 Approaches Solar System's Outer Limits ... 031105.asp ... er_of.html ... Id=4666840 ... yager.html ... route.html ... ion-shock/ ... -is-dented

Planetary Science: Over the edge? ... a.html#top
The two Voyager spacecraft are heading beyond the bounds of the Solar System, and Voyager 1 may now have encountered the 'edge' — the termination shock — of the solar wind. But not everyone agrees....
Voyager 1 Offers First Direct Look At Heliosheath Before Interstellar Space

Voyager Enters Solar System's Final Frontier ... r_agu.html

This still shows the locations of Voyagers 1 and 2. Voyager 1 is traveling a lot and has crossed into the heliosheath, the region where interstellar gas and solar wind start to mix.


The Hubble Space Telescope imaged this view in February 1995. The arcing, graceful structure is actually a bow shock about half a light-year across, created from the wind from the star L.L. Orionis colliding with the Orion Nebula flow.

The University of Iowa Voyager Termination Shock ... ion-shock/

Voyager 1: Messages from the Edge; Source: University of Maryland

Anomalous Data

(Speed / Trajectory Anomalies Affect Several Probes)

Newtonian Physics - All The Wrong Moves ... _sys.shtml

Pioneer anomaly put to the test

Newfound Data Could Solve NASA's Great Gravity Mystery ... stery.html

NASA Baffled by Unexplained Force Acting on Space Probes ... robes.html
Mysteriously, four spacecraft that flew past the Earth have each displayed unexpected anomalies in their motions.

These newfound enigmas join the so-called "Pioneer anomaly" as hints that unexplained forces may appear to act on spacecraft.
Scientists reconstruct the Pioneer spacecraft anomaly ... ft-anomaly

"Pioneer Anomaly" Solved?

The Pioneer Anomaly ... nomaly.htm

Anomalous Trajectories ... tories.htm

A Mystery Solved - Welcome to the Electric Universe!

Voyager 1 at the Edge – of what?
"The observations that are not explainable by current scientific theories are the most valuable, for they may propel the field forward in the next cycle of innovation, possibly to a paradigm shift." – Don L. Jewett, What's Wrong With Single Hypotheses? –It's time to eschew enthrallment in science, The Scientist, Volume 19, Issue 21

Voyager Probes the Sun's Electrical Environment
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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Rock34 wrote:Nice thread and pictures. I'm currently trying to generate mountainous terrain on a piece of software. I've used a particle erosion simulation to simulate rainfall over time. It produces nice grooves and slopes, but the overall structure of the chains are off. There is just something missing. I too have been browsing satellite photos and Google Earth's height maps, and have seen all these patterns. The fractal lightning part are sloped troughs formed from water washing down to lower ground and bringing soil with it. My problem was (a) the crests weren't sharp enough, and (b) the overall structure needed to have continuous troughs/valleys/canyons. This thread has convinced me to just apply a lightning division layer to a squashed mound of terrain. This would also solve my problem making rivers. Now I just need to find the right lightning generation method. Kind of hard using a cell map for terrain. I have to make sure each fractal bolt branch has proper space around it.

I haven't posted here in a while, but this thread really inspired me.
Thanks for the comment Rock! Much appreciated! I am glad that you browsed through it and found something of worth. I was worried people would not get through my rants at the beginning that they wouldn't get as far as you. But i do believe this just might solve your problem. I must say, you have peaked my interest big-time. I am also very interested in your results. So let me know how it works out. I know you don't post much but if you have a second could you expound on why? Work?hobbie? Thanks again!
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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Juliette wrote:Absolutely awesome pictures. Captured lightening looks like the tree of life! ;)
Thanks Juliette!! And thats exactly why i call it the tree of life! Hope all is well! I haven't been on the forum this week and I must say I missed you! ;)

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electric) Universe....

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Section 4: The Plasma Galactic Domain;(This section will deal with things from the edge of the heliosphere to the edges of the galaxy.)

Composition of the Interstellar Medium

Wikipedia: Interstellar Medium

Filametary & Helical Structures in the Milky Way

Cosmic 'DNA': Double Helix Spotted in Space ... space.html


Astronomers and scientists do everything they can to describe things without using the words electric or birkeland currents when describing space stuff? It appears you can not have a magnetic field in space without the flow of electrical current. There are incredible "magnetic" events happening all over the universe yet the electricity needed to create magnetic fields is not mentioned.

HH 49/50 - spiraling space tornado (2 trillion miles long) or birkeland current?
HH 49/50 (Herbig-Haro object) can only be explained by a Birkeland Current in an Electric Universe? This would explain why the particles are so energised and how they can spiral and twist yet stay in a shape for over 2 trillion miles (0.3 light year)

You dont appear to be able to have magentic fields in space without electricity, the flow of electrical current.

Cosmic Tornado ... punch.html ... e_570.html
Light-years in length, this cosmic tornado is actually a powerful jet cataloged as HH (Herbig-Haro) 49/50. Though such energetic outflows are well known to be associated with the formation of young stars, the exact cause of the spiraling structures apparent in this case is still mysterious. The embryonic star responsible for the 62 mile per second jet is located just off the top of the picture, while the bright star seen near the tip of the jet may just by chance lie along the line of sight. HH49/50 is about 450 light-years distant, located in the Chamaeleon I molecular cloud.
Of course it's still a mystery! That's because they refuse to even look at electricity because electricity does not exist in gravity models. Thus the reason they continue to make up bull crap stuff like black holes, dark matter, ect...

Space Tornadoes Cause a Stir ... nadoes.htm


Seeing Circuits ... rcuits.htm

An electrical current in plasma will generate its own magnetic field and "self constrict" the current channel. This is called the Bennett pinch effect. It produces filaments or threads of current that remain coherent over large distances. Multiple filaments tend to spiral around each other, forming helical "power cables" that can transmit electric power over large distances.

These cables have been identified running from equator to poles in the circuits that power the aurora. Plasma cosmologists also identify them in the filaments that extend from active "radio" galaxies to the "radio lobes" (double layers) far above each pole of such galaxies. Almost every body in the universe displays some kind of filamentation. Venus has a tail composed of invisible "stringy things" (NASA's description). Comets have tails composed of visible "stringy things"--the ion tails. The neon-light-like glows of planetary nebulas resolve, in close-up views, into intricate webs of strings. The jets of Herbig-Haro stars and active galaxies are often resolved into braided filaments. And the spiral arms of some galaxies look "hairy" with threads of material extending from them.

If all these filaments are Birkeland currents, they are only the visible portions of entire circuits. The rest of the circuit may generate magnetic fields that can be mapped, and the map will give an indication of the extent of the circuit.
NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy (Another surprise for cosmologists - what is it really though??)


NASA press release from Nov. 2, 2010.... ... lecon.html

NASA's Fermi Finds Giant, Previously Unseen Structure In Milky Way ... alaxy.html wrote:
The blindingly bright blast came from a gamma-ray burst, a violent eruption of energy from the explosion of a massive star morphing into a new black hole.
NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy... Nov 9, 2010 ... cture.html

"The structure spans more than half of the visible sky, from the constellation Virgo to the constellation Grus, and it may be millions of years old."
"it may only be a few million years old"?????? I would suspect that it is a permanent feature and as old as the galaxy.

On the full size blow-up from the original link you can clearly see an inner "band" of purple travelling just inside the oute edge ... is this a double layer sign?

Full Size image here.... ... labels.jpg ... graphs.jpg

In fact when I looked again there seems to be another ring inside the second one. Almost like an x-ray snapshot confirmation of Hannes Alfven's homopolar motor galaxy model.

those 'bubbles' with 'sharply defined edges' will indeed eventually resolve into the conventional hourglass shape of a Z-pinch in the dusty plasma current pair that is feeding our galaxy. If it were in a lower frequency glow mode, I think it would look very much like a planetary nebula:


Apparently the reference source I was looking at has been disabled, but an independent search has located the Peratt papers on the subject:

Evolution of the Plasma Universe: I. Double Radio Galaxies, Quasars, and Extragalactic Jets
A. L. Peratt, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. Vol. PS-14, N.6, pp.639-660, December 1986 ... 6TPS-I.pdf

Evolution of the Plasma Universe: II. The Formation of Systems of Galaxies
A. L. Peratt, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. Vol. PS-14, N.6, pp.763-778, December 1986 ... TPS-II.pdf

Both Peratt papers are valuble and both show schematics, graphics, and images of Double Radio Galaxies which demonstrate the similarity between the two "bubble" lobes reported on both sides of the Milky Way's spin axis and the double radio lobes on both sides of the spin axis of the galaxies studied by Dr. Peratt.

Fermi discovers giant bubbles in Milky Way
looks like a galactic hour glass...

Axially symmetric gamma ray emission regions have been observed previously by the Fermi space telescope, when earlier this year it found some in that notable radio object Centaurus A (NGC 5128):

Fermi Maps an Active Galaxy's 'Smokestack Plumes' ... 164629.htm

But even that report on Centaurus A is not the first of its kind. In mid 2009 there was an announcement of axially symmetric gamma ray emission from a Seyfert A galaxy: ... 165054.htm

This artist's concept shows the core of an active galaxy, where a feeding supermassive black hole drives oppositely directed particle jets. (Credit: ESA/NASA/AVO/Paolo Padovani)

And an earlier report establishing co-location of the newly observed gamma-ray regions with the well-attested radio lobes of galaxies:

Continent-Sized Radio Telescope Takes Close-Ups Of Fermi Active Galaxies ... 175151.htm

The radio jets of several active galaxies mapped by the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) are inset into the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope’s map of the gamma-ray sky. (Credit: NASA/DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration and NRAO/AUI/MOJAVE Team/M. Kadler)

So they tell us we basically have an energetic hourglass shaped double layer centered on the galactic core. This would seem to be expected in the Plasma Cosmology/Electric Universe version of galaxy formation Not in a big bang gravity holds fort galaxy. The Plasma/Electric Universe explanation makes better sense, given the electromagnetic properties of plasma.

The Hourglass Milky Way Jun 28, 2010 ( before NASA discovery!!) ... rglass.htm

- Rather than "bubbles" of radiation, the funicular formations are the unmistakable signature of Birkeland currents squeezing plasma and charged dust into a z-pinch compression zone. The intense magnetic fields associated with Birkeland current filaments cause electrons to accelerate with velocities close to light speed. Those excited electrons emit synchrotron radiation, the principle source for gamma rays in space.

- Electric Universe advocates have long known that "radio lobes" far above the poles of active galaxies are the signature of Birkeland currents. Almost every body in the Universe displays some kind of filamentation. For example, the jets from energetic galaxies, such as M87, resolve into braided filaments, while the spiral arms of some galaxies exhibit twisted strands of material extending from their cores.

* The gamma ray lobes resemble radio lobes, some of which explain that they are part of galactic circuits.

A New Galactic Structure is more Evidence for my Charge Field

Stars Acting Like Comets?

A Star with a Comet's Tail; Mira is discovered to have a massive tail much like a comet?


A Star with a Comet's Tail ... 5aug_mira/

Speeding-Bullet Star Leaves Enormous Streak Across Sky ... 70815.html

Mira, streaking through space at extraordinary speeds, leaves a wake 13 light-years long. ... 900&mh=650

A Real Shooting Star



Comet-like tail trails Mira ... 0Mira.aspx ... -tail.html ... .html?_r=1

Black Holes, Magnetism and Electricity

Black hole plasma jet reveals twisted magnetic fields

Below is an image of the galactic jet of M87

First we were told Black holes were not visible because they are invisible. That it sucks up all light. Than they mock those who believe in God because they can't see him. But we are to believe invisible black holes? Now we know that not only does it suck up light but it now spits out all light at the same time creating galactic jets.

The gravitational ‘explanation’ of the galactic jet can be summarized in one word — “garbage.” The confident assertion that the galactic nucleus is hiding a supermassive black hole is nonsense. Black holes are a ‘school-kid howler’ perpetrated by top scientists. It involves taking Newton’s gravitational equation to an absurd limit by dividing by zero to achieve an almost infinitely powerful gravitational source. This is done by impossibly squeezing the matter of millions of stars into effectively a point source. And then mysteriously available magnetic fields are pressed into performing miracles to create something that approximates a relativistic jet of matter from an object that is supposed to gobble up anything that comes near.

It is very disturbing that the public accepts this blatant baloney without question. If scientists were forced to defend their statements in a court of law under the rules of evidence, most of the misbegotten ideas that make up modern science would never have survived. Physics would have remained in the classical hands of the experimentalists and the engineers who have to make things work. Countless billions of dollars could have been saved in misdirected and pointless experiments.

The experimental evidence for the electrical nature of galaxies has been available for many decades now. But who has heard anything about it? The lack of debate demonstrates the power of institutionalized science to maintain the “uncanny inertia” of the “erroneous theories” they have introduced into our culture. We have given scientists that power by trusting them more than our commonsense.

Having discovered electric power we find it indispensable.

Black Hole Dynamo May Be Cosmos' Ultimate Electricity Generator ... 073033.htm

Scientists reveal Milky Way's magnetic attraction

All previous Milky Way calculations and mathematical models wrong? YES!
“This research will challenge current thinking among astronomers,” Dr Crocker says. “For the last 30 years there has been considerable uncertainty of the exact value of the magnetic field in the centre of the Milky Way. The strength of this field enters into most calculations in astronomy, since almost all of space is magnetised,” he says.

“If our Galactic centre’s magnetic field is stronger than we thought, this raises additional questions of how it got so strong when fields in the early universe are, in contrast, quite weak."
Black holes tear logic apart

New Discovery: Supermassive Black Holes Create Galaxies ... axies.html

Electricity and plasma at the galactic scale?

Giant Ultraviolet Rings Found in Resurrected Galaxies
Astronomers have found mysterious, giant loops of ultraviolet light in aged, massive galaxies, which seem to have a second lease on life. Somehow these "over-the-hill galaxies" have been infused with fresh gas to form new stars that power these truly gargantuan rings, some of which could encircle several Milky Way galaxies. ... 26-170.jpg

Not one person in the history of man has ever seen a black hole. They say we cant see it because it is invisible.

There's "proof" that Black Holes (and Dark Matter, Dark Energy and anything existing purely in the virtual world of math) do not and cannot exist.

1. Premise: Black Holes are found in math equations
2. Premise: There is no empirical (non-mathematical) observation of a Black Hole
3. Premise: Math Equations are wrong

Why Black Holes Don't Exist (Stephen Crothers)
Summary of video:

Today's multimedia is from Bill Gaede, of Bill interviewed Stephen J. Crothers recently at the airport in Munich, after Steve had presented a recent paper to a conference.

Physics is first and foremost the study of objects. Without objects, we can have no Physics. The black hole does not belong in Physics because it is not a physical object. It is, rather, an irrational concept and as such does not even belong in Philosophy. The astronomers should not be pointing their telescopes to the skies in search of black holes. They should be reading the definition of the word object.

The video exposes that members of the establishment who claim through the literature to have found black holes, privately admit that no such thing has ever happened. Australia's Stephen Crothers flatly denies that it ever can. He offers a few more reasons from a mathematical perspective for why Black Holes don't and cannot exist. Unfortunately, mainstream journals do not have a 'Retraction' section where false claims can be retracted or a 'Dissent' section where opponents can offer evidence and arguments to expose false prophets.
- Bill Gaede

conclusion: Black Holes are Wrong and do not really exist

Black Holes make no sense.

They suck in smart people and

then devour their sensibilities...

Gravity is a very weak force, if it can be called a force at all, and among many things cannot explain the super structures in our universe. Invisible Dark Matter, inaccessible by the laws of physics, has to be invented to hold a gravity based universe together.

Also, check out this awesome article; Still Chasing the Ghosts of ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy’ ... matter.htm

Here is another great article; Greater and Greater Attractors;

Galaxy clusters are being pulled by a force emanating from "beyond the horizon" of the universe. Could electrified plasma be the culprit? ... actors.htm


Computer simulation showing concentrated points of energy "texture" in the Virgo Cluster deep field.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Do you see the Black hole??

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electric) Universe....

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This thread's a keeper. I wonder how I missed it.

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

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Rock34 wrote:Nice thread and pictures. I'm currently trying to generate mountainous terrain on a piece of software. I've used a particle erosion simulation to simulate rainfall over time. It produces nice grooves and slopes, but the overall structure of the chains are off. There is just something missing. I too have been browsing satellite photos and Google Earth's height maps, and have seen all these patterns. The fractal lightning part are sloped troughs formed from water washing down to lower ground and bringing soil with it. My problem was (a) the crests weren't sharp enough, and (b) the overall structure needed to have continuous troughs/valleys/canyons. This thread has convinced me to just apply a lightning division layer to a squashed mound of terrain. This would also solve my problem making rivers. Now I just need to find the right lightning generation method. Kind of hard using a cell map for terrain. I have to make sure each fractal bolt branch has proper space around it.

I haven't posted here in a while, but this thread really inspired me.
Good luck finding the right lightning generation method. I know this doesn't help you solve the right lightning generation method but maybe this can help with some ideas. I know you said you have been checking out satellite photos and Google Earth's height maps.. Here are a few you might have or might not have seen.

Dendritic Channels

Left: Dry river valley in southern Yemen. Credit: NASA Space Shuttle
Right: Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. Credit: Landsat 7.

These large-scale structures are amazingly similar, yet one is located in the driest desert and the other is an ocean inlet. What could create these features in such disparate environments? Branching ridge patterns continue to baffle scientists. But the “Lichtenberg” form of these ridges points directly to an electrical interpretation. IMO

The Siberian Traps

Basalt lava two kilometers deep is said to have come from a “mantle plume” eruption. IMO I believe it is just another sign of planetary electrical discharge.


Lake Victoria


Lake Victoria may be among the largest electrical formations on Earth. Surrounding the lake are several circular structures and other features similar to those found on other planets and moons.

Balanced Water

At first thought, one would not expect water to run down the hip ridge of a hill. The gravitational condition is unstable equilibrium: any deviation from the exact locus of highest points will perpetuate the deviation, and the water will run down the side of the hill. The sinuousness of the channel emphasizes its defiance of the gravitational condition: some force must pull the deviant water back toward equilibrium. The channel seems to oscillate along the ridge as one would expect in a condition of stable equilibrium.

At second thought, it may occur to one that the Earth sports an electric field in addition to its gravitational field. This has been noted but little investigated. Almost never does one take it into account when devising such explanations as water erosion.

Water is a polar molecule and has some responsiveness to electric fields. But how much is this a factor in rain draining down a ridge? Electric fields tend to concentrate at sharp edges and high points. Conceivably, the electric field along a ridge could have the morphology of stable equilibrium: strongest at the ridge and weakening to each side. The momentum of a water molecule would be constrained by an inverse electrical force to oscillate about the ridge axis as it moves down the “trough” of the ridge-maximized electric field.

The electrical force must be only slightly greater than the gravitational force, or it may be so only intermittently or discontinuously, because many of these ridge rilles eventually do run off to the side.

To underscore the resemblance of these ridge rilles to the more familiar lunar and Martian rilles, one may note that several seem to be composed of crater chains. Readers of these pages will be aware of the contention that electrical discharges excavated those extraterrestrial rilles. Were these rilles formed during lightning strikes to higher ground? Did a final “leakage spark” excavate them into the top when the ridges were electrically deposited? Is there a lower-energy process by which dark mode discharges can etch such formations? Rainwater would then opportunistically follow the electrical channel and enlarge it with a contribution of mechanical erosion.
Credit: NASA Hadley Rille on the moon, a long meandering channel, spans some 125 kilometers (75 miles). On the right, a close-up look at a small section of Hadley.

The Moon and Its Rilles Are Electric!! The surface of the moon is replete with long channels or grooves that continue to create unsolved puzzles and contradictions for geologists. Every traditional theory, when tested against the photographic evidence, has failed. Except when one takes into account electricity.

Palouse Falls, Eastern Washington.

( browse satellite photos Palouse Falls, Eastern Washington. Good stuff )

Giant ripples from Missoula flood, Crescent Bar, WA.

Also browse some satellite photos of the Dead Sea Rift... The Sea of Japan.. (The western Pacific basin showing intersecting plate boundaries and sinusoidal subduction zones)...Kimberlite Pipes.....The Uvs Nuur Basin which is a giant lake-filled caldera in Mongolia could indicate electric arc machining on a massive scale.


Steep valleys containing rivers that dry up each summer characterize the deserts of Central Asia. Large enclosed basins are filled with lakes, one of which, the Caspian Sea, is more like an inland ocean and is classified as the largest enclosed body of water in the world. The surface of the brackish Sea is 28 meters below sea level with a volume of 78,200 cubic kilometers and a maximum depth of about 1025 meters. It has no outlet to any ocean.

In western China, one of the deep depressions is more than 154 meters below sea level and is also filled with brackish water. Uvs Nuur is located near the northern boundary of the Central Asian steppes approximately 50 degrees north latitude by 90 degrees east longitude. Along with several other small lakes, it is encircled on all sides by mountains. Large rivers run down into the lake but no rivers flow out.

Caspian Sea;

Here's an interesting canyon in Southwest Idaho with some pretty impressive electrical characteristics: ... 11&vpsrc=6

Be sure to zoom in and out, and to follow along all th branches of the canyon.

If you choose the "terrain" option, you will see that West in Oregon there are similar canyons, and that if you keep zooming in, you see more, smaller canyons that look like lightning strikes.

* If you zoom in on the river bed, in places it looks like transverse dunes that are often seen in Mars canyons.

One of my all time favorites. FWIW..... The Grand Canyon.... ... 09&t=p&z=7 ... 09&t=p&z=7

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electric) Universe....

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A Random Phrase wrote:This thread's a keeper. I wonder how I missed it.
Sweet! Glad you found it. I was planning on replying to you in that other thread. I will get to it soon!! Thanks

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electrical) Universe....

Post by Juliette »

SempiternalHarbinger wrote:
Juliette wrote:Absolutely awesome pictures. Captured lightening looks like the tree of life! ;)
Thanks Juliette!! And thats exactly why i call it the tree of life! Hope all is well! I haven't been on the forum this week and I must say I missed you! ;)
Ditto! I always enjoy your posts. :ymhug:

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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electric) Universe....

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Section 5:The Plasma Universal Domain; (This section will deal with things from the edges of galaxies to the edges of the universe (on the truly macroscopic scale of overall structure in the universe)

Peer Reviewed Papers on Plasma / Electricity in the Cosmos

The Evidence For Electrical Currents in Cosmic Plasma ... Cosmic.pdf

Double radio sources and the new approach to cosmical plasma physics ... e=PDF_HIGH
Studies on electric double layers in laboratory discharges show that the behavior of the double layer depends not only on the plasma parameters near it but also on the resistance and inductance in the whole circuit. This suggests a general inadequacy of the ordinary plasma formalism. The auroral circuit, in which currents flow into the auroral zone at high latitudes and leave the zone at lower latitudes, is similar to the laboratory phenomenon, and the heliospheric current system is also similar to the auroral current system in certain respects. If in the heliospheric circuit one replaces the rotating magnetized sun by a galaxy, which is also magnetized and rotating, one may expect a similar current system about nine orders of magnitude larger. By continuing the analogy, one finds that the galaxy may also produce double layers, which may be associated with large releases of energy. The energy released in the double layer is transferred to it by electric currents which essentially consist of relatively low-energy particles, and there is no need for a beam of high-energy particles or mysterious plasmons.
Evolution of the Plasma Universe: I. Double Radio Galaxies, Quasars, and Extragalactic Jets
Based on three-dimensional fully electromagnetic particle simulations, the observational evidence for a plasma universe threaded by Birkeland currents or filaments is explored. The motion of plasma in local regions can lead to pinches, ultimately condensing states of matter; where double layers form in the pinches, strong electric fields can accelerate the charged particles to high energies. Scaling the simulation parameters to galactic dimensions, the interaction between pinched filaments led to synchrotron radiation whose emission properties are similar to those of double radio galaxies and quasars in: power magnitude, isophotal morphology, spectra, brightness along source, polarization, and jets.
Evolution of the Plasma Universe: II. The Formation of Systems of Galaxies ... TPS-II.pdf

Interstellar clouds and the formation of stars ... e=PDF_HIGH
An approach to space plasma physics is discussed which uses theories based on laboratory and in situ magnetospheric plasma experiments. General properties of space plasmas are examined, including electrostatic double layers which reportedly invalidate the concept of 'frozen-in' magnetic fields, plasma energy transfer via electric currents, the critical-velocity phenomenon, genuine plasma turbulence, chemical-separation mechanisms, ionizing processes not associated with UV starlight, and the role of dust in interstellar plasmas. The hydromagnetics of interstellar plasma clouds is analyzed in general and in three special cases; consideration is given to electromagnetic pressure effects, force-free magnetic fields, and the production of filaments. It is shown that magnetic fields, which have generally been regarded as obstructing the condensation of interstellar clouds, will promote the contraction of such clouds under certain conditions and may even constitute the main mechanism for contraction. A star-formation process involving gravitational sedimentation of dust into a dusty 'stellesimal' is described.
On the Origin of Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Plasma Experiments in the Laboratory and Space

The Role of Particle Beams and Electrical Currents in the Plasma Universe ... tBeams.pdf

Evolution of Colliding Plasmas

Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen Filaments at High Galactic Latitudes and the Bennett Pinch ... urAPSS.pdf

Thermalization of synchrotron radiation from field-aligned currents
Three-dimensional plasma simulations of interacting galactic-dimensioned current filaments show bursts of synchrotron radiation of energy density 1.2 x 10 to the -13th erg/cu cm which can be compared with the measured cosmic microwave background energy density of 1.5 x 10 to the -13th erg/cu cm. However, the synchrotron emission observed in the simulations is not blackbody. In this paper, the absorption of the synchrotron emission by the current filaments themselves (i.e., self-absorption) is analyzed in order to investigate the thermalization of the emitted radiation. It is found that a large number of current filaments (greater than 10 to the 31st) are needed to make the radiation spectrum blackbody up to the observed measured frequency of 100 GHz. The radiation spectrum and the required number of current filaments are a strong function of the axial magnetic field in the filaments.
Radiation Properties of Pulsar Magnetospheres: Observation, Theory, and Experiment

Self-similarity of plasma networking in a broad range of length scales: From laboratory to cosmic plasmas
The results of a high-resolution processing, based on techniques of fractal dimension analysis and called a method of multilevel dynamical contrasting [1], of numerous data from laboratory electric discharges (Z-pinch, plasma focus) and observations of cosmic plasmas (including available Hubble Space Telescope data) reveal high degree of self-similarity of plasma structuring in a very broad range of length scales. This covers about thirty orders of magnitude: from micrometer thickness of individual filaments in laboratory discharges to the structures in the universe which resemble networking of electric currents in laboratory plasmas. The results presented illustrate recently suggested [1] generic features of electric current networking in plasmas: (1) long-living filamentation of electric current; (2) formation of a fractal structures made of a single filament and complicated interaction of these "fractal" filaments; (3) formation of a percolating network that includes, in particular, formation of a "stocking" woven by the individual filaments. [1] Kukushkin A.B., Rantsev-Kartinov V.A., Laser and Particle Beams, 16(3) 1998
News Coverage of Plasma Cosmology

Novel Theory Challenges The Big Bang; February 28, 1989 ... -bang.html

Big Bang vs. Plasma Cosmology: Competing Approaches to Understanding the Universe ... Approaches ... hes-cosmos

A Fractal Distribution of Matter in the Universe May Topple the Big Bang. If So, What's Next? ... hat_s_Next ... whats-next

An Argument for the Consideration of Electrodynamics in Cosmology [Opinion] ... gy_Opinion ... ent-113655

How about microscopic comets associated with plasmas?!? Micro/macro indeed!!! ... mbled3.pdf

The Composition of Intergalactic Space

(99.999% plasma) ... %25_plasma

The visible universe is 99.999% plasma. So quite simply, if you don't know how cosmic plasmas behave, you don't know the Universe. And astrophysical plasmas may behave differently to terrestrial plasmas.

It is worth noting that all cosmic plasma carries a magnetic field and electric currents. Even plasmas that are less than 1% ionized, may behave as a plasma, as do dusty plasmas (ie. "dust grains can be the dominant current carrier")

--"Today it is recognized that 99.999% of all observable matter in the universe is in the plasma state..."

--"It is estimated that as much as 99.9% of the universe is comprised of plasma."

--"..the plasma state is the most abundant state of matter. It is thought that more than 99.9% of matter in the universe is in plasma"

--"plasmas are abundant in the universe. More than 99% of all known matter is in the plasma state"

--"It is an interesting fact that most of the material in the visible universe, as much as 99% according to some estimates, is in the plasma state"

--"Probably more than 99 percent of visible matter in the universe exist in the plasma state."

--"The plasma environment Plasmas, often called the fourth state of matter, are the most common form of matter in the universe. More than 99% of all matter"

--"It is estimated that more than 99 percent of matter in the universe exists as plasma; examples include stars, nebulae, and interstellar particles"

--"It is sometimes said that more than 99 percent of the material in the universe is in the form of plasma"

--"about 99% of matter in the universe is plasma"

--"99.9 percent of the Universe is made up of plasma," says Dr. Dennis Gallagher, a plasma physicist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center"

--"How was it determined that 99% of the Universe is in a plasma state? Most of the gas in interstellar space is ionized (astronomers can tell by the wavelengths of light the gas absorbs and emits), and all of the gas in stars in ionized, that's where the 99% comes from. The 99% ignores any dark matter which might be out there."

Wikipedia: Intergalactic Space ... ergalactic

Galaxies Acting Like Comets?

The Tail of a Galaxy ... galaxy.htm

Glowing hydrogen ions and x-ray light illuminate this image of a galaxy more than 200 million light-years from Earth. The helical tail and point-source symmetry seem to indicate a plasma instability of truly astronomical proportions.

Newborn stars discovered in dramatic galaxy tail

Orphan Stars Found in Long Galaxy Tail ... 122144.htm

Galaxy sports vast comet-like tail

New Stars in a Galaxy's Wake

Comet Galaxy' Ripped Apart by Galaxy Cluster ... apart.aspx

Our Filamentary Universe

Cosmic Finger Taps Our Galaxy's Shoulder ... s_Shoulder

Axis of evil' a cause for cosmic concern

Galaxies Formed Along Filaments Like Beads on a String ... n_a_string
Astronomers have known since the early 1990s that galaxies cluster in filaments and sheets surrounding vast voids in space. Now, an international team of astronomers has found that spiral galaxies, like the Milky Way, line up like beads on a string, with their spin axes aligned with the filaments that outline voids. May 16, 2008
So, now we've got galaxy clusters connected to each other by filaments of plasma ("hot gas"), galaxies themselves are non-randomly aligned and formed like beads on a string, acquiring the rotation of the filaments they're embedded in. We've got Birkleand currents ("flux ropes") electrically connecting us to the solar circuit. I'll not be surprised if they eventually find local filaments connecting the solar system with some other bod(ies) in our own galaxy. We're enmeshed in a filamentary, electric (plasma) universe. They're finally starting to map it out! This article is great!

So Flux Rope / Birkeland currents Flow from the sun and connect it to the Earth.

So Flux Rope / Birkeland currents also flow from a higher source of energy, presumably somewhere closer to the Center of the Milkey Way Galaxy.

Plasma filaments connect Milky Way to other galaxies.

Galaxies are similar to a string of Christmas lights. All connected. At night you only see the end result... Light. And you should also be noted... the lines between the lights coil, twist, just like Birkeland currents.

Galaxies form like beads along plasma filaments

Plasma filaments connect four galaxy clusters ( TOO big to post. Must see photo!) ... ent_hq.jpg

Shown is a region of space at z=0 (e.g. today) which is roughly one order of magnitude larger than the previous image and shows a large cosmic structure which connects 4 very massive galaxy clusters. The hop plasma filling the space between the galaxies and even between the galaxy clusters is visualized in colors ranging from brown to light blue, the stars formed within the simulation are colored from purple to white.

Plasma filaments connect two galaxy clusters



In the electrical Universe of Plasma Universe there are no isolated island. All interwoven and interconnected. If the Universe is Electric then there has to be powerlines and circuits between everything. If there is no connections, "wiring" or exchanges then there is no Electric Universe. It is that simple.

If there are electrical connections between everything then it is an Electric Universe Fact not Theory.

So Rivers of Electric Currents that flow in the intergalactic plasma universe connect everything at both the stellar and galactic scales, these currents interact with the magnetic fields they induce to create complex structure—strings of galaxies, galactic and stellar jets, and beautiful bipolar stellar nebulas. In plasma experiments with electric discharge, they are predictable. That what we see in deep space are dublicated in labratories with electrical discharges.


Like galactic power lines, these massive, paired and braided plasma conduits carry electricity throughout the galaxies. When they are strong enough, these currents “pinch” matter together to form rotating stars and galaxies, and the plasma begins to glow brightly in an arc discharge much like an electric arc welder or arc lights. So, stars are strung along these plasma power lines like lights on a Christmas tree. So, these electrical currents in space not only light the sun and spin the planets, they generate prodigious magnetic fields. This is the ‘glue’ that holds star systems and galaxies together. At the same time, these electromotive forces can repel, something gravity alone cannot do. In this way, electricity maintains the ordered, well-lit universe we see through our telescopes. All this tells us that we live in an electric universe;


The Sun is electric that it is in a plasma glow discharge fed by galactic currents which than through electric currents gives power and light to the earth. The Earth *is* traveling through the sun's plasma environment and is charged body that continually transfers charge to maintain electrical equilibrium with the solar environment. While the Suns plasma environment is traveling through The galactic solar environment.

Universe's highest electric current found

Breaking News: Universe’s highest electric current found

Measurement of the Electric Current in a Kpc-Scale Jet
We present radio emission, polarization, and Faraday rotationmaps of the radio jet of the galaxy 3C303. From this data we derive the magnetoplasma and electrodynamic parameters of this 50kpc long jet. For one component of this jet we obtain for the first time a direct determination of agalactic-scale electric current (10^18 A) , and its direction −positive away from the AGN. Our analysis strongly supports a model where the jet energy flow is mainly electromagnetic.
Read that a few times over... brilliant. The age of the radio astronomers is upon us...

There is an ongoing discussion at BAUT about this topic: ... rent-found
Very interesting.

Connected Galaxies ... mw-med.jpg


Interacting galaxies Arp 273 - a telltale sign of interaction

As I have already stated there is a flow of electrons between Saturn and its moon Enceladus, similar to Jupiter and its moons. What in a gravity universe could cause that? Unless it is an Electric Universe. For it to be an Electric Universe there must be a circuit or connection between everything.

This BBC report even uses the phrase electrical circuit!

Tropical Cyclones Tomas and Ului. Electric Universe = scalability; One of the main mantras of the Electric Universe Theory is that things are scalable, from Tropical Storms (Hurricanes) to spiral galaxies

Tropical Cyclones Tomas and Ului


Tadpole Galaxy (US Hurrwarn/NOAA) / Hurricane Karl (NASA)

How did the mis-shapen hurricane ‘Karl’ come to bear such a strong likeness to the equally deviant ‘Tadpole Galaxy’? Pure coincidence or a shared formative process?

Filaments of Galaxies?? The Largest Structure in the Universe ... -universe/


Giant Magnetic Loop Sweeps Through Space Between Stellar Pair

Artist's conception of Algol star system with radio image superimposed on grid. Credit: Peterson et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF
Astronomers have found a giant magnetic loop stretched outward from one of the stars making up the famous double-star system Algol. The scientists used an international collection of radio telescopes to discover the feature, which may help explain details of previous observations of the stellar system.
Giant galaxy graveyard grows ... yard_grows

Space oddity: European probe finds missing matter ... ing_matter

Piece of Missing Cosmic Matter Found ... er_Found_3

More Missing Cosmic Matter Found ... tter_Found

Hubble Survey Finds Missing Matter, Probes Intergalactic Web ... ctic_Web_3

The Universe in Hot Gas; " Plasma," to be Precise

The Lyman Alpha Forest
Explanation: We live in a forest. Strewn throughout the universe are "trees" of hydrogen gas that absorb light from distant objects. These gas clouds leave numerous absorption lines in a distant quasar's spectra, together called the Lyman-alpha forest. Distant quasars appear to be absorbed by many more Lyman-alpha clouds than nearby quasars, indicating a Lyman-alpha thicket early in our universe. The above image depicts one possible computer realization of how Lyman-alpha clouds were distributed at a redshift of 3. Each side of the box measures 30 million light-years across. Much remains unknown about the Lyman-alpha forest, including the real geometry and extent of the clouds, and why there are so many fewer clouds today.
A Fractal Universe?

Fractured Universe

Galaxy map hints at fractal universe

Electricity / Plasma is Fractal! ... bergs.html ... lfsim2.jpg

Very cool Fractal Universe website...

Galaxy map hints at fractal universe

Lerners magnetically confined filament compression plasma model, in which the filaments condense gravitationally into a fractal distribution of matter, predicted that the universe would have a fractal dimension at large scales. ... _structure

Fractal Structures and the Large Scale Distribution of Galaxies

On the Fractal Nature of the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe

I recommend this publication for an overview of fractal cosmologies, and an approach to cosmology that is getting ever closer to the type of cosmology advoctaed by PC proponents; ... etype=.pdf

A Fractal Distribution of Matter in the Universe May Topple the Big Bang. If So, What's Next? ... whats-next ... ndex.shtml

More to the point, fractal distribution of plasma filaments throughout the universe are a prediction of the plasma universe.

Electric Galaxies;

The scandalous truth is that there is a model of spiral galaxy formation that has long been demonstrated by laboratory experiment and "particle in cell” (PIC) simulations on a supercomputer. But instead of using stars, gas and dust as the particles, subject to Newton’s laws, the particles are charged and respond to the laws of electromagnetism. This seems like an obvious approach when we know that more than 99.9 percent of the visible universe is in the form of plasma. Plasma is a gas influenced by the presence of charged atoms and electrons. Plasma responds to electromagnetic forces that exceed the strength of gravity to the extent that gravity can usually be safely ignored. This simple fact alone suggests why gravitational models of galaxies must fail.


The plasma universe may be eternal and infinite, directly contradicting the Big bang model. In this picture, swirling streams of electrons and ions form filaments that span vast regions of space. Where pairs of these filaments interact the particles gain energy and at narrow “pinch” regions produce the entire range of galaxy types as well as the full spectrum of cosmic electromagnetic radiation. Thus galaxies must lie along filaments, as they are observed to do on a large scale. The bulk of the filaments are optically invisible from a distance, much like the related Birkeland currents that reach from the Sun and cause auroras on Earth. —Credit: A. Peratt, Plasma Cosmology, 1992.

The simplest geometry for galaxy formation is two adjacent Birkeland currents of width 35 kiloparsecs separated by 80 kiloparsecs. The interaction region, and hence the thickness of a galaxy is 10 kpc. By scaling the current flows in astronomical objects by size, it is determined that the average flow in a galactic Birkeland current is approximately 1019 amperes; the Alfvén galactic current. The synchrotron radiated power is of the order of 1037 watts, that is, the power recorded from double radio galaxies.


These images from a supercomputer simulation trace the development of spiral structure in two interacting plasma blobs over a span of nearly 1 billion years. At the start of the interaction at upper left the filaments are 260,000 light-years apart; all 10 panels are reproduced at the same scale. Simulations such as this can reproduce the full range of observed spiral galaxy types using electromagnetic processes rather than gravitational ones. — Credit: A. Peratt, Plasma Cosmology, 1992.




NOTE: Clearly, the production of a spiral galaxy requires the input of prodigious electrical power! But nowhere in astrophysical theory will you find any mention of electrical energy. In stark contrast, cosmologists are content to invent “dark matter” and “dark energy” on the basis of their universe built with the weakest force in the universe – gravity. Meanwhile magnetic fields are found throughout space, plainly signaling the electric currents required to sustain them.
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Re: Evidence of the Plasma (Electric) Universe....

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Section 6: The Biological Domain; ( This section will deal with things within the biological domain, from pre-biological stuff resembling life to actually living things displaying electrical properties. (like our brains)

Life, the Universe, and Dusty Plasma / Electricity?

The Urey / Miller Experiment ... t-repeated
The impact of the Miller paper was not limited to academic circles. The results captured the imagination of the public, who were intrigued by the use of electric discharges to form the prebiotic soup. Fascination with the effects of electricity and spark discharges on biological systems started with the work of L. Galvani in 1780 with frog legs and the discovery of “animal electricity.” And an everlasting impression was left in the public's imagination by Mary W. Shelley's Frankenstein (1818), in which Eramus Darwin gained a place for his advocacy of therapies based on electric discharges.
Although in 1953, few envisioned the possibility of Frankenstein monsters crawling out of Miller's laboratory vessels, the public's imagination was captivated by the outcome of the experiment. By the time that the results were corroborated by an independent group 3 years later (9), the metaphor of the “prebiotic soup” had found its way into comic strips, cartoons, movies, and novels, and continues to do so. In Harry Mulisch's novel The Procedure (1998), one of the central characters encounters disaster while paving his way to the glittering halls of Stockholm for achieving the artificial synthesis of life from a primitive soup.
Studies Moderately Related to Urey / Miller
Early Earth atmosphere favourable to life: study

A Simpler Origin for Life ... n-for-life

Dusty Space Plasma Displays Lifelike Self-Organizing, Self-Replicating Behavior Not Unlike DNA.

Could alien life exist in the form of DNA-shaped dust?

Physicists Discover Inorganic Dust With Lifelike Qualities ... 150630.htm

Self Organizing Space Dust Could Be a Precursor to Life ... r-to-life/

Helices swirl in space-dust simulations

'It might be life Jim...', physicists discover inorganic dust with life-like qualities ... 081007.php

DNA Ingredients May Have Come From Space,2933,296439,00.html

Space dust in plasma organizes into double helix shape—like DNA ... pelike-dna

Simulations Show Living Space Dust Might Exist ... ght-exist/

Organic Molecules Found in Diverse Space Places ... laces.html

DNA as a Semiconductor, Conductor or Superconductor

DNA is a semiconductor; Apr 1, 1999

Superconductivity: it's in the genes; Jan 12, 2001

DNA induced to superconductivity; February 7, 2001 ... 20701.html

Superconductivity in DNA; February 23, 2001 ... g-dna.html ... veries.htm

Electronic properties of DNA; Aug 1, 2001

DNA goes spintronic; Jul 23, 2002

Conduction seen in DNA backbone; Dec 17, 2007

Electronic structure of DNA revealed for 1st time by Hebrew University and collaborating researchers; Feb 28, 2008 ... 022808.php

Human Bodies are there own Electric Universe?

Nano-sized voltmeter measures electric fields deep within cells ... 173237.htm ... 113007.php

Mighty Electric Fields Found Inside Cells - 15 million volts per meter? Ay, carumba. ... side-cells
The smallest voltmeter in the world has produced a shocking revelation: Lurking deep inside an ordinary cell are electric fields strong enough to cause a bolt of lightning.

While it has long been gospel that cell membranes contain strong electric fields, researchers have generally assumed that 99.9 percent of a cell’s volume was electrically dormant. But when University of Michigan biophysical chemist Raoul Kopelman, the tiny voltmeter’s inventor, flooded rat brain cells with the devices, he detected fields as strong as 15 million volts per meter throughout.
Lightning Bolts within Cells

"Nanosized Voltmeter" Enables Cellular-Wide Electric Field Mapping ... 07)71374-7

The Currents Of Life

Biorock, Electrical Scaffolding for Growing New Reefs!

Electric Reefs


Wind, sun and tides power Biorock, rehab for recovering coral reefs ... 05-29.html

Jolts of electricity revive damaged coral reef ... 4/08/64671

Electric currents may be saving coral reefs in Bali ... ral04.html


Wikipedia: Electroreception
Electroreception is the biological ability to perceive natural electrical stimuli. It has been observed only in aquatic or amphibious animals, since water is a much better conductor than air. Electroreception is used in electrolocation (detecting objects) and for electrocommunication.
Electroreception in Monotremes

Platypus Paradoxes

Platypus Bill An Electrical Probe

The star of the star-nosed mole

The electric mole - star-nosed mole may be able to sense electric fields

Why the hammer head?

The head is a platform for electromagnetic sensors that help locate prey. Stingrays are a favorite food of the hammerhead, and the shark may de-tect them electromagnetically, as surmised by the author of this article in the following encounters:
"I have observed great hammerheads swimming close to the bottom, swinging their heads in wide arcs (a motion common, in a lesser degree, to all large sharks) as if using the increased electroreceptive area of their hammer like the sensor plate of a metal detector. Sometimes, these animals would doubleback to scoop up one of several stingrays hiding in the bottom silt. The minute electrical pulse that keeps the stingray's heart and spiracles operating betrays their presence to a hungry hammerhead."
Sharks' Sixth Sense Related to Human Genes ... genes.html

Scientists trace origin of shark’s electric sense ... 171515.htm

Electric Fields Could Repel Sharks ... harks.html

Interesting electrical fish

Wikipedia: Electric Fish
An electric fish is a fish that can generate electric fields. It is said to be electrogenic; a fish that has the ability to detect electric fields is said to be electroreceptive. Most electrogenic fish are also electroreceptive. Electric fish species can be found both in the sea and in freshwater rivers of South America (Gymnotiformes) and Africa (Mormyridae). Many fish such as sharks, rays and catfishes can detect electric fields, and are thus electroreceptive, but as they cannot generate an electric field they are not classified as electric fish. Most common bony fish (teleosts), including most fish kept in aquaria or caught for food, are neither electrogenic nor electroreceptive.
Wikipedia: Electric Organ
In biology, the electric organ is an organ common to all electric fish used for the purposes of creating an electric field. The electric organ is derived from modified nerve or muscle tissue.[1] The electric discharge from this organ is used for navigation, communication, defence and also sometimes for the incapacitation of prey.
Wikipedia: Electric Catfish

Wikipedia: Electric Eel

Electric Ray

Peters' Elephantnose Fish ... tnose_fish

From The Depths Of The Amazon
Trawls lowered between 9 and 45 meters into the Amazon's muddy waters have brought up many bizarre fish never seen before. J. Lundberg and his team from the University of Arizona found two species of electric fish that subsist entirely on the tails of other electric fish. Some of the catfish are armorplated; others are transparent; another catfish is only 8 millimeters (1/3 inch) long. Most interesting to taxonomists will be two separate species of electric fish that can be told apart only by the different patterns of electrical discharges they generate!
Was it a spark? Fish woo with electricity

Electric fish conduct electric duets in aquatic courtship, Cornell neurobiologists discover ... ... 110858.htm

Electric Fish Engage in "Shocking" Mating Ritual, Study Finds ... -fish.html

Electric Fish In Africa Could Be Example Of Evolution In Action ... ... 213407.htm

Trees communicate?

Trees talk in w-waves

Quote from as Associated Press dispatch:
"Grants Pass, Ore. (AP) - Physicist Ed Wagner says he has found evidence that trees talk to each other in a language he calls W-waves.

"If you chop into a tree, you can see that adjacent trees put out an electrical pulse," said Wagner. "This indicates that they communicated directly."

Explaining the phenomenon, Wagner pointed to a blip on a strip chart recording of the electrical pulse.

"It put out a tremendous cry of alarm," he said. "The adjacent trees put out smaller ones." .....

"People have known there was communication between trees for several years, but they've explained it by the chemicals trees produce," Wagner said.

"But I think the real communication is much quicker and more dramatic than that," he said. "These trees know within a few seconds what is happening. This is an automatic response."

Wagner has measured the speed of W-waves at about 3 feet per second through the air.

"They travel much too slowly for electrical waves," he said. "They seem to be an altogether different entity. That's what makes them so intriguing. They don't seem to be electromagnetic waves at all."
Some other interesting tid bits

Human Hearts Beat Together ... 71a76a068d

Electromagnetic fields to communicate between hemispheres ?


Top image: Magnetic resonance images comparing a healthy subject (left) with an AgCC patient (right). The corpus callosum is the thick, 'c'-shaped structure outlined in the healthy brain and missing from the AgCC brain. Bottom image: Functional magnetic resonance images highlight symmetric patterns of synchronized activity in both healthy (left) and AgCC subjects (right) during rest with eyes closed. More than 15 of this type of network were found to be preserved in AgCC subjects.

Greek Researchers Show Crucial Regions of the Brain Related to Learning, Memory, Alzheimer’s Impacted by Whole Body EMF Exposure in Animals ... -proteome/

A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

The third paragraph in his opening statement sums it up..
“After many years of serious investigation I have come to the irretrievable conclusion that there is a great body of evidence which taken as a whole absolutely and unqualifiedly proves the case for the afterlife. I will not be arguing that the objective evidence has just very high value. Nor am I suggesting that this evidence be accepted beyond reasonable doubt. I am stating that the evidence taken as a whole constitutes overwhelming and irrefutable proof for the existence of the afterlife.”
The Body Bioelectric

Read The Body Electric - your body will never seem the same again. ... sconnected

The Akashic Records; The Akashic Records concept and the Electromagnetic Field Theory of Consciousness

Biophotonics - light emitting humans (auras) ... cture.html

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Re: Evidence for a Plasma (Electric) Universe....

Post by Glenn »

SH, this is an amazing collection of pictures and information; I think you have out done yourself.......The concept of an electric/plasmic universe rings true. It makes sense that in past human history there were periods of catastrophism; in fact the BofM and Bible say exactly that. The notion of a strictly gravitational theory of the universe seems so lacking. I could only accept the secular view if there was no God and the universe was a dead collection of matter floating in vacuum. However, the universe is alive and teeming with higher intelligence.

I look forward to reading/digesting what you have provided...Thanks!

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Re: Evidence for a Plasma (Electric) Universe....

Post by SempiternalHarbinger »

Glenn wrote:SH, this is an amazing collection of pictures and information; (Thanks)I think you have out done yourself.......(You may be right!)The concept of an electric/plasmic universe rings true. It makes sense that in past human history there were periods of catastrophism; in fact the BofM and Bible say exactly that.(YEP!) The notion of a strictly gravitational theory of the universe seems so lacking. I could only accept the secular view if there was no God and the universe was a dead collection of matter floating in vacuum. However, the universe is alive and teeming with higher intelligence.(Yes it is!)

I look forward to reading/digesting what you have provided...Thanks!
Your welcome

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Electric Fossilization

Post by SempiternalHarbinger »

Electric fossilization.....??

This is a little bit off topic but relevant nonetheless. Time to shatter conventional wisdom and thought on a number of issues. This has more to do with the age of the earth, (hell of a lot younger than we are led to believe), Earth's catastrophic past and it's relation to fossilization, age of dinosaurs and how it took millions of years to fossil. (when in fact it could happen in a instant and not million of years), electrical transmutation and other interesting topics like did dinosaurs live with man?? I believe there is a good possibility they did before the Noah's flood. But will be jumping around allot in this post.

Workers Uncovering Mummified Dinosaur ... d-dinosaur ... ur-mu.html
"(AP) -- Using tiny brushes and chisels, workers picking at a big greenish-black rock in the basement of North Dakota's state museum are meticulously uncovering something amazing: a nearly complete dinosaur, skin and all."
"Dinosaur Mummy" Found; Has Intact Skin, Tissue ... mummy.html

"Scientists today announced the discovery of an extraordinarily preserved "dinosaur mummy" with much of its tissues and bones still encased in an uncollapsed envelope of skin."
Dinosaur mummies ... nosaur.htm ... osaur2.htm ... osaur3.htm

'Mummified dino' fossil unearthed in Japan ... in%20Japan

Meet Leonardo, the Mummy Dinosaur ... mummy.html ... saurus.htm
"A "treasure" is discovered . . .
Leonardo was discovered near Malta, Montana on July 27, 2000 when Dan Stephenson of Minot, North Dakota noticed the exposed mid-section of Leonardo’s tail and part of its pelvis in a large channel sandstone deposit within the Judith River Formation. This particular formation is made up of sediments (mud, sand) that were deposited during the late Cretaceous Period when the environment in eastern Montana was similar to that found today in the Mississippi Delta region."
Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Mummified Collagen Fibers in Fossil Tyrannosaurus rex Bone ... 2/Trex.htm

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Sequenced; Similar to Chicken Proteins ... ssues.html\

T. rex Bone Tissue Reveals Creature's Gender ... isgirl.htm

T. Rex Soft Tissue Found Preserved
"A Tyrannosaurus rex fossil has yielded what appear to be the only preserved soft tissues ever recovered from a dinosaur. Taken from a 70-million-year-old thighbone, the structures look like the blood vessels, cells, and proteins involved in bone formation.". ... issue.html ... .html?_r=1 ... 100541.htm ... tissue.htm

Here's the National Geographic article from 2005. I'm guessing they remove pics from archives, here are some. ... issue.html


Soft tissues are preserved within hindlimb elements of Tyrannosaurus rex (Museum of the Rockies specimen 1125). Removal of the mineral phase reveals transparent, flexible, hollow blood vessels containing small round microstructures that can be expressed from the vessels into solution. Some regions of the demineralized bone matrix are highly fibrous, and the matrix possesses elasticity and resilience. Three populations of microstructures have cell-like morphology. Thus, some dinosaurian soft tissues may retain some of their original flexibility, elasticity, and resilience. ... 2.abstract
Neet stuff. But in my mind no doubt it isn't 70 million years old.

Agonized pose tells of dinosaur death throes ... roes.shtml,2933,280760,00.html

'Monster' fossil find in Arctic
"Norwegian scientists have discovered a "treasure trove" of fossils belonging to giant sea reptiles that roamed the seas at the time of the dinosaurs."
Here is another incompletely fossilized dinosaur has been found.

Blood, tissue extracted from duck-billed dinosaur bone ... d-dinosaur
Researchers have found blood vessels and proteins in an 80-million-year-old hadrosaur fossil, strengthening evidence that tissue remains really can be extracted from such ancient fossils.
I think this constitutes an overwhelming refutation that fossilization is not an extremely long-term thing in that it takes a long, long time for something to become a fossil. How could the tissue remain intact while the surrounding bone is undergoing the "slow" process of fossilization? It seems to me, the outer layers must have been rapidly fossilized enclosing the tissue.

Even so, how long could soft tissue be preserved? Certainly, 63+ million years seems to be very unreasonable.

Nevertheless, I am quite confident that mainstream will manage to come up with some exotic or ad hoc explanation that does not let the evidence get in the way of their uniformitarian required time scale.

Now for the nail in the coffin!!! Or one could say Clinker, or clincher... Already posted this but it is relevent to this topic....

Electrical Fulgurites... Approximate Fossils?

What Happens when a LIVE High Voltage Power Line Hits the Ground? You get a fulgurite!!!
"The following pictures are of a man-made fulgurite that was created when a high voltage power line fell during a windstorm, and then continued to arc to the ground for a couple of hours. When a high voltage power line initially contacts the ground, it begins arcing. The intense heat of the arc and the high current flowing into the ground cause sand, rocks, and minerals in the soil near the line to fuse into a glassy, lava-like substance."


These pictures are of a clinker that was formed in Northern California in 1994 when a 7,200 volt power line fell onto a pile of clam shells next to a canal in Hickman, California. Although this 28 inch long specimen weighs about 80 pounds, it is actually only a small piece of the 15 foot long clinker that was created. Shell fragments can be seen embedded in the exterior of the glassy walls. The above pictures were provided courtesy of Scott Falke. This specimen currently resides in the Turlock (California) Irrigation District's corporate office.
What Happens when a LIVE High Voltage Power Line Hits the Ground?
Evidences for and the models of self-similar skeletal structures in fusion devices, severe weather phenomena and space
The paper briefly reviews (i) the evidences for self-similar structures of a skeletal form (namely, tubules and cartwheels, and their simplest combinations), called the Universal Skeletal Structures (USS), observed in the range 10-5 cm - 1023 cm. in the high-current electric discharges in various fusion devices, severe weather phenomena, and space, (ii) the models for interpreting the phenomenon of skeletal structures, including the hypothesis for a fractal condensed matter (FCM), assembled from nanotubular dust, and (iii) probable role of FCM, which might be responsible for the USS phenomenon, in tornado, ball lightning, and waterspout.

New Picture of Dinosaurs Is Emerging ... osaur.html

How-To Mummify / Fossilize A Dinosaur ... nosaur.pdf ... Fossil.pdf

Other scientific oddities

Ancient Amphibians Left Full-Body Imprints ... s_999.html

Animals Sealed in Stone ... 011704.htm

Frogs in Stones ... tones.html

Toad in the Hole ... _hole.html ... ckfrog.jpg

Rock Frogs ... ckfrog.htm

Scientist: Frog could be 25 million years old - Tiny amphibian was found completely preserved in amber

*An interesting idea about the Bible's description of Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt near Sodom meaning she was fossilized. It sounds similar to the 1950s leg fossilized inside an unfossilized cowboy boot. Medusa was said to turn people to stone when they stared at her. I wonder if that meant she fossilized them?? I believe so and will come back to this when I cover David Talbotts Saturn Theory.

This is just kind of interesting.
* Some clamshell fossils contain up to a hundred fish fossils inside.

This, however, is another possible means of fossilization in a short time.

Now, check this out!

Petrified Wood!

Presto! Instant Petrified Wood Created in Lab ... d-lab.html
Achieving what would take millions of years in only a few days, scientists have drastically sped up the process of petrifying wood.
??? What supposedly takes millions of years in only a few days??? :-? :-w :-\

Instant petrified wood yields super ceramics

Instant petrified wood yields super ceramics. [FORMING/PROCESSING]; includes related article links at the bottom.

Related technical papers from Yongsoon Shin available on Google Scholar ... tnG=Search

Petrified Wood in Days
"The material 'replicates exactly the wood architecture,' according to Shin."
Presto! Instant Petrified Wood Created in Lab ... d-lab.html

In the final paragraph:
one cubic centimeter has the surface area of a football field.
Does this turn a discipline on its ear? If fossils can be created (under the right circumstances) in days, rather than millions of years, is it incumbent upon science to re-examine the fields of fossils and geology in this new light? I mean, dating of materials is founded on specific assumptions. If new data overturns those assumptions... I hate to speculate the can of worms this opens!

Once again, consider the following...

(Clinkers) ... tm#Clinker

Few photos from Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, Southern Utah, 44 miles of Bryce Caynon


*Notice the different colors...



Other images of Petrified wood...In the following photos, you can see petrified wood has a lot of variation in colors. Some are brown, gray or dull colored, and some are bright red, yellow etc. All the following links come from this one: ... w&tbm=isch


These pictures are to big... Just click link. Awsome pictures... ... e-15.4.jpg ... ed_log.JPG ... Forest.jpg ... g_1_md.jpg ... 032-sw.jpg

Closely spaced standing petrified trees in Australia


This place is called the petrified forest, as it was once believed that the trees that grew here turned to stone. The truth is probably close to that,a grove of old Moonah trees have become encased in limestone.


Also consider this;

Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe ... e=89xdcmfs

Most certainly, Recently declassified experiments in microgravity have been said to have been preformed in Skylab which showed a charged sphere has gravity. Directly variable according to voltage input.

However, given that, and given the Ica Stone of Peru (not all of them) show Dinosaur like animals, combined with known and potentially datable plasma discharge phenomenon, it's safe to assume that Patagonia (a recently struck area) might have been, along with North America, been the last refuge of not only megafauna, but dinosaurs.

The Indians "Water Buffalo" for example is said to bear striking resemblance to a Triceratops.

Given that we have historical references to giants (mega-man) and the existence of Megafauna, is it not conceivable that the dinosaurs succumbed to the same problems, gravity increasing, combined with horrific plasma devastation that would have occurred during the 'Clash of the Titans'?

I'm willing to debate it. However, given the 'extinct' species that keep popping up, as might want to look at the idea that, like megafauna, and megaman, their genome expressed differently in a lower voltage environment. Perhaps dinosaurs are all around us, just much smaller.

Fossils on Surtsey, Iceland

I agree with Jorgen S Aabech questions--how did fossils get from another island and then ride the magma to get deposited on a newly formed island?!

The article says the rock containing fossils came up with magma in the volcano that formed the island. I don't think the rock came from a different island or land. The rock broke off of a sedimentary layer through which the magma erupted. It says bore holes in the area found such a layer some hundreds of meters below sea level, I think. So the layer apparently extends under the new island too and that's where the piece of rock apparently broke off and rode to the surface. Here's the image of the rock:


* It would be interesting if those fossils had formed during the magma eruption, but, since they're in sedimentary rock, they apparently are old fossils, rather than newly fossilized.

Also, should a sustained strike be hitting predominantly water based areas, the vaporization and heating of large amounts of water would, I would suspect, change the atmosphere for the better. At least while it lasted. I suspect "Eden"-like conditions would result. Looking at those "Biblical Science" sites showed me a few people trying to grow animals and plants in double atmospheric pressure environments, combining it with a pulsed electrical charge caused the animals to grow to very large sizes (two times as large at least). This work is impressive in its own right, and lends credence to this whole discussion. That being the case, check this out:
About 9 minutes in and by the time it gets to the end you will see the apparatus he used to create this effect. I'm not a fan of the and assumptions within it, but I like the fact that they get funding and can do these experiments. Even though they are biased from the get go, this work is beneficial those who cannot afford to replicate it.

Now here is an INCREDIBLE discovery. Check out this photo....


Human leg fossil in 1950s cowboy boot, it's believed to be from a man who fall from plane onto power line and a animal carried away rest of body.


A petrified tree showing cross-section.

First Fossil Brain: Shark Relative That Lived 300 Million Years Ago Yields Very Rare Specimen ... 183128.htm


I like this website:

* I just read something that gave me an idea how petrified wood formed in more detail.
* I read that "The predominant minerals in petrified wood are silicates, such as quartz."
* And an abstract about: "Rapid wood silicification in hot spring water" is at: ... 3804001940

* It says that minerals can seep into pieces of wood in hot spring water and petrify it in 7 years or more.
* Considering that electric power lines can fossilize a tree root and probably a leg wearing a cowboy boot, as mentioned in previous posts in this thread, what I think happened to get the variation in colors is:
Forests were inundated in the Great Flood; the waters were very hot in some areas from vulcanism etc; the trees laid in the hot water for months; electric charge in the water hastened the transport of minerals into the wood and fossilized it; the carbon and possibly calcium in the wood transmuted into silicates; some minerals may have transmuted, while others perhaps did not; the minerals or lack of them resulted in the color variations; sulfur varies in color from yellow to red; iron varies from gray to red and brown, I think;

* This; ... 70013.html
Not all the minerals in petrified wood are quartz. They can be calcite, magnesium, potassium, carbonates, silicates and many others. That's where all the different colors come from.
* This looks like a better source:
What Minerals Are In Petrified Wood?
The mineral content of petrified wood is easily identified using a mass spectrometer or X-ray diffraction technology. Silica, in the form of silicon dioxide (SiO2), commonly known as quartz, is the most common replacement mineral. Often traces of other minerals give petrified wood its unique color and characteristics. Iron oxide will cause reds, browns, yellows and earth tones. Copper and chrome oxide create greens, silicates of aluminum produce whites, and manganese dioxide makes black.
* The silicon in petrified wood seems to be like glass, which may mean that the silicates melted, which would have required considerable heat, which electric discharges could provide.

You also have to remember, that after Mount St. Helen's blew they have been finding partially fossilized wood; and that's only after a few decades. The fossilization is not just powered by the heat or pressure but also by the electrical charge that filled and drove the pyroclastic flow, which was essentially a plasma. No silicon saturated water needed to be involved, just transmutation of the carbon and oxygen in the cell walls into silicon. I'll touch on that later.

When scientist find fossils they assume vast age, so any modern fossils would be assumed to be ancient. Fossilized bones could be modern yet dismissed because they think in terms of the "replacement" process rather than "transmutation". The one takes time, the other could happen in an instant.

When you think of wood or tissue fossilizing don't think in terms of bacteria being the culprit, think of the gorgon from myth turning people to stone. The wood or tissue is mostly carbon and oxygen in molecular bonds. Put the right kind of energy through the tissue and it "turns to stone."

Biological/Electrical transmutation??

My only sense of "transmutation" ever occuring involved electricity:
"An electric star, with innumerable plasma discharge vortexes thousands of kilometers long, possesses the natural particle accelerators and high density to produce the heavy elements right near the surface where their signatures appear in the spectrum. Stars generate their own heavy elements. For example, the Sun's explosions throw 'stardust' into space where some has been captured and shown to have a 'surprising abundance' of heavy elements."

--The Electric Universe, pg 71

"The fossilization is not just powered by the heat or pressure but also by the electrical charge that filled and drove the pyroclastic flow, which was essentially a plasma," now you are not only taking away my silica, but my water too!

Sulfurous Mars ... usmars.htm


And another that links to fun stuff.

2004 Opportunity Favors the Heretic; ... e=we7zdrqs
Comment: Researchers think the hematite could have formed on Mars by thermal oxidation of iron-rich volcanic eruptive products during eruption or it could have formed by chemical precipitation when iron-rich water circulated through the pre-existing layers of volcanic ash. No volcano has been identified as a possible source and the pattern does not look like wind-blown fallout. And why is hematite concentrated in this one small region on Mars?

The Nobel nominee, the late Prof. Louis Kervran, had heretical views on the low-energy transmutation of common elements to form anomalous mineral deposits. He wrote: “There is no need to look for iron’s origin in the centre of our planet; it is a “surface formation” at the level of the earth’s crust. There is no connection between the core and the mineral strata; but all the classical theories speak of “concentration,” of water-borne materials, of hydrothermal eruptions and of deposits. Even if all of this is accepted, these theories presuppose the existence of iron accumulated in certain locations. Therefore the iron existed but where did it come from?”

Without necessarily subscribing to Kervran’s ideas about the origin of the earthly iron deposits, powerful electric discharges through other common elements, like carbon and oxygen, can form iron deposits. “On the surface, and often at a certain depth, superficial alterations have transformed the carbonate into a pure hematite, a formation difficult to explain since a mere ordinary and superficial alteration should give limonite [hydrated iron oxides] and not hematite,” says F. Blondel. [Chronique des Mines Coloniales, Sept. 1955.] He goes on to say, “The hematite production on the surface is not well-clarified.”

I suggest that water played no part in the Martian hematite deposition. The splash of iron oxides on this part of Mars is best explained as a recent exogenous deposit. It is recent in the sense that the deposit seems to have buried the fields of boulders strewn across the planet by the earlier electrical event that scoured Valles Marineris. The outlines of the distribution pattern shown above conform to that of other electrically etched surfaces, notably the ‘calderas’ on Io. The pattern need not be related to topography as we should expect if a lake were involved.

The dark grey surface inside the small crater is probably an electrically modified version of the deep maroon soil underneath, itself a fine-grained hematite deposit. The most likely modification would be physical, in some form of melting and glassification of the hematite. That effect was seen by Apollo astronauts in the soil and centers of small craters on the Moon. Next would be a heat induced chemical change, possibly to metallic iron. It is also possible for surface ion implantation to occur, with hydrogen being the most likely atomic addition. Or it may show evidence of nuclear transmutations – after the manner of Kervran. The combination of possibilities allowed in the electrical scenario is so diverse that it is difficult to predict precisely what will be found. However, it is probable that the surface has undergone a change from the soil beneath requiring a source of energy not to be found today on Mars.
Then there is this post that still burns my brain each time I read it. It will take months reading through it, breaking parts out to understand stuff, so that my mind "might" accept it.

2006 A Real 'Theory of Everything' ... e=gdaqg8df

This quote talks about the instability of the atom. The distortion he talks about can also happen during a lightning strike, allowing particles to shift and transmutation to occur. It doesn't take an accelerator to pump energy into an atom.
The "something absolutely fundamental" that is missing in our explanation of gravity and quantum behavior is the electrical structure of matter. Here we are not talking about negative electrons and positive atomic nuclei. We must "go down" one more level and propose that all subatomic particles, including the electron, are resonant structures of electric charges of opposite sign that sum to the charge on that particle.

The electron is not a fundamental, point-like particle.4 It must have structure to provide its dipole magnetic field. There must be orbital motion of charges within the electron to generate the magnetic dipole. The transfer of electrical energy between the charges in their orbits must be resonant and near-instantaneous for the electron to be a stable particle. The same model applies to the proton and the neutron. This model satisfies Einstein's view that there must be some lower level of structure in matter to cause resonant quantum effects.

We cannot have a theory of everything until we have a workable concept of the structure of matter that satisfies the observation that inertial and gravitational mass are equivalent. When we accelerate electrons or protons in an electromagnetic field they become less responsive to the fields the more they are accelerated. This has been interpreted as an increase in mass. However, charges have no mass. So how do they give the electron, proton and neutron the property of mass?
"What we call mass would seem to be nothing but an appearance, and all inertia to be of electromagnetic origin." – Henri Poincaré, Science and Method.
A neutron combines the charges from a proton and an electron in a barely stable resonance, which decays in minutes. Its decay must have a cause and may involve an interaction with a neutrino. However, when combined with protons it seems neutrons form a new stable resonant structure that serves to bind the protons electrically despite the overall positive charge on the nucleus.

The notion that matter can be annihilated when normal matter meets antimatter is a confusion of language. Matter can neither be destroyed nor created nor can matter be exchanged for energy. Einstein's E = mc2 refers to mass, a property of matter, not matter itself. The mathematical relationship represents the restructuring of resonant systems of charge. What seems to happen in "annihilation" is that the complementary resonant charge structures of a particle and its antiparticle combine so that almost all of the internal energy is radiated away and the combined charges form a new collapsed particle of low internal energy.

The most collapsed form of matter is the neutrino, which has a vanishingly small mass. However, the neutrino must contain all of the charges required to form two particles – a particle and its antiparticle. This symmetry explains why a neutrino is considered to be its own anti-particle. A neutrino may accept energy from a gamma ray to reconstitute a particle and its anti-particle. "Empty space" is full of neutrinos. They are the repositories of matter in the universe, awaiting the burst of gamma-radiation to expand them to form the stuff of atoms. The weird "zoo" of short-lived particles created in particle accelerators and seen in cosmic rays are simply unstable resonant systems of charge.
**Electric tarnsmutation is fascinating. I have been studying fossilised shrubs on a sand tune ( 300 feet high) underbedded with limestone beds . This is on a land sea boundary. On these cliffs are masses of sea shells dated c12 around 1500 AD ( .But these petrifications of solid silica with hollow stems should be thousands if not millions of years old in terms of conventional earth science paradigms. Some of these petrifications are ironstone as well. To me these petrifications are recent and tie in with aboriginal mythology of catastrophic events.

The accelerating electromagnetic field will distort the orbits of charges within the electron or proton. It seems the more distorted a particle becomes, the more easily the energy supplied to accelerate the particle is assimilated in further distortion rather than in acceleration. Hence the apparent increase in mass. The inertial mass of a particle is a measure of the degree to which it responds to an electric field by distorting rather than accelerating. It implies the charge centers of a proton at rest have to be separated more than those in an electron at rest. That allows the proton to distort more readily than an electron in the same electric field and accounts for their differences in size and mass.

One wonders whether the extremely high electric field strengths in localized regions of cells might play into some cases of proposed biologically-based transmutation? Just in general, not talking fossilization, per se.

Nano-sized voltmeter measures electric fields deep within cells

Mighty Electric Fields Found Inside Cells ... side-cells

**Gold and a fossilization issue. I found in the V archive an interesting article concerning the origin of gold in Rhodes being associated with a cosmic event.
Gold-bearing gravel—with ingots in it—originated from outside of the Earth and, if we should look upon the Greek legend of Zeus and the golden rain in Rhodes as containing revealing elements, then the ingots came from Jupiter.(3) It could be meteoric gold, and as to the origin the ancients could err; but the event happened in human memory, actually during the Early Bronze Age, or at its end.(4)

I wonder if the gold could have been created in electrical discharges associated with the event, as Zeus was well known for his penchant for hurling some nasty thunderbolts?

Also of interest in the same article, is Velikovsky's mentioning of a fossilized human skull found in a gold mine:
In 1866 a human skull was unearthed in the interior of Bald Mountain near Altaville, in Calaveras County, California. The skull of Bald Mountain was reported to have been found in the shaft of a gold mine, in a layer of auriferous (gold-bearing) gravel, beneath four layers of lava, each separated from the other by four layers of gravel. The skull did not differ in structure or dimensions from the skull of modern man; however, it was fossilized.(5) In the gold-bearing gravel of Calaveras were also unearthed fossilized bones of the mammoth, the great mastodon, the tapir, horse, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and camel, all extinct animals in pre-Columbian America. But geologically the layer in which it was found belongs to the Tertiary, and therefore a great embarrassment was in store for the geologists and evolutionists
The Calaveras skull is interesting, and has been officially labeled a hoax:
The skulls were simply too modern in character to be from the Pliocene age, :-? and in addition, the sediment attached to them was not from the mine deposit, indicating that they had been planted. ... eras_skull

But I cannot help but wonder if the hoax label may be attached mostly because of the first statement, "The skulls were simply too modern in character to be from the Pliocene age..." An embarrassment for those with an academic vested interest in the prevailing paradigm.

The dispute revolves around the fact that there is no documentation of the find other than the word of a miner. It is interesting that the above linked article does not mention that the skull is fossilized! So if it was a hoax than the miner must have found a fossilized human skull someplace and lied about finding it in the gold mine, also contrary to what is stated in the above article, the sediment in the skull did match that of the mine:
To one of the latter finds,
the so-called Calaveras skull, great interest attaches because the
bone has lost its organic material and has taken on the appearance
of a true fossil. It has been claimed that the matrix investing the
skull is of the same character as the gravel of the mine where the
specimen was found. ... h_djvu.txt


I found a number of photos online that show gold with quartz from various Rock Shows. Many of the pictures show gold found in quartz cavities.


One of the best - nicknamed the 'Bristlecone', a jaw dropping Gold from Colorado Quartz Mine, California. The specimen was approx 15cm high.

New Golds from Colorado Quartz Mine, California.


Isotopes of silver

When scrolling down about 2/3's of the way on the above link, I saw the fossilized ammorites. "Canada Fossils had these very pretty and colourful Ammonites, from Southern Alberta, dated at approx 71 million years old." I was reading about those a couple of weeks ago.

Ammolite may be the perfect storm of fossilization of a life form, transmutation, cosmic impact by electricity.

Sounds and looks like underground lightning formed the quartz veins. There are great images of gold and quartz here: ... w&tbm=isch

Each image comes from a site, so you can also check out some of the sites.


This quartz seam is just what the gold miners are looking for when mining for gold. No quartz, no gold!!
Allyn's Gold in Quartz veins [Do they look like Lichtenberg lightning formations?

Here is an article about one collector of gold specimens. He mentions many times how the gold is found in hollows of quartz filled with calcite. That they use acid to clear out the calcite and leave just the cleaned gold and quartz.

Olinghouse Article (Originally Published in the Gold Issue, Rocks & Minerals Magazine, Jan-Feb 2004) ... 20Page.htm

Here are links to some of their specimens for sale.

Round Mountain Golds Under $50 ... %20$50.htm

Round Mountain Golds $500 to $1000 ... 0$1000.htm

Round Mountain Golds over $1000 ... 0$1000.htm

Here is a link to sold specimens with Olinghouse house gold. ... ctures.htm

Petersen Mountain Commercial Dig Report ... 202007.htm

Scott's Mineral Articles ... 20Page.htm

Great Basin Minerals homepage

There were ancient copper mines all over the USA, and I remember reading that in some of the big veins there was embeded silver. Haven't had chance to research further, but here is a start.


Popigai Crater, Siberia ... crater.htm
From this article:
Glass spherules from the Popigai event have been found everywhere on Earth, especially on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Small glassified spheres are one hallmark of plasma discharges and have been compared with those discovered on Mars. Just like their distribution on Earth, the "blueberries" on Mars cover thousands of square kilometers and exist in the trillions.

China's Mysterious Iron Pipes ... apipes.htm
From this article:
In our contemplation of Martian geology, based on the information gleaned from the Mars Exploration Rover B, iron oxide and silicon dioxide have been discovered intimately bound up together in almost every sample taken.

Ripples and "dunes" of hematite extend for hundreds of kilometers in conjunction with silicon dioxide "pavement" or "cobbles" - flat, etched slabs of white stone with regular polygonal cracks in the structure. The iron oxide ripples lie on top of the stone blocks

Will update this topic latter.........
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