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BOMdotcom wrote: October 29th, 2023, 12:31 am
2. The office of Teacher were the guys who TAUGHT their congregations… like pastors or preachers. The elders brought people into the church and the teachers taught them. Sidney Rigdon used the analogy of the elders being stone cutters and the teachers being polishers of the stones, or something like that.

3. The FP were supposed to be the first ones in the building for a conference so they could greet everyone walking in and help them find their seats.

4. The FP were chosen not from the Q12, and were completely separate from them.

5. The Q12 were traveling elders that preached the gospel to nonmembers and had no authority anywhere there existed a stake.
Number two fills me with the urge to agree.

Sounds like a good place to begin anew.

The Spirit of Truth supplies direction as needed.

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