From Russia, with love - comments on the current US puppet presidency

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From Russia, with love - comments on the current US puppet presidency

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Very good article; I am sure there are some hyper-"patriots" who will say this is just Russian propagandda meant to weaken U.S. morale, I'll even admit it could be to some extent. Still more truthful and accurate than 96.736% of what our own MSM feeds us. ... presidency
The plan (I am guessing) was to use the senile grandpa and his idiot sidekick as a Trojan horse to infest the White House, then use that position to destroy America, and then use America’s rotting corpse as a staging area for launching similar attacks worldwide. But if Putin and Xi, and with them 80% of the world, are having none of it, then what? Fight a war against Russia and China in tandem, and lose it? What then?
Do you think the not even particularly shadowy oligarch whose minions who are currently running amok in the White House have a plan for dealing with the horrible mess they have created? No, they do not. They are freaking out. Worse yet, they are losing narrative control. The Biden presidency no longer looks real; it looks like what it actually is: a hoax. And if he isn’t real, then who are the cockroaches that have been running amok in the White House these past two years?
What might the overall goals of this organization be? It’s not exactly a secret. Here’s a sample, taken from the “Goals 2030” document from the 2018 conference at the Complexity Institute in Santa Fe:

No private or personal property.

Guaranteed basic income for all who accept this “new normal.”

Cash free society; digital money (as a method of social control).

Hydrocarbon ratings for states and companies.

Tight social controls (via drones, facial recognition, etc.)

Rationing of all consumption, including energy and natural resources.

Patents on all seed stocks and restrictions on food production for personal use.

Almost total elimination of livestock. The remaining population to be fed a vegetarian diet augmented with artificial protein, insects, etc.

Population reduction through sterilization and birth control.

Enforced vaccination.

Ban on alternative forms of medicine.

Erasure of sexual (male/female) distinctions.

Child sterilization and castration (chemical and/or surgical).

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